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Blog Status: Durrrrrr……

Art credit to 夏見せな.


This is the “Hi” bubble. Why? Because the current Xiao is in no condition to greet everyone cheerfully (though she does misses you all so please forgive her) before she goes off into another one of her rants but do not worry, because she will explain mostly everything in her own coherent manner. If you should need help deciphering her pinhead language, please consult the new exclusive Xiao-dictionary, now available for purchase somewhere on this godforsaken blog. Should you be able to find it, please send all payments via her email that you will also have to search for.

Only Paypal accepted.

*GETS BRIK’D* …Thank you and have a nice day. |D; )

…UMG, save me…wait…who AM I?! @___________@;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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Have a Merry, Merry Christmas~! It’s ěk-sěn’trĭk’s 3rd birthday!

Art credit to Wataame27.

Why must QB hijack everything puella magi? Hi, lovies! Hope everyone’s having a wonderful holiday! Yaaa, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Did anybody grow whiskers while I was away? Or raise penguins in their attic or did something weirdly beyond-the-norm awesome?

Because I sure didn’t and barely got out of school alive this term. *dragging my skeleton since you can’t see me*

Well, I’ll spare you (as always) the torturous details (but for real, this time, I promise) because I’m simply too tired and will probably be somewhere in Atlantic City or on the drive home when you read this. Heck, I’m about to fall asleep as I’m typing this now. I hope I get breakfast tomorrow morning cuz my dad’s got this crazy idea to go for 2-hr practice before the Y closes so he can come home and watch football. *rolls eyes*

Yes, that’s all the irrelevant rambling for now this will always be a lie, you are not allowed to believe it. Aside from the fact that my feet are freezing cuz we suddenly decided to remodel our entire house two weeks ago and I’m sleeping in the basement, let’s move along…

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Winter ’11 Wrap-up

Let it be known that for the next 30-so days, I’ll probably be repeatedly dying from waking up every morning feeling academically nauseous. So before I deteriorate into a pile of throw-up, here’s my will need to get the usual end-season ramblings off my chest. Otherwise, I will be very sick.

And yes, that was meant to gross you out. No need to thank me cuz I love you, too. <83

Note: Puella Magi Madoka Magica is not on here since it’s not complete yet and won’t be discussed until I feel in the mood to talk about it. *makes authoritative face* >:/

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Happy New Year! & Winter ’11 Line-up

Have honestly no idea who made this. Found it on watchanimeon.com so credit to whoever created this chart.

Happy New Year, everyone! I wish all of you the best of the best and hope we’ll get along in the upcoming year! ^^

*sigh* New year, huh? It’s going to be tough for me again after this break is over but I hope it’ll all work out somehow.

Anyways, just a short look at what will be on my watchlist. Seems like another weak Winter Season and there’s a good chance I might drop one or two of these but it’s fine. I have two definites and one to keep me preoccupied for blogging. Spring line-up will come in no time. :P

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Winter Wrap-up

Last winter image I’m using for a while and I don’t think it can be any more fitting that KnT deserves this top spot for being the best show out of the rest on my watch list.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of good comments for the others…but not many bad ones either. A lot of them fell short of my expectations, leaving them in the “meh” category when they ended this past week. Overall, I was already tired of them that I didn’t care what I was thinking anymore.

But ah, let’s just get this over with. \P

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Fall Wrap-Up Pt. 2 & Winter Lineup

Now that January has landed on us, it’s time to anticipate some hopefuls and prepare our recycle bins for the disappointments. Good thing (or is it a bad thing?) Winter never really had a lot of interesting shows to follow anyway cuz since I mostly fail at computers, I want to keep the downloads to a minimum (ha, never works. I downloaded 40 GBs of two seasons last month :P) to avoid viruses and spyware as much as I can.

But before I get into that, still need to finish up with Fall. Or you can just go to pg 2 if you’re only interested in what I’m covering for Winter.

‘Tis long…