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Katanagatari ~ Ep. 11 & 12 ~ Cheerio~, Katanagatari. *punches* T____T

BAMF Shichika is f*ckin' HAWT. Nuff said. 8DD

I’M FINALLY FRIGGIN’ DONE!!!! FWAAAAHHHH! *strikes FIERCE! pose*…WAAAHHHH, IT ENDED! *cries in a corner* T_________________T

…*recovers* Erhem…Whee~ Hey, guys! I’m truly, REALLY sorry for the huge delay. Wow, I never thought I would push it all the way into the New Year. GOMEN! >.<

But I have a somewhat good reason for it since this marks as the first and only episodic show so far that I have EVER finished doing episodic posts for ignore the month-long delay for ep 11, lol so I want to make this a good post…even if I have a few not-so-complimentary stuff to say, I want this to be a MASTERPIECE! Which means…it’ll be long…yyyyeeeeeaaaaahhhh~ Aorii-san, you asked for it. lawl~ ;D

And what I meant by “masterpiece” also includes some pointless egg-brained random ranting as well so prepare yourself for that. THIS IS XIAO’S COMEBACK AND NOTHING’S STOPPIN ME, Y’HEAR?! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTT! *GOES CRAZY*


So let’s get this underway, shall we? I’ll briefly hit over the important points along with some scenes I found funny and/or special and go a little “WWWWWWWWAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” at the end cuz it was just AWESOME. 8D

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Bungaku Shoujo ~ OVA 1 ~ Touko~♥ <3

Kyaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s finally here after both the raw and subs being a month late. But I don’t mind. No, I really did. I’m just lying because I’m in a good mood. :P The only ones who do and would pay attention to this awesome series are people who could get their hands on the books and dvds first anyway. In other words, I should’ve stayed in Japan a little longer. Durr… D/

But whatever! I couldn’t get an this in .mp4 format like I wanted to but fortunately, .mkv works just as fine.

That aside, “Yume-miru Shoujo no Prelude” (Prelude of the girl who gazes into dreams) is the first out of three prequel OVAs (titled “Memoire”) to the movie, which will be released on DVD at the end of next month. It covers the events centering around Touko prior to her meeting Konoha and instating him into the Literature Club.

And god, was this the prettiest thing I’ve seen all year. *A* I.G. Production or is it the other way around? has outdone themselves. Opinions may vary on the animation since at times, the characters’ faces don’t seem that great to me but overall, the visuals, the music, the voice acting, etc, it’s all near perfect! And it couldn’t have been more awesome without my beloved Touko-chan~! <333

So! Getting things underway, let's discuss! 83


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Katanagatari ~ Ep. 4 ~ “Yea, about my sister…” to another level. o.O;;

Well for those were even expecting some screentime on the fight between Shichika and Hakuhei, you were just massively TROLLED…

Same here, actually, though it wasn’t that much of a shock but I wished they could’ve at least given us some flashbacks. All that EPIC battle was reduced to 30 seconds of last week’s preview. :P

Otherwise, this was still a good episode with the focus on (FREAKYAWESUMNEE-CHAN~!) Nanami enough to make up for all the action we didn’t get to see…even though it would have been great if we had double the Kyoutouryuu action. *pokes foot into floor sulkily* =3=
And it’s funny because we probably saw more actual fighting in this one ep than the first three combined. I’m betting the following ones won’t promise much either. Shame. <P

The flowers everywhere were very purdy, though. Purdy~ *flowers* 8D

Yea, I'll just start now since I have lot to ramble on anyway. Haha. |D;

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Durarara!! ~ Ep. 3 ~ Violence was born to wear a bartender suit.


I must have watched this episode a dozen times already because THIS is what I wanted! THANK YOU, BRAIN’S BASE!!! I will love you forever if you give me MOAR!!! X33333

I couldn’t decide on a front image so I picked the two most awesomest focuses instead. F*CKYEA FOR SOME VIOLENT SHIZU LOVIN’, BITCHES!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! >8DDD

And my OTP~ It’s still kinda early to declare any OTPs, especially for me cuz I usually do it mid-way through, but I don’t care! I have a good feeling about this one and when Xiao has a good feeling about potential OTPs, stay clear of her way. I’ll maul down everyone who says otherwise, y’hear?

So anyways…o’course, I got alots to say. It’s almost proportional to the number of screencaps I have which this time, is 98, lolol.

And you know it! Long post is loooooooooooonnnnnnggggggg… 8D

Durarara!! ~ Ep. 1 ~ Headless Horseman goes TOKYO!modern?

No, no, this isn’t a lame joke. I AM quite AWESOME, Mikado.


Oh god, I love everyone in this show and the show itself SO. FRIGGIN’. MUCH. <333 <– Mentioned it for the second time.

First episode like all first episodes start off as introductory setup and also "WUT? That was not what I wanted" letdowns but DRRR! kinda balanced everything out quite evenly. And there were quite a few things going on at the same time. Mikado and Kida catching up with each other and touring around Ikebukuro, the kidnapping, the "Black Rider" pwning a group of misfits…*goes on and on*

I got to hand it to Brain's Base for pulling it off so well. I've seen it done in Baccano!, which I had much trouble trying to keep up with in the first place, and it's done here again in a manner I'm more than happy with.

But this is getting me nowhere so just read on…