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Gosick ~ Ep. 12 ~ In which we climb trees while summering…

I was in a very happy mood after watching this episode. I mean, REALLY happy. So happy about everything that I could just go out and grow carrots all over my lawn. And it’s not like I’m not happy with it but god, do I hate being in this house right now. Everybody needs to leave so I enjoy my happiness in silence.

*rant done*

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Gosick ~ Ep. 3 ~ Farewell again, Queen Berry.

Wow. They really closed first case off very well. It was a relatively simple mystery but I can’t say that for myself since it’s my third time going over it, lol but an exciting and good one enough.

Haha, and of course, I’m totally going to spam all of the wonderful moments for my cute couple. Gah, I can’t wait to be filled to the brim with “happy~ <3" again. <333

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Brief Impressions: Kobato ~ Ep. 20

Very short post but ZOMG! It’s my favorite CLAMP musketeers!!!. And all the other CLAMP musketeers along with them, LOL xDDD;;

Now things are starting to make a little more sense connecting the Kobato, xxxHolic, and TRC universes together (WAIT, IT DOES??!?! @A@;;; ) but I’m not going to delve into all those complicated theories on what’s this and that. I’ll leave it to the expert CLAMP enthusiasts to argue over and share those elsewhere.

Hurr hurr, yes~, CLAMP is a scientific phenomenon in the process of being dissected! >83

Warning: Contains some spoilers if you haven’t caught up with TRC.

Oh, and despite this being a kindof Valentine’s Day episode, not going to focus on that. The stars are the guests, aha~! x33

Brief Impressions: Bakemonogatari ~ Ep. 14

Neko oppai galore.

I can’t be the only person who doesn’t think that Tsubasa’s breasts are normally that big when Black Hanekawa takes over, right? -.-;

Anyways, finally this ep is out after such a long wait with no news from SHAFT on the release until recently wasting so much time on Bund \P and did it deliver! There really isn’t anything I didn’t like about this ep but going to keep it short on the major points I liked. Also, the jokes only sound good when you watch it so other than the usual dialogue, not much to really go on about.


Gung hay fat choy, Sun nien fai lok! ^^


Haha, yep, I got another banner up for the holiday and this year is the year of the TIGER!! My mom’s year, in fact. Ain’t that little cub cute? xD
Don’t really have much to say about it cuz it was rather simple to make. Just wanted to get a kinda “jungly” feel with the plants and flowers and incorporate the national red and yellow/gold colors so sorry if you can’t read the text but it’s only temporary anyways. At least until the celebrations are over.

As for what I’m doing at the moment, well, just had a big New Years Eve dinner with my family and then we’re going out again tomorrow. Watching the Olympics while I’m working on that Katanagatari post as fast as I can right now cuz I won’t have time to come on tomorrow. Also, YYYEEEAAA!!! APOLO OHNO AND J.R. CELSKI WON SILVER AND BRONZE RESPECTIVELY!!! WOOOOTTTT!!! GO USA!!! *SO HAPPY* XDDDDDD

Congrats to them and to Lee Ho-Suk for taking gold. Man, I’m always so hyper whenever the games come on. I’m spamming such a storm on my other twitter account, lol. xD; I hope I get to watch tomorrow night’s figure skating as well. That one scares me the most but it’s the one I look forward most to (cuz I grew up loving all of Michelle Kwan’s performances so yea, goes way back, lol). Goin’ to cheer my best for the Chinese team, too. ;Db

Alright, Happy New Years and best wishes and luck to all my fellow Chinese again and while I’m at it, Happy Valentines Day to everyone, too! ^^