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Wishing all moms a Happy Mother’s Day~!

Art credit to Jonasan.

I’ve never done this before and to be honest, I was thinking I would do more of a post for Mother’s Day had I really decided that I wanted to but I’m pressed for time (among other things) so I hope you’ll forgive me. Then again, why bother listening to me ramble on and on when you can spend time with your mum, rite? Heh.

So, I just wanted to wish all the mothers/moms/mommies/mamas/”mimi”s out there a great day and I hope ya’ll show your appreciation to the very person who gave birth to you (raised you, fed you, probably bail you out of jail you know the deal) cuz wherever would you be without her, hmm? …Well, you definitely wouldn’t be reading my posts of awesome, that’s for sure. *SHOT* |D;

And of course, this should extend to ALL the maternal figures in your life so thank those people as well.

Above pic is from Smile Precure! and I chose that over a Sanae/Nagisa/Ushio one cuz I felt Miyuki’s feelings for her mom in this week’s ep was really what made it special and stand out from the other Precure series I’ve seen so far (no one really focused on Mother’s Day before). My thoughts on SmPC aside for now, it was just nice of Toei to create an ep corresponding to the real calendar aside from Christmas and New Year’s. Plus, Miyuki’s mama is so pretty and so nice~ It just made me “URUTORA HAPPI-!” inside to see their mother-daughter moment. <3

As for me, my bro and I will be taking our mum to a BBQ restaurant. My gift’s still pending to be sent so he’s paying. Hrm, I hope it gets here okay. Heck, I hope she likes it at least. *bit troubled* /S

*sigh* Well, in any case, I LOVE YOU, MOM!! Even though you piss me off more than anybody in the world can (don’t worry, Dad follows you close in second) and we’ll probably never be compatible (cuz you’re just too you and I’m just so me, aha~), I just wanted to thank you for giving me an existence in this world and for always taking care of me. Not that you’ll ever read this but yea.


*cough* Right, love ya. ^^


Have a Merry, Merry Christmas~! It’s ěk-sěn’trĭk’s 3rd birthday!

Art credit to Wataame27.

Why must QB hijack everything puella magi? Hi, lovies! Hope everyone’s having a wonderful holiday! Yaaa, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Did anybody grow whiskers while I was away? Or raise penguins in their attic or did something weirdly beyond-the-norm awesome?

Because I sure didn’t and barely got out of school alive this term. *dragging my skeleton since you can’t see me*

Well, I’ll spare you (as always) the torturous details (but for real, this time, I promise) because I’m simply too tired and will probably be somewhere in Atlantic City or on the drive home when you read this. Heck, I’m about to fall asleep as I’m typing this now. I hope I get breakfast tomorrow morning cuz my dad’s got this crazy idea to go for 2-hr practice before the Y closes so he can come home and watch football. *rolls eyes*

Yes, that’s all the irrelevant rambling for now this will always be a lie, you are not allowed to believe it. Aside from the fact that my feet are freezing cuz we suddenly decided to remodel our entire house two weeks ago and I’m sleeping in the basement, let’s move along…

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Gōng xǐ fā cái, xīn nián kuài lè! Happy Lunar New Year! ^^

恭喜发财, 新年快乐! Happy Chinese New Year to all my fellow Chinese and those who celebrate it! May you be healthy and prosperous! XDDDDD

Yea, I know I’m about 12 hours early on this side of the world but whatever. I’m going to be busy the next few days so wanted to make sure this is published while I won’t be on. At least I’m on time in China. lol xD

Ah~, a new year. Year of the rabbit, too. Who here is born in the year of the rabbit, hmm? I’m curious to know cuz I don’t I have any “rabbit” friends, I don’t think. 83

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Merry Christmas and Happy 2nd Anniversary, ěk-sěn’trĭk! xDD

ELSIE~ <3 *Kanon's existence is irrelevant* :P

WAAAAHHHHH!!!! Merry Christmas, my dear readers!! I hope you’re all enjoying your holidays! *does a random dozen things at once to celebrate* xDDDDD

And it’s one day early, but my lil’ blog here is already two years old! What have I done the entire time from the moment I opened it? NEVER UPDATED MY ABOUT PAGE, THAT’S WHAT! KEKEKEKEKEKEKE

Hahahaaaa…srsly, I think it’s going to remain under construction forever. lol xD;

So, uh, currently working on Katanagatari FINAL review while I’m doing this along with multi-tasking other things cuz I have to get ready for people coming later today. I’m also going to Texas next week for four days but I should be back before New Year’s…so maybe I can get the fall wrap-up and winter-lineup posts done while I’m away.

Anyways, yea…god, I want to watch Iron Man 2 already. <– *been saying that for the past two weeks* …This is going to be a rambly post. Kakakakaka! xDDDD;;;;

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival & Happy Birthday, Amu~! <3

Happy Autumn, everyone~!

Hehe, like last year, I decided to do a post just for celebrating. Except that I have no new banner this time. *too lazy to go looking for one since Kanade already has a moon in the background* BUT! I took some pictures. Very crappy ones and not necessarily anything Chinese-related and I forgot to take one of the moon, d’oh! since we won’t have a big party until this weekend (cuz it’s my grandpa’s birthday on Sunday, too). It kinda goes against my personal principles on keeping my traditions exclusive (aka I don’t really want other things that have nothing to do with the holiday mixing in) but since Amu-chan’s birthday is so close to it this year, I’ll give it an exception. ;)

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Gung hay fat choy, Sun nien fai lok! ^^


Haha, yep, I got another banner up for the holiday and this year is the year of the TIGER!! My mom’s year, in fact. Ain’t that little cub cute? xD
Don’t really have much to say about it cuz it was rather simple to make. Just wanted to get a kinda “jungly” feel with the plants and flowers and incorporate the national red and yellow/gold colors so sorry if you can’t read the text but it’s only temporary anyways. At least until the celebrations are over.

As for what I’m doing at the moment, well, just had a big New Years Eve dinner with my family and then we’re going out again tomorrow. Watching the Olympics while I’m working on that Katanagatari post as fast as I can right now cuz I won’t have time to come on tomorrow. Also, YYYEEEAAA!!! APOLO OHNO AND J.R. CELSKI WON SILVER AND BRONZE RESPECTIVELY!!! WOOOOTTTT!!! GO USA!!! *SO HAPPY* XDDDDDD

Congrats to them and to Lee Ho-Suk for taking gold. Man, I’m always so hyper whenever the games come on. I’m spamming such a storm on my other twitter account, lol. xD; I hope I get to watch tomorrow night’s figure skating as well. That one scares me the most but it’s the one I look forward most to (cuz I grew up loving all of Michelle Kwan’s performances so yea, goes way back, lol). Goin’ to cheer my best for the Chinese team, too. ;Db

Alright, Happy New Years and best wishes and luck to all my fellow Chinese again and while I’m at it, Happy Valentines Day to everyone, too! ^^

Almost forgot…Happy Anniversary, ek-sen’trik!

Sh-shaddup! I’m still in the Christmas spirit! *throws fake snow everywhere*

Celebrating a day late since I was preoccupied with my wrap-up post yesterday. Funny cuz up until Christmas, it’s been nagging at the back of my mind constantly and then I forgot it exactly on its birthday. *such a bad blogger* |D;

Another funny thing is that I had planned it exactly the day after Christmas so that I wouldn’t forget its anniversary. *stupid* <P

But better late than never.

Anyways…gah, it’s been a year already?! o.O;;