“Continuation, plz” list.

Hai, hai~! Thanks to LGB who mentioned something in her comment for my remake/don’t animate list post, it gave me the idea to do a second season want list. Actually, I’m sure this crossed my mind before and I probably forgot to write it down or something. Heh. ^^;

And I say “second season” but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. This list includes prequels, possible spin-offs, and so on. Whether they’re full 13/24 episodes or OVAs doesn’t matter much either so long as it comes to a conclusion that I’m satisfied with so I can mark the series off as “finished~”. Haha.

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Redos and “Don’t!” Animate List

Yes, I know Rewrite won’t be out until the end of April this year or whenever if the release date is pushed back again but as you can see from the title *POINTS!*, this isn’t a wishlist of the things I want to be animated. That’s a lie, I’ll just briefly skim over it to take up space. 8P To tell you truth, I don’t think I have much of one at all.

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Mini-Organization Project

This project has no official name. In fact, I don’t think I even want a name for it since it’s only going into the “R,R,R” section. Though I will put up a separate page for it on this blog as well as my livejournal.

So, what exactly am I up to now?

Well, it all started with MAL…

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Happy Anniversary to my AWESOMEST! couple EVAR~!!! <333

Yes, I know it’s a week early but as of next Wednesday, it’s going be two years since TTGL, the anime, ended aka the final episode where two of my all-time biggest favorites (oh god, I’m using “favorites” so you know it’s serious) got married~!!! <333 …And then made my heart cry a thousand Niagra Falls for what happened a minute after.


Damn, I love this pairing so much that I’m still finding it hard to accept the ending…which I did and probably won’t ever…but I like the ending…but…yea…oh god, now I want to watch it just to cry again. TT_________TT

*cough* Eh, before I really get into full rambling LOVE mode, yea, what an odd way to do a post, huh? Well, I figure if fanboys can have their waifus, AMV makers their pelvic thrusts, and the rest of you with your oddities, then I think it’s just DAMN right I make a post and banner (which everything but the fading text is all credit to YoruAngel866) to commemorate the strongest OTP in my pairing cache!


So about why these two awesome people are so awesome together…


Wrap-up of Summer

I haven’t been here almost like at all. |D;;;

Ah, well. It was a shorter summer for me since I spent most of my time at school. It went by faster since all my courses rushed through nearly a semester-full of material. Oi…I’m never doing that again. Though it was the only thing next to work that would get me out of the house. lol XD;

Had my first class today and seems pretty good so far. Got three more to go through and hope my Honors “Activism in Asia” class won’t require a paper. I’m so tired that I’d die if it’s 12+ pages. Dx Need to rearrange my sleep schedule otherwise I’ll be a walking zombie again until Christmas but when am I never one? |D;.

Mmkay, so here’s a general post of things, including some idea of what I’ll be doing in the fall.

NOTE: Sorry, but please keep all SC!-news/third season/manga comments down to a minimum.

Yes, of course I’ve been alert. Doesn’t mean I’m in the mood to talk about most of it. But I will make some brief, relevant mention about my attitude towards SC! somewhere in here. I just don’t want long ranting when it doesn’t apply to most of what I will be saying.

Now that I got that outta the way.

WARNING: Extremely long long post containing a bit of personal ranting, cussing, Xiao’s sick amusement and of course, spoilers.

An Early Goodbye Notice

Xiao has nearly, completely burned out like poor Chii here.

Before anyone panics, SoMT and episodic blogging for SC! are still going to continue.

I just wanted to mention this ahead of time so it wouldn’t feel like I dropped a huge bombshell for everyone who knows me well enough. But yes, I am sadly going to cease blogging by close to the end of this year if not sooner. My reasons are stated under the cut. It’s goddamn long and will make you think “Ugh, bitch complains too much” so think twice before reading the direly needed rant.

*hopes the Chii images will be distracting enough* ^^;