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Blog Status: Sorta-Hiatus till X-Mas

Yakumo to fit my current mood. (Art credit to Itsuya)

Hey, peoples.

It’s been almost two weeks since I posted something and while I haven’t been neglecting my blog, I can’t find it in myself to want to post anything at the moment. I don’t need to state the reasons why since I’m sure everyone else must be just as preoccupied with their own things and such.

Anyways, just wanted to leave a small notice of sorts. I find it rude if I don’t cuz of all the things I “promise” on that sidebar of mine. *points to left*

I’m also dropping reviews for Zakuro since there’s no way I can find the time or patience to talk about it every week. Especially after ep 7 which was the last straw. I refuse to waste my anger on cheap-ass stuff like that. No matter how much or how pretty you decorate your low-grade chocolates, they’ll still be low-grade.

I’ll still continue watching since I got this far and I’ll mention it in my season wrap-up post but that’s it.

As for Katanagatari ep 11, it’ll be delayed until next Tuesday due to all the exams I have before Thanksgiving break. ROP post is on hold until I can find time to go back to it. If not, maybe I’ll try to have it up by Christmas or so.
I had Bungaku Shoujo and a manga chapter post planned but those will have to wait a while as well. The movie and OVAs for Bungaku Shoujo will be squeezed into one (maybe lengthy) impression post after the last OVA comes out (and after it’s subbed of course) while manga…maybe I’ll do the same for that, too. Like last time where I put everything under one post.

So far, I think that’s it. I should regain some momentum after all this stress and resting for a bit though I’m worried for my next semester, which also means I’m worried about how blogging Gosick would go… cuz my schedule seems to be tough but I’ll try and do my best.

Yea. Until my next post, take care, everyone!


Happy Birthday to my Beloved Amu!!! <3 & NYAF hiatus for the weekend. ;D

Two celebratory posts in row! Woot! September is a busy month! xD

Though this is a day late due to busy-ness…


And horray for her stunning victory against Komoe in Round 3 of SaiMoe! That’s my girl! ;D

(And oh yea, happy birthday to 7-san as well! ^^)

Haha, there’s no need to say why this post is necessary or to repeat myself about how much Amu is so special to me. But as to why she’s so special…