Brief Impressions: Houkago no Pleiades ~ ONA 1-4

Very brief.

So brief that it shouldn’t even count as post.

But it sure is damn pretty, Gainax. *A*

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Brief Impressions: Heartcatch Precure ~ Ep. 38

Whooaaa…not only am I majorly behind in blogging this week but an unexpected very late impressions for Heartcatch?!

Well, considering how much LOVE I have for Tsubomi, I just couldn’t help but want to talk about it. Yea, I’ll mention some things about the rest of the power-up episode, too, but seriously, Tsubomi needs more love just as the show needs more love from those outside the Precure fandom.



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Otome Youkai Zakuro ~ Ep. 1 ~ Prepared to be bewitched!

Oh, what pretty fangs you have, Zakuro-chan~

Pfft, wrong fairytale. xP

So tell me, how exactly was this labeled a “seinen” work? I know Hoshino Lily is popular for her yaoi so…no matter which way you can shove this title into that category, it’s so overflowing with shoujo-tastic flavor, it’d put the sweetest sugar particles in candy bars to shame.

But I LOVE it…so as crazy as it is that I might fail this semester due to lack of concentration but you always had that! xD; and severe senioritis, I think I’m going to blog this after all. 8D;

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Bungaku Shoujo ~ OVA 1 ~ Touko~♥ <3

Kyaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s finally here after both the raw and subs being a month late. But I don’t mind. No, I really did. I’m just lying because I’m in a good mood. :P The only ones who do and would pay attention to this awesome series are people who could get their hands on the books and dvds first anyway. In other words, I should’ve stayed in Japan a little longer. Durr… D/

But whatever! I couldn’t get an this in .mp4 format like I wanted to but fortunately, .mkv works just as fine.

That aside, “Yume-miru Shoujo no Prelude” (Prelude of the girl who gazes into dreams) is the first out of three prequel OVAs (titled “Memoire”) to the movie, which will be released on DVD at the end of next month. It covers the events centering around Touko prior to her meeting Konoha and instating him into the Literature Club.

And god, was this the prettiest thing I’ve seen all year. *A* I.G. Production or is it the other way around? has outdone themselves. Opinions may vary on the animation since at times, the characters’ faces don’t seem that great to me but overall, the visuals, the music, the voice acting, etc, it’s all near perfect! And it couldn’t have been more awesome without my beloved Touko-chan~! <333

So! Getting things underway, let's discuss! 83


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Catch-up Post: Fairy Tail, Working!!, Durarara!!

What Xiao was like for a while during her break.

Tired, sick, emotionally-drained, pretty much Izumi minus the number of days she didn’t take a bath. Can’t understand how this woman lives without it. *shudder*

So yes, um, if they’re page links on the bottom, this is going to be a little long. No duh. I’m covering 8 episodes. :P

But nah, it’s nothing really more than some quick overall thoughts of what I wanted to post and several quick highlights of each episode. Also, in advance, I apologize for the poor quality of my, er, writing since it’s been a while that I’ve worked on a post.

In another note, I think I’m on the edge of…well, I don’t want to say I’m dropping DRRR!! cuz I’m not. There is just less interest in blogging it due to the anime being last-seasoned (aka still good, just not as fresh) and my recent break from routine. Seriously, if I don’t follow by some set schedule, it’s hard for me to get back into it.
As of now, I’m not sure what I plan to do. Best option is to review episodes in the format that I’m using for this post. Quick thoughts, then screencap moments. Otherwise, I might just stop it all completely and save end thoughts for my season wrap-up post. Again, I’m still enjoying the show but even the plot has been winding down in getting me to feel thrilled like how it was at the beginning of winter season.

I’m also busy with other stuff so we’ll see. Just now, it isn’t my priority anymore, that’s all. :/

K, so here:

Pg 2 – Fairy Tail ep 27-29.
Pg 3 – Working!! ep 05-06.
Pg 4 – Durarara!! ep 16-18.

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Working!! ~ Ep. 2 & 3

Very late. Gomen.

Mehh…I don’t like the day the subs for this comes out. It’s right in the middle of the week when I’m busy with other work. *sigh* -_-;

But I figure I might as well catch up since I said I would blog this even though I’m planning on changing my mind now. It’s a fun watch but doesn’t motivate me enough to want to talk about it. You have your quirky employees supply the lulz and that’s pretty much it. *shrug*

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