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Shugo Chara! Encore ~ Ch. 4 [Final]

Scanlations credit to FwPA Scanlations.

As I sit here wondering how I should write my last thoughts for this series (god, this may sound silly but it’s so difficult, it hurts), I first want to say that… I simply can’t find the right words for a lot of things. And now I’m just really being confusingly redundant. Oh man, I’m already derailing into a sentimental mess before this post even started. lol

*sigh* But if I have to start with anything, it’ll have to be the general ones I want to leave behind. You can say it’s somewhat like a short deep confession for everything I’ve kept to myself up to this point. It’s hardly pretty and very personal but I feel that I should say it anyway. Otherwise, I won’t be able to live with it always nagging me forever for not saying it.

Yea, yea, what the heck am I talking about? Are we up for another sappish tl;dr? Probably, yes. If you want, you can skip it. But my blog is as close to a diary as it can get for me so I’m going to treat it as such before I really go into the brighter aspects of this chapter.

*breathe* So, here we go…

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Bungaku Shoujo ~ OVA 1 ~ Touko~♥ <3

Kyaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s finally here after both the raw and subs being a month late. But I don’t mind. No, I really did. I’m just lying because I’m in a good mood. :P The only ones who do and would pay attention to this awesome series are people who could get their hands on the books and dvds first anyway. In other words, I should’ve stayed in Japan a little longer. Durr… D/

But whatever! I couldn’t get an this in .mp4 format like I wanted to but fortunately, .mkv works just as fine.

That aside, “Yume-miru Shoujo no Prelude” (Prelude of the girl who gazes into dreams) is the first out of three prequel OVAs (titled “Memoire”) to the movie, which will be released on DVD at the end of next month. It covers the events centering around Touko prior to her meeting Konoha and instating him into the Literature Club.

And god, was this the prettiest thing I’ve seen all year. *A* I.G. Production or is it the other way around? has outdone themselves. Opinions may vary on the animation since at times, the characters’ faces don’t seem that great to me but overall, the visuals, the music, the voice acting, etc, it’s all near perfect! And it couldn’t have been more awesome without my beloved Touko-chan~! <333

So! Getting things underway, let's discuss! 83


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Shugo Chara! Encore ~ Ch. 1 (or 49?)

*sigh* Alrighty, got one midterm down but I’m tired as hell. This post was delayed even more cuz I felt really sick a day ago and with all the fresh episodes that came out this week, I’ve lost most of my enthusiasm that I had when I first read the RAWs…among other things chapter-related. Still, I at least wanted to say something (like I ♥ Kuukai~ <3) since I said on my sidebar that I would.

Argh, I still have to catch up on replies for my PH post cuz that one was really interesting (gomen, LGB, I'll get back to you soon! ^O^/ ) and have two more reviews lined up after this one so I'll try to make it short as I can.

Should note that this post gets a personal here and there so if you can’t handle blunt opinions, please don’t read.

Oh, and uh, color splash page is lovely as always, hee~ x3

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Durarara!! ~ Ep. 5 ~ Tiny lil’ BL tease never hurts anyone. 8D

Haha, but I prefer BFFs more. Aww gawd, did I mention how much I love these two always together?

As friends, of course and maybe a little shounen-ai for some laughs, but I haven’t had such a snuggable boy BFF pair to fawn over for so long. In fact, there’s such a lack of it that the only male BFF pair I can actually remember is Teito and Mikage from 07-Ghost (WAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! Mikage~ ;___;).


Haha, ok, back to srs bznz, I’m shortening this one to make it easier on the eyes. Good thing, too, cuz I really shouldn’t be making posts this long if there are subs that can explain it anyway. :P

Anyways, I’ve also read some MAJOR spoilers (pretty sure a couple have also hit that jackpot if you follow the LJ comm.) so yea, every DRRR!!! post from now has SPOILER WARNING!!, ok? I really don’t want to hold back stuff I already know cuz it restrains my writing. Even if things are not that relevant yet, just giving everyone a heads up so no one chews my head off for ruining their suspense. But really, who can resist spoilers? Aha~

…So, we were talking about BFFs. Did I mention I joined a community for MikadoxKida, too? xD;

Durarara!! ~ Ep. 4 ~ Are underground doctors this cute?


If all of them were as cute as Shinra, I wouldn’t mind going into the black market. lololol XDDD

Well, shorter post this week since I’m still working on another post but figured I should get this one out first. Not a lot of stuff I need to go over since Shinra explained Celty’s (I’m not sure if this the correct spelling for her name but I’m sticking with it since it makes more sense to me :P) background quite straightforwardly. So yea, plot didn’t move any forward, just stuff being revealed but no questions answered.

WARNING: BEWARE OF SPOILERS! Well, it’s not new news if you looked on Wiki but for those who don’t want to be spoiled, I suggest you don’t read under the first screencap anyways.

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Happy Birthday to my Beloved Amu!!! <3 & NYAF hiatus for the weekend. ;D

Two celebratory posts in row! Woot! September is a busy month! xD

Though this is a day late due to busy-ness…


And horray for her stunning victory against Komoe in Round 3 of SaiMoe! That’s my girl! ;D

(And oh yea, happy birthday to 7-san as well! ^^)

Haha, there’s no need to say why this post is necessary or to repeat myself about how much Amu is so special to me. But as to why she’s so special…

Happy Anniversary to my AWESOMEST! couple EVAR~!!! <333

Yes, I know it’s a week early but as of next Wednesday, it’s going be two years since TTGL, the anime, ended aka the final episode where two of my all-time biggest favorites (oh god, I’m using “favorites” so you know it’s serious) got married~!!! <333 …And then made my heart cry a thousand Niagra Falls for what happened a minute after.


Damn, I love this pairing so much that I’m still finding it hard to accept the ending…which I did and probably won’t ever…but I like the ending…but…yea…oh god, now I want to watch it just to cry again. TT_________TT

*cough* Eh, before I really get into full rambling LOVE mode, yea, what an odd way to do a post, huh? Well, I figure if fanboys can have their waifus, AMV makers their pelvic thrusts, and the rest of you with your oddities, then I think it’s just DAMN right I make a post and banner (which everything but the fading text is all credit to YoruAngel866) to commemorate the strongest OTP in my pairing cache!


So about why these two awesome people are so awesome together…