SoMT 2009


SoMT 2009



UTAU ~*~*~



(Nominations page & rules) CLOSED! Thank you to all those who submitted nominations! ^^

(SoMT banners archive) Click here to see all the banners used for this year’s SoMT.

(Grand Opening!) Meet the judges! 8D

(Preliminaries) CLOSED! Thank you to everyone who voted! ^^

(Preliminaries Results)

(Main Tournament, Stage 1, Round 1) POLL CLOSED.
(Stage 1, Round 2) POLL CLOSED.
(Stage 1, Round 3) POLL CLOSED.
(Stage 1, Round 4) POLL CLOSED.
(Stage 1, Round 5) POLL CLOSED.
(Stage 1, Wildcard Round) POLL CLOSED.

(Stage 1 Results) Results finalized.

(Stage 2, Round 1) POLL CLOSED.
(Stage 2, Round 2) POLL CLOSED.
(Rematch: Kyoko vs. Dia) POLL CLOSED.
(Stage 2, Final Wildcard Round) POLL CLOSED.

(Stage 2 Results) Results finalized.

(Quarterfinals, Round 1) POLL CLOSED.
(Quarterfinals, Round 2) POLL CLOSED.
(Quarterfinals, Round 3) POLL CLOSED.
(Quarterfinals, Round 4) POLL CLOSED.
(Quarterfinals, Round 5) POLL CLOSED.

(Quarterfinals Results)

(Semifinals) POLL CLOSED.

(Semifinals Results)


(SoMT Discussions 01 & Moe Spotlight: Akira!)

(SoMT Discussions 02 & Moe Spotlight: Yaya!)
(SoMT Discussions 03 & Moe Spotlight: Rima (VK)!)
(SoMT Discussions 04 & Moe Spotlight Special: Shugo Charas!)

(SoMT Closing Ceremony) (Includes Final Results)

(SoMT Surprise Poll! Sakura vs. Utau!) POLL CLOSED.
(Suprise Poll Results)

And some lovely promo badges made by the awesome fiercess! herself, kanzeon of Metanorn. Please feel free to use them on your on blog/site and help promote SoMT! ^^

If you want a badge with a different contestant, please request at Kokidokom Forums’ SoMT Badges/Promo Images Thread. :)

For any further questions, please leave it in a comment and/or email me at

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