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Katanagatari ~ Ep. 6 ~ Half a year too early for snow.

Haaaa…this was a good episode. Yea, the fighting scenes were poor compared to the previous ones but there was a significant amount of character development for Togame (that or I was just super happy to see her blushing again) as well as nice interaction among all the characters that showed up.

Plus, omg, Konayuki is so adorable that I wouldn’t mind getting a fatal bone-crushing hug from her! Kyaa~! I want to take her home! x333

lol, yea. So this is going to be a long review as I’m not holding back on anything and will try my best to cover everything I want to say. Pretty much almost every last minute of this ep but I can’t help it! I love this series! <333

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Brief Impressions: Fairy Tail ~ Ep. 31, 32

Double-episode late post for Loke’s mini-arc. ^^

Overall, the anime didn’t strike me as emotionally as the manga did (I guess it’s because they filled in everything with the voices and the music so I didn’t have to imagine it and make myself cry) but I was very glad how everything was executed close to the original plot.

So I’ll try to make this quick since there isn’t a lot to say outside my thoughts on certain things. That’d be summarizing. Bleh. :P

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Catch-up Post: Fairy Tail, Working!!, Durarara!!

What Xiao was like for a while during her break.

Tired, sick, emotionally-drained, pretty much Izumi minus the number of days she didn’t take a bath. Can’t understand how this woman lives without it. *shudder*

So yes, um, if they’re page links on the bottom, this is going to be a little long. No duh. I’m covering 8 episodes. :P

But nah, it’s nothing really more than some quick overall thoughts of what I wanted to post and several quick highlights of each episode. Also, in advance, I apologize for the poor quality of my, er, writing since it’s been a while that I’ve worked on a post.

In another note, I think I’m on the edge of…well, I don’t want to say I’m dropping DRRR!! cuz I’m not. There is just less interest in blogging it due to the anime being last-seasoned (aka still good, just not as fresh) and my recent break from routine. Seriously, if I don’t follow by some set schedule, it’s hard for me to get back into it.
As of now, I’m not sure what I plan to do. Best option is to review episodes in the format that I’m using for this post. Quick thoughts, then screencap moments. Otherwise, I might just stop it all completely and save end thoughts for my season wrap-up post. Again, I’m still enjoying the show but even the plot has been winding down in getting me to feel thrilled like how it was at the beginning of winter season.

I’m also busy with other stuff so we’ll see. Just now, it isn’t my priority anymore, that’s all. :/

K, so here:

Pg 2 – Fairy Tail ep 27-29.
Pg 3 – Working!! ep 05-06.
Pg 4 – Durarara!! ep 16-18.

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Katanagatari ~ Ep. 3 ~ How do you like them yangire swordsmen?

Tall and half-naked, plz. lol xD;

Alright, just wait a sec. I don’t really classify him as a yangire at all since he’s not secretly psychotic or anything but…um, yea, if you watched this, you’d know why I referenced to it. >.>;

But yay! I finally get around to doing this. Been waiting all week and still have to study for a midterm scheduled for Monday but not in the mood to do that now cuz my Nanoha nendoroid arrived and I’m so DAMN happy, yes I am! x333

Haha, so yea, I’m in a good mood. It’s pouring outside where I am but I’m in a good mood. :)

Ok, back on topic, ahh, this episode was a great improvement on the last two. Again, all action was dealt with in the last five minutes of it but I think by this point, that’s not really going to be an issue anymore. At least it shouldn’t be if this was satisfactory for you.

For me, it just keeps getting better every time and I have to thank Nisioisin for giving us Meisai as Shichika’s opponent in this third installment. Though it’s still early to say who’s the best supporting character, she has the best fleshed-out character over Ginkaku and Koumouri. And I’ll get more into that shortly.

But first!

Katanagatari ~ Ep. 2 ~ Catchphrases, insurance, and “Cheerio!”s.

Oh yea, you two, while you sit and have a nice chat in the middle of a freakin’ DESERT (and the real thing isn’t even called a desert, but sand dunes), why not enjoy a cup of tea and cookies over your conversation?

xD; I thought Togame would have enough sense to rent a horse or a camel if they had one or something but oh well.

Haha, I’m going to assume this was the break or take episode for many. Ep 2 delivered a slight more action but the amount of dialogue is pretty much unmoved. I found it hard to get excited over the fight scenes (instead I went “ooo~, purdy lights~”) but the interaction between Ginkaku and Shichika made up for everything.

So yes, I’m still LOVING this show and now I curse it because it’s a month long wait instead of just a week for the next ep. GRR!!

Warning again: image heavy, slow browsers will take ya a long time to view gifs and lengthy rambling ahead.

Darker than Black Gaiden ~ OVA 1 ~ Okay if I pretend Gemini never happened?

Ok, I’m not really serious or anything as there were (very few) parts I did like about the second season but really, even all 12 episodes of it was not enough to satisfy me like the first 5 minutes into this OVA did.

…Well, that’s just me speaking partially biased but YEA. :P

Anyways, yay~, I finally get around to writing a post about it. Been too busy with school, subs were late, HD quality raw wasn’t available until like Sunday and so on.

I originally wasn’t going to blog this either but it impressed me so much that I wanted to (add the fact that I recently marathoned this whole series so the hype is still going strong, hehe x3). Plus, it’s only 4 OVAs so it should be easy to do.

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Durarara!! ~ Ep. 3 ~ Violence was born to wear a bartender suit.


I must have watched this episode a dozen times already because THIS is what I wanted! THANK YOU, BRAIN’S BASE!!! I will love you forever if you give me MOAR!!! X33333

I couldn’t decide on a front image so I picked the two most awesomest focuses instead. F*CKYEA FOR SOME VIOLENT SHIZU LOVIN’, BITCHES!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! >8DDD

And my OTP~ It’s still kinda early to declare any OTPs, especially for me cuz I usually do it mid-way through, but I don’t care! I have a good feeling about this one and when Xiao has a good feeling about potential OTPs, stay clear of her way. I’ll maul down everyone who says otherwise, y’hear?

So anyways…o’course, I got alots to say. It’s almost proportional to the number of screencaps I have which this time, is 98, lolol.

And you know it! Long post is loooooooooooonnnnnnggggggg… 8D