Blog Status: Summer Wrap-up, Fall Line-up

Hey, lovies. Yea, I know. What cliff did I jump off of and were there hungry sharks eagerly waiting for me at the bottom when it happened?

And since I am alive and…well, tired, you would know that I managed to save at least one of my hands or at least one of my toes. :P

School’s started again, peeps. August went by too fast and I still haven’t got my driver’s license. I’m reviewing like heck for all my Spanish classes (mis profesoras me vuelvan loca!) among other things. That’s all I can really give you.

Right, moving along…

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SaiMoe 2011 Picks

Fanart by Inuue Kiyu.


Hey, hey!

The prelims for SaiMoe have recently finished so I gathered up all the names of the girls I want to support and pimped them all here in one post! x3

Unfortunately, for some strange reason, I can’t generate a voting code from my IP address at home and I don’t know how to work around that. So if anyone is willing to help me with this problem (and explain to me why the code will last for only 24 hours or whatever rules they changed), I’d be grateful. Otherwise, I’ll be sitting on the sidelines this time which is alright, I guess, cuz I never believe my vote counts for anything when it involves some kind of proxy.

Anyways, same format as last year’s post. I go through my list by series first (least to most expected/want to win) and then end with my Top 8 picks. As usual, not all the girls I liked or considered moe-worthy in my eyes are on this list. That include ones that participated in the tournament beyond the point of moe saturation, ones from anime that were in the tournament last and previous years (I mainly support newcomers) and ones from anime I didn’t enjoy as much as I did the character and so on. Which brings me to the same thing I said last year: All things under this list are subject to MY opinion so if you have a problem with that, you will receive the finger along with a pie in the face as a blunt reply.

Right, so let’s get this started. ^^

Summer WonFes 2011

Holy shit, Y SO MUCH AWESOME STUFF, HUH?! WHYWHYWHY?!?!?!? I can’t possibly catch up on my wishlist now! *wails in huge despair* Dx

…well, WonFes Summer really brings in a lot of new merchandise that’s hard to resist. Actually, it should be renamed WonFes PMMM cuz THERE IS SOOOOOO MUCH MADOKA STUFF AND BEING THE CRAZY FAN I AM, I JUST WANT EVERYTHING!!!! WHY AM I TYPING IN CAPS?!

*cough* Anyways, I apologize for not finding better quality pics but I have quantity to make up for that or just lot of Puella Magi obsession but that’s really not my fault! …yea, afraid you won’t find a lot variety in this post cuz I just pick the ones I like and they’re mostly PMMM so it really is my fault and now I’m rambling so shoot me.

I also don’t remember every manufacturer behind each figure but I’ll try to. Usually, I mostly cover the big names. GSC, Alter, etc, so they shouldn’t be too hard to find. And you can always go to Tsuki-board to go find what you’re interested in. :)

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Blog Status: Gosick Ep. 23 & 24, Spring Wrap-up, Summer Lineup, etc.

‘Ello, my dahhlings~


Typing this from the computer lab in the dorm in Hong Kong. It’s too friggin’ hot outside to want to go anywhere and I had plans tonight, too, but I’m merging them up with Saturday’s instead to go run later and work off that salad that’s not really a salad. *sigh*

But enough about that for now!