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Gosick ~ Ep. 18 ~ Masquerade~! Bombs & murders on a train~♪

Had to parody-quote from the “Phantom of the Opera”. Not sorry. 83

Shame nobody brought the costume party onto the ride, though. But who needs that when you get to eat vodka-grilled raisins, get poisoned and be shot at and all that fun stuff? Hmm? 83

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Gosick ~ Ep. 16 ~ Came for the girl, unwillingly stayed for the insane party.

So, I know several Beelzebubs actually. The Beelzebub of another name from this book, the actual one (although, very vaguely), the titular always naked baby, and my top favorite, this murderous lil’ demon cutie of a glutton (Beel-tan~ <3).

And apparently, it, or rather, it's skull, is also an old convent/hospital in Lithuania during the war slash science academy slash some place for a circus act called “Phantasmagoria” to be held slash whatever freaky stage of events that will occur.

Really, it’s like the ground of all unholy matrimonies with a giant ghost of Mary literally overseeing everything to top it off. “Crossed the threshold” much? o.O;

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Katanagatari ~ Ep. 11 & 12 ~ Cheerio~, Katanagatari. *punches* T____T

BAMF Shichika is f*ckin' HAWT. Nuff said. 8DD

I’M FINALLY FRIGGIN’ DONE!!!! FWAAAAHHHH! *strikes FIERCE! pose*…WAAAHHHH, IT ENDED! *cries in a corner* T_________________T

…*recovers* Erhem…Whee~ Hey, guys! I’m truly, REALLY sorry for the huge delay. Wow, I never thought I would push it all the way into the New Year. GOMEN! >.<

But I have a somewhat good reason for it since this marks as the first and only episodic show so far that I have EVER finished doing episodic posts for ignore the month-long delay for ep 11, lol so I want to make this a good post…even if I have a few not-so-complimentary stuff to say, I want this to be a MASTERPIECE! Which means…it’ll be long…yyyyeeeeeaaaaahhhh~ Aorii-san, you asked for it. lawl~ ;D

And what I meant by “masterpiece” also includes some pointless egg-brained random ranting as well so prepare yourself for that. THIS IS XIAO’S COMEBACK AND NOTHING’S STOPPIN ME, Y’HEAR?! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTT! *GOES CRAZY*


So let’s get this underway, shall we? I’ll briefly hit over the important points along with some scenes I found funny and/or special and go a little “WWWWWWWWAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” at the end cuz it was just AWESOME. 8D

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Current Manga Reading List

Ah~ I’ve been listening to drama CDs all day, I couldn’t concentrate. Also, damn preorders.

Well, just a short “digest” of what I’m following or rather, what I’m actively looking updates for. Maybe…I dunno. Sometimes if I see a new chapter for a certain manga, I’ll jump at and it finish it in like 10 seconds but others, I’ve grown less to care for. Either because their update status is so irregular that I just grew tired of checking on them or they’ve already been licensed so scanlations are going to be harder to find and I mind as well wait for the English release instead.

*sigh* Really, all this lame stuff of taking manga sites down. Of course, I’m always for the idea of supporting the author all the way but it’s not like the money goes straight to him/her anyways and it’s not like I’m fond of American publishers either since more often then not, they ruin a lot of the original content with something wonky. So I don’t have to be all prim and understanding about my stuff being taken down. xP

There, I ranted. And I feel good about it.

K, onto the manga then. And yes, I properly credited. If the providers would prefer to not see them on here, please leave it in a comment.


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Darker than Black Gaiden ~ OVA 1 ~ Okay if I pretend Gemini never happened?

Ok, I’m not really serious or anything as there were (very few) parts I did like about the second season but really, even all 12 episodes of it was not enough to satisfy me like the first 5 minutes into this OVA did.

…Well, that’s just me speaking partially biased but YEA. :P

Anyways, yay~, I finally get around to writing a post about it. Been too busy with school, subs were late, HD quality raw wasn’t available until like Sunday and so on.

I originally wasn’t going to blog this either but it impressed me so much that I wanted to (add the fact that I recently marathoned this whole series so the hype is still going strong, hehe x3). Plus, it’s only 4 OVAs so it should be easy to do.

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