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Summer WonFes 2011

Holy shit, Y SO MUCH AWESOME STUFF, HUH?! WHYWHYWHY?!?!?!? I can’t possibly catch up on my wishlist now! *wails in huge despair* Dx

…well, WonFes Summer really brings in a lot of new merchandise that’s hard to resist. Actually, it should be renamed WonFes PMMM cuz THERE IS SOOOOOO MUCH MADOKA STUFF AND BEING THE CRAZY FAN I AM, I JUST WANT EVERYTHING!!!! WHY AM I TYPING IN CAPS?!

*cough* Anyways, I apologize for not finding better quality pics but I have quantity to make up for that or just lot of Puella Magi obsession but that’s really not my fault! …yea, afraid you won’t find a lot variety in this post cuz I just pick the ones I like and they’re mostly PMMM so it really is my fault and now I’m rambling so shoot me.

I also don’t remember every manufacturer behind each figure but I’ll try to. Usually, I mostly cover the big names. GSC, Alter, etc, so they shouldn’t be too hard to find. And you can always go to Tsuki-board to go find what you’re interested in. :)

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Winter WonFes 2011

Trying to keep up with nine other live coverages and update my wishlist at the same time while tsuki-board’s server was overflooded drove me absolutely INSANE. Dx

*sigh* But the nightmare is over. I’m still way behind on my hwk and had to take the f*ckin’ train out to NY at 7 AM and didn’t wash my hair so I was feeling really crappy and cranky and shitty in the morning, BUT! …the worst is over.

Now I just have to try and get this most of this post done before going out tonight. Ahah~, I’m so screwed. *facedesk*

…Oh, and for anyone who’s curious on what WonFes is, it’s an bi-annual event where new figures that will be released later in the year are shown, garage kits are sold and stuff like that. Look it up. *too lazy to explain*

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Quick Post: Blog Status & Stuffs

BRS as the header of this post because I NEED to talk about how AWESOME it is, even if briefly. <3

K, just a quick update on what I'll be posting this week aka by the end of the month if I'm capable. God, I worked on four posts straight and still have 4 more to go. I must be crazy. @.@;

Also includes talk about Wonder Festival…well, just the figures that I found interesting so don’t expect a full review. And lots of cursing GSC as well. Those bastards. xP

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Wrap-up of Summer

I haven’t been here almost like at all. |D;;;

Ah, well. It was a shorter summer for me since I spent most of my time at school. It went by faster since all my courses rushed through nearly a semester-full of material. Oi…I’m never doing that again. Though it was the only thing next to work that would get me out of the house. lol XD;

Had my first class today and seems pretty good so far. Got three more to go through and hope my Honors “Activism in Asia” class won’t require a paper. I’m so tired that I’d die if it’s 12+ pages. Dx Need to rearrange my sleep schedule otherwise I’ll be a walking zombie again until Christmas but when am I never one? |D;.

Mmkay, so here’s a general post of things, including some idea of what I’ll be doing in the fall.

NOTE: Sorry, but please keep all SC!-news/third season/manga comments down to a minimum.

Yes, of course I’ve been alert. Doesn’t mean I’m in the mood to talk about most of it. But I will make some brief, relevant mention about my attitude towards SC! somewhere in here. I just don’t want long ranting when it doesn’t apply to most of what I will be saying.

Now that I got that outta the way.

WARNING: Extremely long long post containing a bit of personal ranting, cussing, Xiao’s sick amusement and of course, spoilers.

Collection Update~ <3


lol, is this merchandise week or what? xD;

My order arrived last week, box all soaked from the rain but with everything all neat and cozy packed inside. Minus one thing I’ve been missing but it’s alright. I’ll get it the next time I make another order.

Once again, I’d like to give a HUGE thank you to stormfaerie-san for all her help and services and everything. Thank you~! You’re the awesomest seller EVAARRR!!1 <333
Just in case anyone's looking for some out-of-print stuff (mostly Sailor Moon) or you're having trouble ordering something from Japan, please click on the link and go to her LJ store! She's extremely nice and updates with new merchandise quite often. ^^

Alrighty, without further delay…I have to start off with a complaint. :(

Xiao will never put any effort into taking pictures of her merchandise. She just takes them. :P