Happy Mid-Autumn Festival & Happy Birthday, Amu~! <3

Happy Autumn, everyone~!

Hehe, like last year, I decided to do a post just for celebrating. Except that I have no new banner this time. *too lazy to go looking for one since Kanade already has a moon in the background* BUT! I took some pictures. Very crappy ones and not necessarily anything Chinese-related and I forgot to take one of the moon, d’oh! since we won’t have a big party until this weekend (cuz it’s my grandpa’s birthday on Sunday, too). It kinda goes against my personal principles on keeping my traditions exclusive (aka I don’t really want other things that have nothing to do with the holiday mixing in) but since Amu-chan’s birthday is so close to it this year, I’ll give it an exception. ;)

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Shugo Chara! Encore ~ Ch. 4 [Final]

Scanlations credit to FwPA Scanlations.

As I sit here wondering how I should write my last thoughts for this series (god, this may sound silly but it’s so difficult, it hurts), I first want to say that… I simply can’t find the right words for a lot of things. And now I’m just really being confusingly redundant. Oh man, I’m already derailing into a sentimental mess before this post even started. lol

*sigh* But if I have to start with anything, it’ll have to be the general ones I want to leave behind. You can say it’s somewhat like a short deep confession for everything I’ve kept to myself up to this point. It’s hardly pretty and very personal but I feel that I should say it anyway. Otherwise, I won’t be able to live with it always nagging me forever for not saying it.

Yea, yea, what the heck am I talking about? Are we up for another sappish tl;dr? Probably, yes. If you want, you can skip it. But my blog is as close to a diary as it can get for me so I’m going to treat it as such before I really go into the brighter aspects of this chapter.

*breathe* So, here we go…

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Current Manga Reading List

Ah~ I’ve been listening to drama CDs all day, I couldn’t concentrate. Also, damn preorders.

Well, just a short “digest” of what I’m following or rather, what I’m actively looking updates for. Maybe…I dunno. Sometimes if I see a new chapter for a certain manga, I’ll jump at and it finish it in like 10 seconds but others, I’ve grown less to care for. Either because their update status is so irregular that I just grew tired of checking on them or they’ve already been licensed so scanlations are going to be harder to find and I mind as well wait for the English release instead.

*sigh* Really, all this lame stuff of taking manga sites down. Of course, I’m always for the idea of supporting the author all the way but it’s not like the money goes straight to him/her anyways and it’s not like I’m fond of American publishers either since more often then not, they ruin a lot of the original content with something wonky. So I don’t have to be all prim and understanding about my stuff being taken down. xP

There, I ranted. And I feel good about it.

K, onto the manga then. And yes, I properly credited. If the providers would prefer to not see them on here, please leave it in a comment.


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News Blurbs: *too long to list here*

This looks like official art but if it isn’t, please point me to the source so I can credit it properly.

I only put BRS in here cuz I needed an appropriate, short header and they just recently announced the seiyuus for the main characters:

Kana Hanazawa as Mato Kuroi (BRS)
Miyuki Sawashiro as Yomi Takanashi (Death Master)

AWESOME. Add two very great seiyuus and already this OAV is amazing for me. I’m looking forward to how Kana-san will perform for Mato (I just hope she won’t sound too tomboyish like Suou from DtB) and especially Miyuki-san playing as the best friend turned evil, Death Master, who makes impossible skinny look SO good. xD;

Kyaa~! This is so exciting! I can’t wait to see who the rest of the cast are and download it HD! Now if only my dad can remember to pick up my desktop. -_-;

Alright, onto Harlock, Yokai, Ryukishi’s new horror series and wow, Danny Choo has an anime project in the works. o.O

Shugo Chara! Encore ~ Ch. 1 (or 49?)

*sigh* Alrighty, got one midterm down but I’m tired as hell. This post was delayed even more cuz I felt really sick a day ago and with all the fresh episodes that came out this week, I’ve lost most of my enthusiasm that I had when I first read the RAWs…among other things chapter-related. Still, I at least wanted to say something (like I ♥ Kuukai~ <3) since I said on my sidebar that I would.

Argh, I still have to catch up on replies for my PH post cuz that one was really interesting (gomen, LGB, I'll get back to you soon! ^O^/ ) and have two more reviews lined up after this one so I'll try to make it short as I can.

Should note that this post gets a personal here and there so if you can’t handle blunt opinions, please don’t read.

Oh, and uh, color splash page is lovely as always, hee~ x3

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Pandora Hearts ~ Ch. 46

Lately, a lot of “headless” issues I’m encountering are all female for some reason. o.O;

lol, damn, this chapter sparked my interest for PH back to life again. Though I’m a little way off from doing that critical analysis I promised due to this heap of homework that I refuse to touch until Sunday night, this was enough to motivate me to go back to writing about manga chapters. I’m pretty much going to keep them short (as in “Xiao” short, aha~ |D) as I can, trying to focus on the major points and all, so I can balance everything out but consider it small steps back to the thorough long ones.

Whether that’s a good or bad thing, you decide. haha~

Ok, anyways, yea, anything I’m giving my thoughts on is mostly restricted to this chapter, which works out nicely since it’s only some info revelation and character development. Other things like theories might be seeped in a little but we’ll save that for another day. ^^

And OH YEA, just curious. Anyone going to watch Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland” with Johnny Depp? 8D

Happy Birthday to my Beloved Amu!!! <3 & NYAF hiatus for the weekend. ;D

Two celebratory posts in row! Woot! September is a busy month! xD

Though this is a day late due to busy-ness…


And horray for her stunning victory against Komoe in Round 3 of SaiMoe! That’s my girl! ;D

(And oh yea, happy birthday to 7-san as well! ^^)

Haha, there’s no need to say why this post is necessary or to repeat myself about how much Amu is so special to me. But as to why she’s so special…