Brief Impressions: Fairy Tail ~ Ep. 39

Damn you, Jellal! Or Zeref or whoever!

I hope Hiro Mashima-sensei didn’t kill him off cuzcuz…ERZAAAAA!!!! >A<

(Lazy post ahead with low quality screencaps ahead, :P)

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Katanagatari ~ Ep. 5 ~ No rum jokes? Awww.

I know! This is late! I’m sorry! I really am! I was so distracted while trying to watch this! And argh, next episode is this Friday. I’m gonna die. D/

Ah, delays being delays and summer lethargy taking over, it’s become increasingly hard to do posts lately. I even had to drop one cuz it was taking so long to think up something to say…or organize it.

*sigh* At least I’m still determined to review Katanagatari all the way through to the end. Should be a little easier since I dropped DRRR!! and now I have more breathing room in between the monthly episodes.

Alrighty, onto this fifth installment, first time watching it had me screaming joys of fangirlism or fangirl joys, whichever have you. Things have turned slightly opposite than what I’d expect it to be but I’m not complaining since any character development on Shichika’s part is always a delight. Hee~ ^^

And yes, I will try my best to refrain from blood-curling squee-ing until his badass line near the end. ;D

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Durarara!! ~ Ep. 15 ~ ‘Bukuro people are immune to getting hit by large objects, apparently.

I guess being stabbed by the Slasher or such increases that by a few, too. *shrug*
Now if only they closed off Ikebukuro when the gang war is in full swing, it would be an almost semi-07Expansion setting. Haa~ Wouldn’t that be fun, ne~? Izaya would be Beatrice, of course. lololol

Joking aside, a rather boring episode (aside from Shizu~ <3) that didn't tell us anything new or whatever else we didn't know already know. I think it's because this Niekawa interviewer guy didn't sound even an inch interesting during his whole narration and his lack of knowledge at everything that's happened in the 14 episodes before this one made it sound more droning which just put me to sleep. D/

So yea, keeping it short.

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Durarara!! ~ Ep. 2 ~ Suicidal course with a side dish of Izaya.

Actually, I’ll just take 10 more of those side dishes. You can keep the main course, I don’t need that.


Haaaaaa…to tell you the truth, I thought this episode was a bit of waste since it concentrated so much on that suicidal-turned-kidnapped, Haruka Tomatsu-voiced girl, oh whatshername who's never going to show up again. Sure, this whole thing provided for great explanation of what happened in ep 1 and gave Izaya a nice introductory to his character in a less than 15-minute swoop as oppose to the how he's brought out in the manga (I don't know about the novel) but meeehhh, Brain's Base, you bastard. You friggin' lied to me! I'll kick your ass if you throw stock footage at me again next week.

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