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Summer WonFes 2011

Holy shit, Y SO MUCH AWESOME STUFF, HUH?! WHYWHYWHY?!?!?!? I can’t possibly catch up on my wishlist now! *wails in huge despair* Dx

…well, WonFes Summer really brings in a lot of new merchandise that’s hard to resist. Actually, it should be renamed WonFes PMMM cuz THERE IS SOOOOOO MUCH MADOKA STUFF AND BEING THE CRAZY FAN I AM, I JUST WANT EVERYTHING!!!! WHY AM I TYPING IN CAPS?!

*cough* Anyways, I apologize for not finding better quality pics but I have quantity to make up for that or just lot of Puella Magi obsession but that’s really not my fault! …yea, afraid you won’t find a lot variety in this post cuz I just pick the ones I like and they’re mostly PMMM so it really is my fault and now I’m rambling so shoot me.

I also don’t remember every manufacturer behind each figure but I’ll try to. Usually, I mostly cover the big names. GSC, Alter, etc, so they shouldn’t be too hard to find. And you can always go to Tsuki-board to go find what you’re interested in. :)

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Winter WonFes 2011

Trying to keep up with nine other live coverages and update my wishlist at the same time while tsuki-board’s server was overflooded drove me absolutely INSANE. Dx

*sigh* But the nightmare is over. I’m still way behind on my hwk and had to take the f*ckin’ train out to NY at 7 AM and didn’t wash my hair so I was feeling really crappy and cranky and shitty in the morning, BUT! …the worst is over.

Now I just have to try and get this most of this post done before going out tonight. Ahah~, I’m so screwed. *facedesk*

…Oh, and for anyone who’s curious on what WonFes is, it’s an bi-annual event where new figures that will be released later in the year are shown, garage kits are sold and stuff like that. Look it up. *too lazy to explain*

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“Continuation, plz” list.

Hai, hai~! Thanks to LGB who mentioned something in her comment for my remake/don’t animate list post, it gave me the idea to do a second season want list. Actually, I’m sure this crossed my mind before and I probably forgot to write it down or something. Heh. ^^;

And I say “second season” but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. This list includes prequels, possible spin-offs, and so on. Whether they’re full 13/24 episodes or OVAs doesn’t matter much either so long as it comes to a conclusion that I’m satisfied with so I can mark the series off as “finished~”. Haha.

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Redos and “Don’t!” Animate List

Yes, I know Rewrite won’t be out until the end of April this year or whenever if the release date is pushed back again but as you can see from the title *POINTS!*, this isn’t a wishlist of the things I want to be animated. That’s a lie, I’ll just briefly skim over it to take up space. 8P To tell you truth, I don’t think I have much of one at all.

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