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News Blurbs: Upcoming Light Novel Adaptations (+ Ikoku Meiro)

So it’s been a while since I collected enough news articles to put a post together with the usual four this time. I am especially excited for Ikoku Meiro no Croisée, by the same mangaka who drew the illustrations for Gosick.

Just to make it clear, the author of Gosick is Kazuki Sakuraba, not Hinata Takeda. Hinata Takeda is the artist as well as original creator of Ikoku Meiro (I’m shortening to this for now).

Uh, so, yea, moving along…

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News Blurbs: *too long to list here*

This looks like official art but if it isn’t, please point me to the source so I can credit it properly.

I only put BRS in here cuz I needed an appropriate, short header and they just recently announced the seiyuus for the main characters:

Kana Hanazawa as Mato Kuroi (BRS)
Miyuki Sawashiro as Yomi Takanashi (Death Master)

AWESOME. Add two very great seiyuus and already this OAV is amazing for me. I’m looking forward to how Kana-san will perform for Mato (I just hope she won’t sound too tomboyish like Suou from DtB) and especially Miyuki-san playing as the best friend turned evil, Death Master, who makes impossible skinny look SO good. xD;

Kyaa~! This is so exciting! I can’t wait to see who the rest of the cast are and download it HD! Now if only my dad can remember to pick up my desktop. -_-;

Alright, onto Harlock, Yokai, Ryukishi’s new horror series and wow, Danny Choo has an anime project in the works. o.O

News Blurbs: Coming in April and Bungaku Shoujo.

Ok, so GK image is not anime-relevant at all but it is at least still news-relevant so HELLYEA! About goddamn time Watase-sensei resumed this series. Leaving off on that cliffhanger when Rimudo and Takiko were just reunited I hope she rejects him on that matter, ahaha~…hmm, yea, I missed this like so much. <3

So yea, not all this stuff is today!new or anything but I found them somewhat interesting to want to talk about before they air. Not really super enthusiastic about the harems, though. *sigh* =w=;

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Short Couple of News Blurbs

Yes, image is relevant~

Still taking a small break before I go back to regular posts, though. School left me quite “meh, don’t want to do anything for awhile~” yesterday. But I’ll probably get started on it later tonight. Gah, have so much to say. hehe ^^

Ok~, anyways…ah, I actually wasn’t planning on doing any news blurbs since I dropped the idea quite a while ago (like a few months after I started blogging) but I couldn’t resist after getting these in my Reader so kyaa~, I think one of my greatest wishes just came true before I even knew what it was! lol XD;