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Gosick ~ Ep. 2 ~ Run, lil’ rabbits, run!


Can we just…not care about anything but this?


Fine. /P

Btw, I’m totally addicted to the OP and ED themese now. PLEASE GIVE ME FULL VERSIONS NAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x333333333333

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Otome Youkai Zakuro ~ Ep. 2

First things first…did anyone notice that the OP had some minor additions to the art? If you look closely at Zakuro’s ribbons along with one of the layers of her kimono, there’s floral designs on them now. I don’t know why they decided to suddenly show this, even though the first version is pretty good already but eh, just wanted to point out the detail.

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Katanagatari ~ Ep. 5 ~ No rum jokes? Awww.

I know! This is late! I’m sorry! I really am! I was so distracted while trying to watch this! And argh, next episode is this Friday. I’m gonna die. D/

Ah, delays being delays and summer lethargy taking over, it’s become increasingly hard to do posts lately. I even had to drop one cuz it was taking so long to think up something to say…or organize it.

*sigh* At least I’m still determined to review Katanagatari all the way through to the end. Should be a little easier since I dropped DRRR!! and now I have more breathing room in between the monthly episodes.

Alrighty, onto this fifth installment, first time watching it had me screaming joys of fangirlism or fangirl joys, whichever have you. Things have turned slightly opposite than what I’d expect it to be but I’m not complaining since any character development on Shichika’s part is always a delight. Hee~ ^^

And yes, I will try my best to refrain from blood-curling squee-ing until his badass line near the end. ;D

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Brief Impressions: Why Tuesday won the week. :D

1st reason: Because Pedro Maru is so. FRIGGIN’. CUTE!!! KAWAIII~!!!!!! xDDDD

lol, I really should be studying for a quiz now but nah, I felt like saying something for KnT and Kobato after watching it a few hours ago. KnT with it’s continued wonderful d’awwsomeness and Kobato for hawt Okiura finally turning back to the plot.

It’s short cuz yea, I really have to go back to my hwk or I’m so screwed tomorrow so read on… |D;

Durarara!! ~ Ep. 4 ~ Are underground doctors this cute?


If all of them were as cute as Shinra, I wouldn’t mind going into the black market. lololol XDDD

Well, shorter post this week since I’m still working on another post but figured I should get this one out first. Not a lot of stuff I need to go over since Shinra explained Celty’s (I’m not sure if this the correct spelling for her name but I’m sticking with it since it makes more sense to me :P) background quite straightforwardly. So yea, plot didn’t move any forward, just stuff being revealed but no questions answered.

WARNING: BEWARE OF SPOILERS! Well, it’s not new news if you looked on Wiki but for those who don’t want to be spoiled, I suggest you don’t read under the first screencap anyways.

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Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 85

I…effin’ loved this episode. So if you don’t, get off. Right now. Don’t mean to be rude but no one in the right mind should cross me when I’m enjoying myself. So anyone who complains about the Ikuto arc should just shove it. This was a great filler that could stand on its own and didn’t detract from anything at all. Save your whining for when the plot actually comes back. Everyone else is welcome to join me in my uber “KYAAAAAA~~~~~~!!!!!!!!”-fest. ^^

Ah…omg, I don’t know where to start cuz this was probably the best non-plot filler ever. I don’t know if it was owed to the great popularity of Rie Kugimiya or anything but I am happy with it even if she wasn’t Yua’s seiyuu. Lessee, I got a cute filler girl whose dream to be a singer was not related to Utau in anyway (F*CK YES, BITCHES! This girl dreams for herself!), very awesome cute shots of the main girls (OMG! Is this a girls-filled week or what?!), Utau showing up (though I’ll probably be killed when I say I wasn’t excited to see her as I would have been…go ahead, shoot me, I have my reasons), a LOL at Nagi and…dammit, let’s just get on with the review. XD

Chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisu! ;D