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Bungaku Shoujo ~ Vol. 2

Don’t know if this is out in stores yet but mines shipped early (thank you, Amazon~ <3) and I finished it in two days (less than 24 hours approximately, lol). I really couldn't put it down as it was a lot more intense than the first novel and oh ho, when I say that, yes, I mean the angst level got cranked up to eleven. It's pretty much the same on how tragic and maybe even "horrific" (it wasn't scary, just…well, you'll see) it was.

So I'll stop babbling blocks of vagueness now and will try to get straight to the point on certain things I want to talk about.


Oh, and ALL (crappy) scans are done by me. I own nothing. Story © Mizuki Nomura, artwork © Miho Takeoka, and everything else to the rightful publishers.

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Katanagatari ~ Ep. 11 & 12 ~ Cheerio~, Katanagatari. *punches* T____T

BAMF Shichika is f*ckin' HAWT. Nuff said. 8DD

I’M FINALLY FRIGGIN’ DONE!!!! FWAAAAHHHH! *strikes FIERCE! pose*…WAAAHHHH, IT ENDED! *cries in a corner* T_________________T

…*recovers* Erhem…Whee~ Hey, guys! I’m truly, REALLY sorry for the huge delay. Wow, I never thought I would push it all the way into the New Year. GOMEN! >.<

But I have a somewhat good reason for it since this marks as the first and only episodic show so far that I have EVER finished doing episodic posts for ignore the month-long delay for ep 11, lol so I want to make this a good post…even if I have a few not-so-complimentary stuff to say, I want this to be a MASTERPIECE! Which means…it’ll be long…yyyyeeeeeaaaaahhhh~ Aorii-san, you asked for it. lawl~ ;D

And what I meant by “masterpiece” also includes some pointless egg-brained random ranting as well so prepare yourself for that. THIS IS XIAO’S COMEBACK AND NOTHING’S STOPPIN ME, Y’HEAR?! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTT! *GOES CRAZY*


So let’s get this underway, shall we? I’ll briefly hit over the important points along with some scenes I found funny and/or special and go a little “WWWWWWWWAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” at the end cuz it was just AWESOME. 8D

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Katanagatari ~ Ep. 7 ~ Nisioisin, YYYYYYYY?!?!?! T_T

Well, to be honest, I wouldn’t have this story any other way than how the author has written it. Shichika was able to fight against the true “Japan’s Strongest Swordsman”, his sister, who was given a satisfying role and death while having one of the better, nicely balanced complexities in character over the entire cast. Still, it was sad to see her die, even though that made her happy…cuz Shichika lost his sis! How can I not be sad for him?! *cries for Shichika* TT___________TT

Getting back to more of that later, for me, this is undoubtedly the best episode of them all and it won’t be topped until probably the last one. The previous episodes I’m more than content with but episode 7 (argh, this number!) draws us back to the near-start of this sword hunt, piles some family drama and angst on it, and partially concludes the Yasuri-family business’s way of doing things with what else other than SIBLING FIGHT!! (omg, we actually got action in this one). …And then topped off with a sense of utter helplessness cuz “THIS IS HOW IT WAS DONE IN THE OLD DAYS, KIDS!” kind of deal.

Uargh. *sniff* I think I’m going to be a crying mess while referring back to that all throughout the post so mind as well start.

*sniff* T_T

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Katanagatari ~ Ep. 3 ~ How do you like them yangire swordsmen?

Tall and half-naked, plz. lol xD;

Alright, just wait a sec. I don’t really classify him as a yangire at all since he’s not secretly psychotic or anything but…um, yea, if you watched this, you’d know why I referenced to it. >.>;

But yay! I finally get around to doing this. Been waiting all week and still have to study for a midterm scheduled for Monday but not in the mood to do that now cuz my Nanoha nendoroid arrived and I’m so DAMN happy, yes I am! x333

Haha, so yea, I’m in a good mood. It’s pouring outside where I am but I’m in a good mood. :)

Ok, back on topic, ahh, this episode was a great improvement on the last two. Again, all action was dealt with in the last five minutes of it but I think by this point, that’s not really going to be an issue anymore. At least it shouldn’t be if this was satisfactory for you.

For me, it just keeps getting better every time and I have to thank Nisioisin for giving us Meisai as Shichika’s opponent in this third installment. Though it’s still early to say who’s the best supporting character, she has the best fleshed-out character over Ginkaku and Koumouri. And I’ll get more into that shortly.

But first!

Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 90

Ah, a little late today because I woke up late. Then again, the torrent was late, too. :/

Well, yea, first of all, Happy 4th of July, Americans! :D

I’m currently at home alone cuz I decided not to go out with my family so I’ll probably be spending the rest of my evening doing either blogging, hwk, or some other stuff.

As for the episode, there is a lot to cover but I think this might have ended up shorter than my usual ones. I give reasons as to why somewhere in the middle of my review so I won’t explain them here. But before I get into anything…

NOTE: I do NOT want people talking too much about chapter 42 on this post. I have a chapter review post coming up so save all your thoughts for that when it’s actually up. Keep to the topic of the episode. Any other too-irrelevant comments will be deleted. I seriously don’t have the patience to deal with the crazy fangirls who can’t learn to deal.

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