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Brief Impressions: Ookami-san ~ Ep. 9

KYAAAAAAA~~~!!!!!!!!!!! J.C. Staff, since you have given me this wonderful episode, I can never ever hate you! x33

Not only does it covers my evilly adorable Ringo-chan’s past with my most anticipated supporting character of the series, Himeno Shirayuki, but to have them related as sisters (Xiao is a total sucker for sister relationships) and for both of them to be voiced by seiyuus I have a HUGE special place in my heart for…*SCREAMS*

This is just heaven. *floats off to the paradise of happiness*

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Shugo Chara! Encore ~ Ch. 4 [Final]

Scanlations credit to FwPA Scanlations.

As I sit here wondering how I should write my last thoughts for this series (god, this may sound silly but it’s so difficult, it hurts), I first want to say that… I simply can’t find the right words for a lot of things. And now I’m just really being confusingly redundant. Oh man, I’m already derailing into a sentimental mess before this post even started. lol

*sigh* But if I have to start with anything, it’ll have to be the general ones I want to leave behind. You can say it’s somewhat like a short deep confession for everything I’ve kept to myself up to this point. It’s hardly pretty and very personal but I feel that I should say it anyway. Otherwise, I won’t be able to live with it always nagging me forever for not saying it.

Yea, yea, what the heck am I talking about? Are we up for another sappish tl;dr? Probably, yes. If you want, you can skip it. But my blog is as close to a diary as it can get for me so I’m going to treat it as such before I really go into the brighter aspects of this chapter.

*breathe* So, here we go…

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Current Manga Reading List

Ah~ I’ve been listening to drama CDs all day, I couldn’t concentrate. Also, damn preorders.

Well, just a short “digest” of what I’m following or rather, what I’m actively looking updates for. Maybe…I dunno. Sometimes if I see a new chapter for a certain manga, I’ll jump at and it finish it in like 10 seconds but others, I’ve grown less to care for. Either because their update status is so irregular that I just grew tired of checking on them or they’ve already been licensed so scanlations are going to be harder to find and I mind as well wait for the English release instead.

*sigh* Really, all this lame stuff of taking manga sites down. Of course, I’m always for the idea of supporting the author all the way but it’s not like the money goes straight to him/her anyways and it’s not like I’m fond of American publishers either since more often then not, they ruin a lot of the original content with something wonky. So I don’t have to be all prim and understanding about my stuff being taken down. xP

There, I ranted. And I feel good about it.

K, onto the manga then. And yes, I properly credited. If the providers would prefer to not see them on here, please leave it in a comment.


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Quick Post: Blog Status & Stuffs

BRS as the header of this post because I NEED to talk about how AWESOME it is, even if briefly. <3

K, just a quick update on what I'll be posting this week aka by the end of the month if I'm capable. God, I worked on four posts straight and still have 4 more to go. I must be crazy. @.@;

Also includes talk about Wonder Festival…well, just the figures that I found interesting so don’t expect a full review. And lots of cursing GSC as well. Those bastards. xP

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Happy Anniversary to my AWESOMEST! couple EVAR~!!! <333

Yes, I know it’s a week early but as of next Wednesday, it’s going be two years since TTGL, the anime, ended aka the final episode where two of my all-time biggest favorites (oh god, I’m using “favorites” so you know it’s serious) got married~!!! <333 …And then made my heart cry a thousand Niagra Falls for what happened a minute after.


Damn, I love this pairing so much that I’m still finding it hard to accept the ending…which I did and probably won’t ever…but I like the ending…but…yea…oh god, now I want to watch it just to cry again. TT_________TT

*cough* Eh, before I really get into full rambling LOVE mode, yea, what an odd way to do a post, huh? Well, I figure if fanboys can have their waifus, AMV makers their pelvic thrusts, and the rest of you with your oddities, then I think it’s just DAMN right I make a post and banner (which everything but the fading text is all credit to YoruAngel866) to commemorate the strongest OTP in my pairing cache!


So about why these two awesome people are so awesome together…


Shugo Chara! ~ Ch. 38

Don’t be misled by the cover. This chapter was of pure, pure, pure AMUTO LOVE!!!


*too filled with intense, burning, warm love for Amuto to say much right now so just click the cut already*

Note: Massive spoilers for those of you who didn’t catch up with the manga yet.

WARNING: I am going to rage and bitch like hell. So if you don’t think you can take it, then glue your ass even tighter to that seat and pay more attention to what I have to say, ALL of you fanbrats! This goes for the Amuto ones, too!