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Vacation Blurb: First day & Ginza

Tokyo Tower~ ^^

It’s actually smaller than I thought it would be up close. I mean, the last time I was here, we saw it from a distance and I thought “Eh, compared to the Eiffel Tower, that’s really tiny.” Now our current hotel is only a good walk away from it and it is still REALLY that small. o.O;

So much for all those exaggerated rumors, eh? :P

So yep, while my parents nap right now, just going to talk on some things for a short while. Haha, but first, guess what happened on the plane. XD;

NOTE: A lot of what I say is my opinion based on what I discuss with my family. If there is something you feel that you must correct, then feel free to. My opinion, however, is probably less likely to agree. *not sorry* :)

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Katanagatari ~ Ep. 4 ~ “Yea, about my sister…” to another level. o.O;;

Well for those were even expecting some screentime on the fight between Shichika and Hakuhei, you were just massively TROLLED…

Same here, actually, though it wasn’t that much of a shock but I wished they could’ve at least given us some flashbacks. All that EPIC battle was reduced to 30 seconds of last week’s preview. :P

Otherwise, this was still a good episode with the focus on (FREAKYAWESUMNEE-CHAN~!) Nanami enough to make up for all the action we didn’t get to see…even though it would have been great if we had double the Kyoutouryuu action. *pokes foot into floor sulkily* =3=
And it’s funny because we probably saw more actual fighting in this one ep than the first three combined. I’m betting the following ones won’t promise much either. Shame. <P

The flowers everywhere were very purdy, though. Purdy~ *flowers* 8D

Yea, I'll just start now since I have lot to ramble on anyway. Haha. |D;

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Durarara!! ~ Ep. 15 ~ ‘Bukuro people are immune to getting hit by large objects, apparently.

I guess being stabbed by the Slasher or such increases that by a few, too. *shrug*
Now if only they closed off Ikebukuro when the gang war is in full swing, it would be an almost semi-07Expansion setting. Haa~ Wouldn’t that be fun, ne~? Izaya would be Beatrice, of course. lololol

Joking aside, a rather boring episode (aside from Shizu~ <3) that didn't tell us anything new or whatever else we didn't know already know. I think it's because this Niekawa interviewer guy didn't sound even an inch interesting during his whole narration and his lack of knowledge at everything that's happened in the 14 episodes before this one made it sound more droning which just put me to sleep. D/

So yea, keeping it short.

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Pandora Hearts ~ Ch. 46

Lately, a lot of “headless” issues I’m encountering are all female for some reason. o.O;

lol, damn, this chapter sparked my interest for PH back to life again. Though I’m a little way off from doing that critical analysis I promised due to this heap of homework that I refuse to touch until Sunday night, this was enough to motivate me to go back to writing about manga chapters. I’m pretty much going to keep them short (as in “Xiao” short, aha~ |D) as I can, trying to focus on the major points and all, so I can balance everything out but consider it small steps back to the thorough long ones.

Whether that’s a good or bad thing, you decide. haha~

Ok, anyways, yea, anything I’m giving my thoughts on is mostly restricted to this chapter, which works out nicely since it’s only some info revelation and character development. Other things like theories might be seeped in a little but we’ll save that for another day. ^^

And OH YEA, just curious. Anyone going to watch Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland” with Johnny Depp? 8D

Durarara!! ~ Ep. 5 ~ Tiny lil’ BL tease never hurts anyone. 8D

Haha, but I prefer BFFs more. Aww gawd, did I mention how much I love these two always together?

As friends, of course and maybe a little shounen-ai for some laughs, but I haven’t had such a snuggable boy BFF pair to fawn over for so long. In fact, there’s such a lack of it that the only male BFF pair I can actually remember is Teito and Mikage from 07-Ghost (WAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! Mikage~ ;___;).


Haha, ok, back to srs bznz, I’m shortening this one to make it easier on the eyes. Good thing, too, cuz I really shouldn’t be making posts this long if there are subs that can explain it anyway. :P

Anyways, I’ve also read some MAJOR spoilers (pretty sure a couple have also hit that jackpot if you follow the LJ comm.) so yea, every DRRR!!! post from now has SPOILER WARNING!!, ok? I really don’t want to hold back stuff I already know cuz it restrains my writing. Even if things are not that relevant yet, just giving everyone a heads up so no one chews my head off for ruining their suspense. But really, who can resist spoilers? Aha~

…So, we were talking about BFFs. Did I mention I joined a community for MikadoxKida, too? xD;

Katanagatari ~ Ep. 1 ~ Well, action lovers, this review is not for you.


Of course, I’m not going to say I was thoroughly impressed with this first episode because I was expecting at least some more action but I like it all the same. The problem with the large amount of talking is really a trivial thing.

That is, after I watched the subs. Before that, it was just catching small phrases of what little Japanese I could understand and the rest was “NEED TRANSLATIONS!!!” lol XD;

Anyways, I’ll just clear this away before delving into the review. Katanagatari is obviously not everyone’s cup of tea. I get that.

If you happened to like it enough to want to continue, then that’s awesome. Please share with me your thoughts. Otherwise, please refrain from overly negative comments or just take them elsewhere. This is sort of a discussion review. I honestly don’t want to have to edit or delete comments for non-constructive remarks.

This is also my own critical analysis but in no way am I a critic nor do I want to be so don’t chew me out over my own thoughts. Capische?

Right, then onto the topic… (some overall impressions first, scroll down for the episode review)