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Blog Status: Summer Wrap-up, Fall Line-up

Hey, lovies. Yea, I know. What cliff did I jump off of and were there hungry sharks eagerly waiting for me at the bottom when it happened?

And since I am alive and…well, tired, you would know that I managed to save at least one of my hands or at least one of my toes. :P

School’s started again, peeps. August went by too fast and I still haven’t got my driver’s license. I’m reviewing like heck for all my Spanish classes (mis profesoras me vuelvan loca!) among other things. That’s all I can really give you.

Right, moving along…

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Blog Status: Gosick Ep. 23 & 24, Spring Wrap-up, Summer Lineup, etc.

‘Ello, my dahhlings~


Typing this from the computer lab in the dorm in Hong Kong. It’s too friggin’ hot outside to want to go anywhere and I had plans tonight, too, but I’m merging them up with Saturday’s instead to go run later and work off that salad that’s not really a salad. *sigh*

But enough about that for now!

Summer ’10 Wrap-Up

Summer is gone and I’m back in school now. And hell, people, it’s only after the first full week and I am EXHAUSTED. Give me my summer back! T_____________T

*sigh* Well, I figured I should get this out early since I’m taking a day break before starting on my homework. God, coming home at 9 at night on Mondays and Wednesday may give me more day offs but it’s so tiring, I can’t get anything done and want to do nothing but sleep. *still can’t stop complaining*

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Spring Season Wrap-up Pt. 1 & Current Watchlist

Don't steal my Mikapuu's fries, Masa-baka! >3<

Late is late but there’s nothing I can do about that.

So, without more delay, quick final thoughts about spring season this year and DRRR!! gets the deserving spot of opening this post since it was the best out of all the completed shows on my watchlist. There’s a second place, too, but I’ll talk about that one more in Part 2.

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Wrap-up of Summer

I haven’t been here almost like at all. |D;;;

Ah, well. It was a shorter summer for me since I spent most of my time at school. It went by faster since all my courses rushed through nearly a semester-full of material. Oi…I’m never doing that again. Though it was the only thing next to work that would get me out of the house. lol XD;

Had my first class today and seems pretty good so far. Got three more to go through and hope my Honors “Activism in Asia” class won’t require a paper. I’m so tired that I’d die if it’s 12+ pages. Dx Need to rearrange my sleep schedule otherwise I’ll be a walking zombie again until Christmas but when am I never one? |D;.

Mmkay, so here’s a general post of things, including some idea of what I’ll be doing in the fall.

NOTE: Sorry, but please keep all SC!-news/third season/manga comments down to a minimum.

Yes, of course I’ve been alert. Doesn’t mean I’m in the mood to talk about most of it. But I will make some brief, relevant mention about my attitude towards SC! somewhere in here. I just don’t want long ranting when it doesn’t apply to most of what I will be saying.

Now that I got that outta the way.

WARNING: Extremely long long post containing a bit of personal ranting, cussing, Xiao’s sick amusement and of course, spoilers.