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Brief Impressions: Houkago no Pleiades ~ ONA 1-4

Very brief.

So brief that it shouldn’t even count as post.

But it sure is damn pretty, Gainax. *A*

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Otome Youkai Zakuro ~ Ep. 1 ~ Prepared to be bewitched!

Oh, what pretty fangs you have, Zakuro-chan~

Pfft, wrong fairytale. xP

So tell me, how exactly was this labeled a “seinen” work? I know Hoshino Lily is popular for her yaoi so…no matter which way you can shove this title into that category, it’s so overflowing with shoujo-tastic flavor, it’d put the sweetest sugar particles in candy bars to shame.

But I LOVE it…so as crazy as it is that I might fail this semester due to lack of concentration but you always had that! xD; and severe senioritis, I think I’m going to blog this after all. 8D;

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Katanagatari ~ Ep. 4 ~ “Yea, about my sister…” to another level. o.O;;

Well for those were even expecting some screentime on the fight between Shichika and Hakuhei, you were just massively TROLLED…

Same here, actually, though it wasn’t that much of a shock but I wished they could’ve at least given us some flashbacks. All that EPIC battle was reduced to 30 seconds of last week’s preview. :P

Otherwise, this was still a good episode with the focus on (FREAKYAWESUMNEE-CHAN~!) Nanami enough to make up for all the action we didn’t get to see…even though it would have been great if we had double the Kyoutouryuu action. *pokes foot into floor sulkily* =3=
And it’s funny because we probably saw more actual fighting in this one ep than the first three combined. I’m betting the following ones won’t promise much either. Shame. <P

The flowers everywhere were very purdy, though. Purdy~ *flowers* 8D

Yea, I'll just start now since I have lot to ramble on anyway. Haha. |D;

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Katanagatari ~ Ep. 2 ~ Catchphrases, insurance, and “Cheerio!”s.

Oh yea, you two, while you sit and have a nice chat in the middle of a freakin’ DESERT (and the real thing isn’t even called a desert, but sand dunes), why not enjoy a cup of tea and cookies over your conversation?

xD; I thought Togame would have enough sense to rent a horse or a camel if they had one or something but oh well.

Haha, I’m going to assume this was the break or take episode for many. Ep 2 delivered a slight more action but the amount of dialogue is pretty much unmoved. I found it hard to get excited over the fight scenes (instead I went “ooo~, purdy lights~”) but the interaction between Ginkaku and Shichika made up for everything.

So yes, I’m still LOVING this show and now I curse it because it’s a month long wait instead of just a week for the next ep. GRR!!

Warning again: image heavy, slow browsers will take ya a long time to view gifs and lengthy rambling ahead.

Kobato ~ Ep. 13 ~ Wat? I’m a tree lover, too.

Just in case you’re wondering, NO, I’m not going to start blogging Kobato. It just so happened that this week’s episode impressed me quite a bit that I wanted to say something about it. And yea, I’m well aware that this is largely just another filler so why is this one so special?

It’s got a lot of details I’m very fond of. That’s all.

That being said, I think if this can happen again next week (one episode wowing me a little more than all the others), I might do it again. It’s not necessarily the best episode of the week or the best episode of the series so far but just one I really liked.

K? K…