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Bungaku Shoujo ~ Vol. 2

Don’t know if this is out in stores yet but mines shipped early (thank you, Amazon~ <3) and I finished it in two days (less than 24 hours approximately, lol). I really couldn't put it down as it was a lot more intense than the first novel and oh ho, when I say that, yes, I mean the angst level got cranked up to eleven. It's pretty much the same on how tragic and maybe even "horrific" (it wasn't scary, just…well, you'll see) it was.

So I'll stop babbling blocks of vagueness now and will try to get straight to the point on certain things I want to talk about.


Oh, and ALL (crappy) scans are done by me. I own nothing. Story © Mizuki Nomura, artwork © Miho Takeoka, and everything else to the rightful publishers.

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Katanagatari ~ Ep. 9 ~ Wanted more shogi. :P

I have to admit, it took me a while to actually like this episode. Togame’s childish jealousy really turned me off at first, greatly amusing as it was (still LMAO-ing here), but after subs came out, I totally loved it with abandon. Haha. xD;

Hardly the best. In fact, I would rank it around at the bottom of all the episodes but still pretty good despite the minimal action (Oshidori as a weaponized human swing carousel was too short, dammit!). At least we got some questions raised at the end about what other possible purposes the sword hunt might have. And at the same time, I’m starting to dread what will happen since they’re close to completing it.

…then there’s those strange movements (provided mostly by Togame, lawl~) all throughout but we’ll get to that later. Seriously, though, what’s up with all that weirdness? ^^;

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Katanagatari ~ Ep. 8 ~ Kiki lived in the wrong era.

No doubt he hasn’t just gone ridiculously beyond the limits and conventions of his profession but he also had to dabble in technology way ahead of his time. And no, not the clockwork brilliance since similar mechanisms of that existed exactly in the Edo period that they are in now (minus the life sensors/alarms which had me going “Uhh…what?” ).
Naw, I’m talking about this hybrid of a tea-serving doll and a solar-powered humanoid helicopter, whichever way you want to mix those around first. And…besides the gears, it’s supposedly made out of wood, I’m assuming. Pretty tough wood that can endure two centuries but wood all the same. What does that say?



Ok, joking aside, it was a nice breather episode just like I wanted so maybe I can shorten this post a little lol, what does that mean?. I loved all of it like I always do but I don’t think I need to go into the details of a robot. Even though it was a very cool robot…that I want to use as the security system for my house. Phahaha!

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Katanagatari ~ Ep. 6 ~ Half a year too early for snow.

Haaaa…this was a good episode. Yea, the fighting scenes were poor compared to the previous ones but there was a significant amount of character development for Togame (that or I was just super happy to see her blushing again) as well as nice interaction among all the characters that showed up.

Plus, omg, Konayuki is so adorable that I wouldn’t mind getting a fatal bone-crushing hug from her! Kyaa~! I want to take her home! x333

lol, yea. So this is going to be a long review as I’m not holding back on anything and will try my best to cover everything I want to say. Pretty much almost every last minute of this ep but I can’t help it! I love this series! <333

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Katanagatari ~ Ep. 4 ~ “Yea, about my sister…” to another level. o.O;;

Well for those were even expecting some screentime on the fight between Shichika and Hakuhei, you were just massively TROLLED…

Same here, actually, though it wasn’t that much of a shock but I wished they could’ve at least given us some flashbacks. All that EPIC battle was reduced to 30 seconds of last week’s preview. :P

Otherwise, this was still a good episode with the focus on (FREAKYAWESUMNEE-CHAN~!) Nanami enough to make up for all the action we didn’t get to see…even though it would have been great if we had double the Kyoutouryuu action. *pokes foot into floor sulkily* =3=
And it’s funny because we probably saw more actual fighting in this one ep than the first three combined. I’m betting the following ones won’t promise much either. Shame. <P

The flowers everywhere were very purdy, though. Purdy~ *flowers* 8D

Yea, I'll just start now since I have lot to ramble on anyway. Haha. |D;

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Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 83

(Sorry for the lateness. Apparently, WP had an issue with the content of my blog so I couldn’t post until it was resolved.)


*composes self* …Mmkay, things on twitter were so full of uber crack! spam that 7-san had to message me if he needed to lock all our crazy fangirling in a cage box redirect everyone to iRC before twitter experienced a site meltdown…


Anyways, oho~…MVE is going to have a field day with this, alright (I swear, crack! is her caffeine and she’s awesome that way, lol). As for me?

Let’s just say I’ll be talking directly to a few of regular commenters in my post so if you feel left out, gomen, but I have to reference them cuz… JEEZUS CHRIST, WHAT IN THE WORLD IS SATELIGHT SMOKING?!