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Vacation Post~!


And of course, I missed y’all. Hahaha~ |D


Vacation Blurb: First day & Ginza

Tokyo Tower~ ^^

It’s actually smaller than I thought it would be up close. I mean, the last time I was here, we saw it from a distance and I thought “Eh, compared to the Eiffel Tower, that’s really tiny.” Now our current hotel is only a good walk away from it and it is still REALLY that small. o.O;

So much for all those exaggerated rumors, eh? :P

So yep, while my parents nap right now, just going to talk on some things for a short while. Haha, but first, guess what happened on the plane. XD;

NOTE: A lot of what I say is my opinion based on what I discuss with my family. If there is something you feel that you must correct, then feel free to. My opinion, however, is probably less likely to agree. *not sorry* :)

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Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 73

…Hmm~. I thought it was a cute episode (with an even better ending even though it made me go ;A; to see Ikkun like that but everything’s okay for now so it’s all guud). :)

Ugh, but I’ve ran into some issues with getting the torrent and posting starting from next Friday. No worries, though, cuz I’ll still post (otherwise, I’d never forgive myself). It’s just going to take a little longer to get them out. More details behind the cut.

NA-KA-YOSHI~! ♪ *shot* |D;

The day after Dec. 25th.


…I am going to get slapped if I don’t stop using so much CCS pictures anytime soon.

But it’s Sakura and Syaoran so it’s ok~! <3

Hmm, yea, well, yesterday wasn’t only just Christmas. It was my 19th birthday, too. Yep, I’m a Christmas baby. Yay for me. *utterly unexcited now* My last year of really being a “teen.” Then it’s off to the twenties and everything just goes downhill from there. T___T

So help console me by sharing your presents and I shall share mine, mmkay? 8D

WARNING: This gets very personal. If you don’t like that stuff, I suggest you don’t read. o.O;