Happy Birthday to my Beloved Amu!!! <3 & NYAF hiatus for the weekend. ;D

Two celebratory posts in row! Woot! September is a busy month! xD

Though this is a day late due to busy-ness…


And horray for her stunning victory against Komoe in Round 3 of SaiMoe! That’s my girl! ;D

(And oh yea, happy birthday to 7-san as well! ^^)

Haha, there’s no need to say why this post is necessary or to repeat myself about how much Amu is so special to me. But as to why she’s so special…


Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 90

Ah, a little late today because I woke up late. Then again, the torrent was late, too. :/

Well, yea, first of all, Happy 4th of July, Americans! :D

I’m currently at home alone cuz I decided not to go out with my family so I’ll probably be spending the rest of my evening doing either blogging, hwk, or some other stuff.

As for the episode, there is a lot to cover but I think this might have ended up shorter than my usual ones. I give reasons as to why somewhere in the middle of my review so I won’t explain them here. But before I get into anything…

NOTE: I do NOT want people talking too much about chapter 42 on this post. I have a chapter review post coming up so save all your thoughts for that when it’s actually up. Keep to the topic of the episode. Any other too-irrelevant comments will be deleted. I seriously don’t have the patience to deal with the crazy fangirls who can’t learn to deal.

Romance is overrated.

Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 89

^^ <– Still smiling.


Ah, I really don't have a lot to say except that I'm satisfied (and that I was wrong in my half-predictions again but then again, I almost never get those right, lol) and happy and…well, just content with how all things turned out.

Gah, sorry. I really can't get over finally finishing Gurren Lagann yesterday so my mind is kinda distracted from SC! a little until next Friday. It's been on my mind the whole entire night so that's why the review is a bit later than usual. Too busy searching for images and fanfics. xD;

Well, let’s just make this quick and easy.

Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 88

Hmm…I don’t care what anyone says. I liked these past two episodes so far. ^_^

Well, what I liked most about the last one was the development of the friendship between Amu and Lulu and for this one…hmm, still not sure. Definitely not the animation because there were way too many parts that were inconsistent but um…hmm, I guess it’s a little bit of almost everything. Rima (ohoho, yes), Nana coming forward with the truth, Amu’s strong belief in others, the voice acting…

It’s really not hard to like an episode if I just settle for the small yet meaningful details. :)

Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 87

I really enjoyed this episode. ^^ It caught me by surprise that…well, I was right. They’re really starting to close off Lulu’s arc and I can’t ask for a better way of going about it. Hmm, well, I save the rest of my thoughts for the episode review

Just wanted to say before I start that there’s not much to say for most of the episode so expect lots of cute image spamming. Especially my beloved daughty~ <333

Girls are so cute this year~ Ahaha~ x3

Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 86


lol Ok, this episode was pretty easy to follow even without the subs so I think it’s going to be a little shorter with just a lot of image spams. But it’s okay, cuz in my opinion, you really can’t get the whole awesomeness of this episode without watching it. So if you didn’t watch it yet, go watch it!

Oh, and of course, there won’t be any summaries cuz I already said it’s too much to handle. The subs should be out already, though, but I didn’t see it uploaded anywhere yet. Hmm. :/

Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 85

I…effin’ loved this episode. So if you don’t, get off. Right now. Don’t mean to be rude but no one in the right mind should cross me when I’m enjoying myself. So anyone who complains about the Ikuto arc should just shove it. This was a great filler that could stand on its own and didn’t detract from anything at all. Save your whining for when the plot actually comes back. Everyone else is welcome to join me in my uber “KYAAAAAA~~~~~~!!!!!!!!”-fest. ^^

Ah…omg, I don’t know where to start cuz this was probably the best non-plot filler ever. I don’t know if it was owed to the great popularity of Rie Kugimiya or anything but I am happy with it even if she wasn’t Yua’s seiyuu. Lessee, I got a cute filler girl whose dream to be a singer was not related to Utau in anyway (F*CK YES, BITCHES! This girl dreams for herself!), very awesome cute shots of the main girls (OMG! Is this a girls-filled week or what?!), Utau showing up (though I’ll probably be killed when I say I wasn’t excited to see her as I would have been…go ahead, shoot me, I have my reasons), a LOL at Nagi and…dammit, let’s just get on with the review. XD

Chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisu! ;D