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Fall ’11 Wrap-up

Art credit to Kanlee.

Becuz I think the hopelessness of this couple is too adorable. x3

Ok, I told myself I’d get this done before Nisemonogatari comes out so let’s get on with it…

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Blog Status: Summer Wrap-up, Fall Line-up

Hey, lovies. Yea, I know. What cliff did I jump off of and were there hungry sharks eagerly waiting for me at the bottom when it happened?

And since I am alive and…well, tired, you would know that I managed to save at least one of my hands or at least one of my toes. :P

School’s started again, peeps. August went by too fast and I still haven’t got my driver’s license. I’m reviewing like heck for all my Spanish classes (mis profesoras me vuelvan loca!) among other things. That’s all I can really give you.

Right, moving along…

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Fall ’10 Wrap-up

Art credit to Yuuki.

Because no finished fall show has managed to go over my expectations, or rather, fell short of them, random, cute fanart takes the leading post image. Ahh, so cute~ Pink twintails. *still obsessed over pink hair* xD;

Anyway, I wouldn’t call it miraculous but this is probably the first season where I had a long list to follow and didn’t drop anything. Strange, considering that I find most of them to have too many occasional obfuscating crappy moments one way or another…but I guess that’s just me being too critical. And I also tend to get angry when I’m not impressed. That’s something you gotta remember about me. Hmph. x/

Eh, I’ve been watching anime for a long time now. Not every single one of them out there but still. Maybe it’s just hard to live up to the extremely good ones of the past. *shrug*

So, without further ado…

Fall Wrap-Up Pt. 2 & Winter Lineup

Now that January has landed on us, it’s time to anticipate some hopefuls and prepare our recycle bins for the disappointments. Good thing (or is it a bad thing?) Winter never really had a lot of interesting shows to follow anyway cuz since I mostly fail at computers, I want to keep the downloads to a minimum (ha, never works. I downloaded 40 GBs of two seasons last month :P) to avoid viruses and spyware as much as I can.

But before I get into that, still need to finish up with Fall. Or you can just go to pg 2 if you’re only interested in what I’m covering for Winter.

‘Tis long…

Fall Wrap-up Pt. 1

I keep pushing this off and I’m never going to get it done. xD;

So, yea, fall is pretty much over like 2 months ago but it was still quite good…on a scale of how many shows I dropped kinda good. Which is only about…eh, 3 I had intended to follow seriously. And then there are still one or two more that are still ongoing, with some anime marathons I managed to do when I wasn’t suppose to :P and Winter starting up after New Years. Like most, I’m not at all enthusiastic about the coming lineup and put a lot of weight on the few shows I’m hoping won’t fail me but we will see.

Anyways, so how was Fall exactly? Obviously, SPOILERS AHEAD!!!