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Quick Post: Blog Status & Stuffs

BRS as the header of this post because I NEED to talk about how AWESOME it is, even if briefly. <3

K, just a quick update on what I'll be posting this week aka by the end of the month if I'm capable. God, I worked on four posts straight and still have 4 more to go. I must be crazy. @.@;

Also includes talk about Wonder Festival…well, just the figures that I found interesting so don’t expect a full review. And lots of cursing GSC as well. Those bastards. xP

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Durarara!! ~ Ep. 13 ~ KITAAAAA——-(゚∀゚)——-!!!!


With the introduction of this new arc, we’re pretty much heading back to the same “UNTANGLE IT!!” formula that was used for the first arc except now we have more of an idea of who’s connected with what and/or who. The three major subplots, I think, are:

– Anri & her relation with the Slasher
– Dollars, obviously
– the Yellow Scarves

All circling around our student trio while giving everyone else their due part among all the ‘Bukuro conflict. Good, they’re still keeping to the novels quite faithfully.

But that smells like Izaya’s war starting. Oh no… ^^;

Well, anyways, I’m so glad this show can still deliver. My interest went stale for a week thanks to that break last Thursday but this ep didn’t let down my expectations one bit in bringing it back. Kyuu~! I love this series! x333

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Happy Birthday to my Beloved Amu!!! <3 & NYAF hiatus for the weekend. ;D

Two celebratory posts in row! Woot! September is a busy month! xD

Though this is a day late due to busy-ness…


And horray for her stunning victory against Komoe in Round 3 of SaiMoe! That’s my girl! ;D

(And oh yea, happy birthday to 7-san as well! ^^)

Haha, there’s no need to say why this post is necessary or to repeat myself about how much Amu is so special to me. But as to why she’s so special…