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Fairy Tail ~ Ep. 50

Ahhh, it’s been a while since I did a brief FT post. I thought the ending to the Festival arc was good but didn’t feel like talking about it. Wasn’t originally going to make one for this episode (out of all them, manga and anime filler) either but it was just too funny to pass up. lol xD;

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Katanagatari ~ Ep. 5 ~ No rum jokes? Awww.

I know! This is late! I’m sorry! I really am! I was so distracted while trying to watch this! And argh, next episode is this Friday. I’m gonna die. D/

Ah, delays being delays and summer lethargy taking over, it’s become increasingly hard to do posts lately. I even had to drop one cuz it was taking so long to think up something to say…or organize it.

*sigh* At least I’m still determined to review Katanagatari all the way through to the end. Should be a little easier since I dropped DRRR!! and now I have more breathing room in between the monthly episodes.

Alrighty, onto this fifth installment, first time watching it had me screaming joys of fangirlism or fangirl joys, whichever have you. Things have turned slightly opposite than what I’d expect it to be but I’m not complaining since any character development on Shichika’s part is always a delight. Hee~ ^^

And yes, I will try my best to refrain from blood-curling squee-ing until his badass line near the end. ;D

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Durarara!! ~ Ep. 14 ~ Call me “OTOU-SAMA”!

I take back what I said about Shingen. In fact, I wouldn’t mind having him for an uncle so long as he doesn’t cut open puppies and kittens. People and headless fairies… *shrug* Ok. Just keep away from the fluffies.


Anyways, just another plot-revelation episode but the Slasher puzzle hasn’t been solved yet though we’re getting very close. For the most part, I wasn’t really impressed. Enjoyed it, yea, but the pace has slowed down a bit and until the action comes back, I’m in general meh mood towards this arc now.

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Brief Impressions: Fairy Tail ~ Ep. 25

Ah, I really had to do a review for this ep since it includes one of the few Gray-involved fights I like. I mean, I like them all regardless of who’s fighting who as long as the person I want to win ends up on top but Juvia was in this one! I love Juvia~! <3

Haha, yea, quite a few crappy quality screencaps (cuz it was the only one available for download when I was on two days ago) and lazy comments in sequential order but hell, I'm tired and still have hwk to do so I'll just keep this fun. :P

Also, a bit of a SPOILER WARNING! for those you who haven’t read up past this arc yet.

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Durarara!! ~ Ep. 13 ~ KITAAAAA——-(゚∀゚)——-!!!!


With the introduction of this new arc, we’re pretty much heading back to the same “UNTANGLE IT!!” formula that was used for the first arc except now we have more of an idea of who’s connected with what and/or who. The three major subplots, I think, are:

– Anri & her relation with the Slasher
– Dollars, obviously
– the Yellow Scarves

All circling around our student trio while giving everyone else their due part among all the ‘Bukuro conflict. Good, they’re still keeping to the novels quite faithfully.

But that smells like Izaya’s war starting. Oh no… ^^;

Well, anyways, I’m so glad this show can still deliver. My interest went stale for a week thanks to that break last Thursday but this ep didn’t let down my expectations one bit in bringing it back. Kyuu~! I love this series! x333

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