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Vacation Post~!


And of course, I missed y’all. Hahaha~ |D


Vacation Blurb: First day & Ginza

Tokyo Tower~ ^^

It’s actually smaller than I thought it would be up close. I mean, the last time I was here, we saw it from a distance and I thought “Eh, compared to the Eiffel Tower, that’s really tiny.” Now our current hotel is only a good walk away from it and it is still REALLY that small. o.O;

So much for all those exaggerated rumors, eh? :P

So yep, while my parents nap right now, just going to talk on some things for a short while. Haha, but first, guess what happened on the plane. XD;

NOTE: A lot of what I say is my opinion based on what I discuss with my family. If there is something you feel that you must correct, then feel free to. My opinion, however, is probably less likely to agree. *not sorry* :)

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Hellooo~! BREAK! x3

YES! My semester is over!

…Actually, it was over Monday but I had work today so I figured I’d get that over with first before relaxing for the weekend…then going back next Wednesday. :P

Anyways, with this, I think I can resume some activity around here…hmm, yea, I need to make plans to refurbish the blog for the new year at least. Try out a new theme…attempt to make a new banner. I’m honestly not enthusiastic about graphics now (as you can probably tell with the Kanon image I just resized and slapped up there) but I’ll try to somehow get back to it.

Hmm, I have one or two posts I want to get out this week. Should be no problem since I’m free~!!! I can’t stress that enough! Freedom! Salvation! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

Yea, I guess I’ll start on that tonight if I can. If not, tomorrow since I’m still worn out. Also have to reorganize my room, learn how to drive and all that schmit.

Here’s a headsup on the raws, though. They’re practically postponed indefinitely since I have to regulate my budget for other things so please visit cookie-san’s blog if you’re looking for Nakayoshi and Ribon scans.
cookie-san, thanks so much for sharing your scans! I really appreciate it cuz I haven’t said that enough yet! (lol, really) x3

And uh…me being the silly person that I am finally realized that I forgot my flash drive at home and I can’t do much without it since all my plans are on there. *frsutrated sigh* The traffic is going to be awful, too, so I guess I’ll have to push everything to tomorrow then. D:

Ack, I’m rambling. Anyways, if I don’t catch you or vice versa on Friday, happy holidays everyone! Hope anyone who’s traveling has a safe trip and the rest of you, have a safe Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/whatever awesome traditional stuff you may be doing. :D

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Xiao Jie’s leaving?! *gasp!* D8


For only four nights! ^^;

Ah, what a fortune it is to have to leave the day after I open my blog. At least I churned five posts out within 24 hours though my sore throat right now cancels out any enjoyment. *coughcough* Ugh, miserable. Hate being sick. Dx

I’m typing this as I’m waiting for the SC! torrent to come out (god, why tonight of all nights is it taking so friggin’ damn long?!) so I’ll post this up immediately after finishing the ep 64 post. Y’know what, screw it. I’ll post this up now and wait for it as I pack (it’s 12:43 AM now) and catch up on sleep during the flight. Stupid torrent. =__=;

So…I’m heading to the state where the sunshine grows (Flordia, oranges, y’know) with my family and two cousins. We’ll be going to some park in Disney, Sea World, and I guess Universal Studios if that’s what they’re planning. I have no idea. I’m just going with them. And I’ll be awfully lonely since I have no one to talk to. TwT So I’ll try to find internet somehow. They should have internet…for free…or else! xD;

In the meantime, while I have nothing to do, I’ll probably try to catch up on writing fanfics when I’m not going to the beach. Actually, I don’t even want to go the beach. Lot’s of people are probably going to be there and I don’t do well with crowds or cold water at this time of the year even if it is Orlando.

Hmm, yea, I’ll try to make the best of it and take lots of pics. And then I’ll do another “Meeee~!” post when I get back OH NOES! ANYTHING BUT THAT!!! |D;, which will be around New Years’ Eve. Oh god, that means more family parties I have to attend. Nuu~! =3=

Yep! So until then, stay well, everyone! ^^