Wrap-up of Summer

I haven’t been here almost like at all. |D;;;

Ah, well. It was a shorter summer for me since I spent most of my time at school. It went by faster since all my courses rushed through nearly a semester-full of material. Oi…I’m never doing that again. Though it was the only thing next to work that would get me out of the house. lol XD;

Had my first class today and seems pretty good so far. Got three more to go through and hope my Honors “Activism in Asia” class won’t require a paper. I’m so tired that I’d die if it’s 12+ pages. Dx Need to rearrange my sleep schedule otherwise I’ll be a walking zombie again until Christmas but when am I never one? |D;.

Mmkay, so here’s a general post of things, including some idea of what I’ll be doing in the fall.

NOTE: Sorry, but please keep all SC!-news/third season/manga comments down to a minimum.

Yes, of course I’ve been alert. Doesn’t mean I’m in the mood to talk about most of it. But I will make some brief, relevant mention about my attitude towards SC! somewhere in here. I just don’t want long ranting when it doesn’t apply to most of what I will be saying.

Now that I got that outta the way.

WARNING: Extremely long long post containing a bit of personal ranting, cussing, Xiao’s sick amusement and of course, spoilers.


Collection Update~ <3


lol, is this merchandise week or what? xD;

My order arrived last week, box all soaked from the rain but with everything all neat and cozy packed inside. Minus one thing I’ve been missing but it’s alright. I’ll get it the next time I make another order.

Once again, I’d like to give a HUGE thank you to stormfaerie-san for all her help and services and everything. Thank you~! You’re the awesomest seller EVAARRR!!1 <333
Just in case anyone's looking for some out-of-print stuff (mostly Sailor Moon) or you're having trouble ordering something from Japan, please click on the link and go to her LJ store! She's extremely nice and updates with new merchandise quite often. ^^

Alrighty, without further delay…I have to start off with a complaint. :(

Xiao will never put any effort into taking pictures of her merchandise. She just takes them. :P

I got stuffs~! xD

Silly me forgot to take off the bubble wrap before taking a picture but oh well. :P

*sigh* Yes~! Xiao is so happy! x3

I actually got this whole package on Saturday so the post is rather late but whatever. Was dead tired when I finally got home from dinner but still stayed up till 2 AM listening to the CDs. Ahaha~

Isn’t it cool how my carpet almost matches the cover of the book? xD;