Gosick ~ Ep. 22 ~ Our St. Nick is different, her elves are monster rabbits.

Actually, I don’t know why they call it “Christmas” in Sauville since the official language is supposed to be French so it should be called “Noël” instead but…


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SoMT Semifinals

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Gosick ~ Ep. 21 ~ God save…oh wait, nevermind.

A rather boring settling of this arc, in my opinion. There were like a dozen twists here and there to make it all confusing-lookingish but really, getting all the million Cocos right was more of a knot than the overall case. *sigh* -_-;

So I won’t have a thoughts section for this review.

…Oh, and btw, who else thought Sophie was an incredible earsore narrating through the entire play, huh?! D:x

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Gosick ~ Ep. 20 ~ Scream my name!

Because for some 55% of the show, all ya get to hear is Kazuya screaming


So I’m pretty sure that earns this an “OTP” tag, doesn’t it? <3

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