Gosick ~ Ep. 14 ~ Farting newt needs to f*ck off.

To be clear, this episode was actually very good.

I’m just incredibly annoyed about the drama and STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID Avril and everyone else I deign to be STUPID but not as ANNOYINGLY STUPID as Avril.


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Gosick ~ Ep. 8 ~ Put on your best psycho face.

Cuz even with that, this episode still sucked ass.

I almost don’t have the heart to talk about it at all for the entire crappity that it is but for the sake of distracting myself from homework the only two characters I care about, I will. *frustrated sigh*

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Katanagatari ~ Ep. 9 ~ Wanted more shogi. :P

I have to admit, it took me a while to actually like this episode. Togame’s childish jealousy really turned me off at first, greatly amusing as it was (still LMAO-ing here), but after subs came out, I totally loved it with abandon. Haha. xD;

Hardly the best. In fact, I would rank it around at the bottom of all the episodes but still pretty good despite the minimal action (Oshidori as a weaponized human swing carousel was too short, dammit!). At least we got some questions raised at the end about what other possible purposes the sword hunt might have. And at the same time, I’m starting to dread what will happen since they’re close to completing it.

…then there’s those strange movements (provided mostly by Togame, lawl~) all throughout but we’ll get to that later. Seriously, though, what’s up with all that weirdness? ^^;

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Bungaku Shoujo ~ Vol. 1

I absolutely refuse to use Yen Press’s cover. xP

I usually don’t do book reviews but since there are only a few currently two light novels that I’m quite obsessed over, don’t think it will hurt to skim over some thoughts about them.

Will try to make this a quick post but as always, it might get a little wordy along the way. Hehe. ^^;

Highly suggested that you read the novel first if you haven’t, cuz this post contains spoilers.

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Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 80

F*ck this, I am not going to put up with any more of that shit Satelight keeps throwing at me.

In the most blunt, one-liner to describe this plot-related episode, it sucked so bad that even the good parts went down with it.

But in slightly better news, my screencaps will no longer look as crappy now that I figured out how to save them as .png files! :D

Warning: Extreme raging ahead. & I curse enough to send me to hell.

Shugo Chara! ~ Ch. 38

Don’t be misled by the cover. This chapter was of pure, pure, pure AMUTO LOVE!!!


*too filled with intense, burning, warm love for Amuto to say much right now so just click the cut already*

Note: Massive spoilers for those of you who didn’t catch up with the manga yet.

WARNING: I am going to rage and bitch like hell. So if you don’t think you can take it, then glue your ass even tighter to that seat and pay more attention to what I have to say, ALL of you fanbrats! This goes for the Amuto ones, too!