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Bungaku Shoujo ~ Vol. 2

Don’t know if this is out in stores yet but mines shipped early (thank you, Amazon~ <3) and I finished it in two days (less than 24 hours approximately, lol). I really couldn't put it down as it was a lot more intense than the first novel and oh ho, when I say that, yes, I mean the angst level got cranked up to eleven. It's pretty much the same on how tragic and maybe even "horrific" (it wasn't scary, just…well, you'll see) it was.

So I'll stop babbling blocks of vagueness now and will try to get straight to the point on certain things I want to talk about.


Oh, and ALL (crappy) scans are done by me. I own nothing. Story © Mizuki Nomura, artwork © Miho Takeoka, and everything else to the rightful publishers.

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Bungaku Shoujo ~ Vol. 1

I absolutely refuse to use Yen Press’s cover. xP

I usually don’t do book reviews but since there are only a few currently two light novels that I’m quite obsessed over, don’t think it will hurt to skim over some thoughts about them.

Will try to make this a quick post but as always, it might get a little wordy along the way. Hehe. ^^;

Highly suggested that you read the novel first if you haven’t, cuz this post contains spoilers.

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Current Manga Reading List

Ah~ I’ve been listening to drama CDs all day, I couldn’t concentrate. Also, damn preorders.

Well, just a short “digest” of what I’m following or rather, what I’m actively looking updates for. Maybe…I dunno. Sometimes if I see a new chapter for a certain manga, I’ll jump at and it finish it in like 10 seconds but others, I’ve grown less to care for. Either because their update status is so irregular that I just grew tired of checking on them or they’ve already been licensed so scanlations are going to be harder to find and I mind as well wait for the English release instead.

*sigh* Really, all this lame stuff of taking manga sites down. Of course, I’m always for the idea of supporting the author all the way but it’s not like the money goes straight to him/her anyways and it’s not like I’m fond of American publishers either since more often then not, they ruin a lot of the original content with something wonky. So I don’t have to be all prim and understanding about my stuff being taken down. xP

There, I ranted. And I feel good about it.

K, onto the manga then. And yes, I properly credited. If the providers would prefer to not see them on here, please leave it in a comment.


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Katanagatari ~ Ep. 7 ~ Nisioisin, YYYYYYYY?!?!?! T_T

Well, to be honest, I wouldn’t have this story any other way than how the author has written it. Shichika was able to fight against the true “Japan’s Strongest Swordsman”, his sister, who was given a satisfying role and death while having one of the better, nicely balanced complexities in character over the entire cast. Still, it was sad to see her die, even though that made her happy…cuz Shichika lost his sis! How can I not be sad for him?! *cries for Shichika* TT___________TT

Getting back to more of that later, for me, this is undoubtedly the best episode of them all and it won’t be topped until probably the last one. The previous episodes I’m more than content with but episode 7 (argh, this number!) draws us back to the near-start of this sword hunt, piles some family drama and angst on it, and partially concludes the Yasuri-family business’s way of doing things with what else other than SIBLING FIGHT!! (omg, we actually got action in this one). …And then topped off with a sense of utter helplessness cuz “THIS IS HOW IT WAS DONE IN THE OLD DAYS, KIDS!” kind of deal.

Uargh. *sniff* I think I’m going to be a crying mess while referring back to that all throughout the post so mind as well start.

*sniff* T_T

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Darker than Black Gaiden ~ OVA 3 ~ T______T

Late post is majorly late. Oh well. I was very preoccupied. /P

That being said, as much as I looked forward to every Gaiden episode, the excitement started to wane after OVA 2. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because the preview for the last one was already indicating that Hei and Yin were going to split up (somehow) in this episode? I dunno. It still left me very sad, though.

Y U DO DISSSSSSSSSSSS, BONESSSSSSSSSS?!?!?!?!?!? ;________________________;

In any case, I cut back on the number of screencaps after having such a trouble with them so I can get this post done quickly as I do not have a lot to say since it’s pretty predictable from this point. Unless you haven’t watched season 2 yet, then…well, beware of spoilers.

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Brief Impressions: Fairy Tail ~ Ep. 31, 32

Double-episode late post for Loke’s mini-arc. ^^

Overall, the anime didn’t strike me as emotionally as the manga did (I guess it’s because they filled in everything with the voices and the music so I didn’t have to imagine it and make myself cry) but I was very glad how everything was executed close to the original plot.

So I’ll try to make this quick since there isn’t a lot to say outside my thoughts on certain things. That’d be summarizing. Bleh. :P

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Durarara!! ~ Ep. 13 ~ KITAAAAA——-(゚∀゚)——-!!!!


With the introduction of this new arc, we’re pretty much heading back to the same “UNTANGLE IT!!” formula that was used for the first arc except now we have more of an idea of who’s connected with what and/or who. The three major subplots, I think, are:

– Anri & her relation with the Slasher
– Dollars, obviously
– the Yellow Scarves

All circling around our student trio while giving everyone else their due part among all the ‘Bukuro conflict. Good, they’re still keeping to the novels quite faithfully.

But that smells like Izaya’s war starting. Oh no… ^^;

Well, anyways, I’m so glad this show can still deliver. My interest went stale for a week thanks to that break last Thursday but this ep didn’t let down my expectations one bit in bringing it back. Kyuu~! I love this series! x333

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