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Gosick ~ Ep. 1 ~ C’est élémentaire, mon cher Kujo.

Yah, I got impatient on waiting for a good resolution raw so I’m using the 480×272 one for the screencaps instead. OP, ED and preview ones can all be viewed in better size, though.

Anyways, whoo, for a novel reader, first episode was nothing but a recap. I’d say the pacing should have been horrible but I’m too familiar with the book to rant on it. If you’re confused, you’ll just have to deal. Or better yet, go read it yourself. :P

Not to say this was the perfect introductory episode but BONES doesn’t seem to be wasting time dwelling on several details and chose to omit a huge chunk from the original plot. So far, it isn’t that big of a problem but eh, it’s still too early to tell.

Ack, look at me ramble. I should do that under the proper section. Okie, then, here is the first Xiao masterpiece for the new year. You should all know what that means now, my readers. ;D

WARNING! Possible spoilers ahead for those who didn’t read the novels!

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Otome Youkai Zakuro ~ Ep. 5

Sorry for the lateness. Been a really busy week and crap, I still didn’t set up an appointment with my advisor. Ack, my next year schedule looks so screwed right now. T_T

Anyways, it was a good idea that I decided not to have a review up for Monday since I was in a pretty bad mood then. I enjoyed this episode lots, though, despite that it was so sugar-coated in shipping everywhere but hell, whatever. My twins were AWESOMELY ADORABLE and that’s what’s important. ^^

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Katanagatari ~ Ep. 8 ~ Kiki lived in the wrong era.

No doubt he hasn’t just gone ridiculously beyond the limits and conventions of his profession but he also had to dabble in technology way ahead of his time. And no, not the clockwork brilliance since similar mechanisms of that existed exactly in the Edo period that they are in now (minus the life sensors/alarms which had me going “Uhh…what?” ).
Naw, I’m talking about this hybrid of a tea-serving doll and a solar-powered humanoid helicopter, whichever way you want to mix those around first. And…besides the gears, it’s supposedly made out of wood, I’m assuming. Pretty tough wood that can endure two centuries but wood all the same. What does that say?



Ok, joking aside, it was a nice breather episode just like I wanted so maybe I can shorten this post a little lol, what does that mean?. I loved all of it like I always do but I don’t think I need to go into the details of a robot. Even though it was a very cool robot…that I want to use as the security system for my house. Phahaha!

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Bungaku Shoujo ~ OVA 1 ~ Touko~♥ <3

Kyaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s finally here after both the raw and subs being a month late. But I don’t mind. No, I really did. I’m just lying because I’m in a good mood. :P The only ones who do and would pay attention to this awesome series are people who could get their hands on the books and dvds first anyway. In other words, I should’ve stayed in Japan a little longer. Durr… D/

But whatever! I couldn’t get an this in .mp4 format like I wanted to but fortunately, .mkv works just as fine.

That aside, “Yume-miru Shoujo no Prelude” (Prelude of the girl who gazes into dreams) is the first out of three prequel OVAs (titled “Memoire”) to the movie, which will be released on DVD at the end of next month. It covers the events centering around Touko prior to her meeting Konoha and instating him into the Literature Club.

And god, was this the prettiest thing I’ve seen all year. *A* I.G. Production or is it the other way around? has outdone themselves. Opinions may vary on the animation since at times, the characters’ faces don’t seem that great to me but overall, the visuals, the music, the voice acting, etc, it’s all near perfect! And it couldn’t have been more awesome without my beloved Touko-chan~! <333

So! Getting things underway, let's discuss! 83


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Brief Impressions: Fairy Tail ~ Ep. 20

Alright, Monday was CHIBI-day for me. GAH, don’t think I had one of those in a while. *content sigh* <D

Well, this was straight out from one of the side-stories in the manga with some anime add-ins to fill up the time slot and I originally wasn't going to post anything until the Phantom arc but after watching this, I had to.

For the chibi love, of course, but most of all, my chibi!GAR Natsu~ <333

Warning: May contain thin spoilers if you haven’t read the manga up to this part.

ARGH! Why are you all so cute?! I’m gonna take you all home!!! XDDDD

Durarara!! ~ Ep. 8 ~ Defective couples all around~♪

Hehe~ Well, isn’t it? xD

For the most part, it focused on Celty’s continuing search for her head as well as her realizing the change in herself over not having a head (almost ironic cuz she acts more human without it) but the theme of finding something was prevalent throughout.

And despite the fact there was an anime filler character in this one, I like how Brain’s Base limited her purpose and used that focus on the main characters instead. So she was more of like a prop than a filler. In any case, they’re doing a great job staying true to the story while making a very good anime adaptation as well. Ahhh, been so long since I’ve seen a decent adaptation. <D

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