Catch-up Post: Fairy Tail, Working!!, Durarara!!

What Xiao was like for a while during her break.

Tired, sick, emotionally-drained, pretty much Izumi minus the number of days she didn’t take a bath. Can’t understand how this woman lives without it. *shudder*

So yes, um, if they’re page links on the bottom, this is going to be a little long. No duh. I’m covering 8 episodes. :P

But nah, it’s nothing really more than some quick overall thoughts of what I wanted to post and several quick highlights of each episode. Also, in advance, I apologize for the poor quality of my, er, writing since it’s been a while that I’ve worked on a post.

In another note, I think I’m on the edge of…well, I don’t want to say I’m dropping DRRR!! cuz I’m not. There is just less interest in blogging it due to the anime being last-seasoned (aka still good, just not as fresh) and my recent break from routine. Seriously, if I don’t follow by some set schedule, it’s hard for me to get back into it.
As of now, I’m not sure what I plan to do. Best option is to review episodes in the format that I’m using for this post. Quick thoughts, then screencap moments. Otherwise, I might just stop it all completely and save end thoughts for my season wrap-up post. Again, I’m still enjoying the show but even the plot has been winding down in getting me to feel thrilled like how it was at the beginning of winter season.

I’m also busy with other stuff so we’ll see. Just now, it isn’t my priority anymore, that’s all. :/

K, so here:

Pg 2 – Fairy Tail ep 27-29.
Pg 3 – Working!! ep 05-06.
Pg 4 – Durarara!! ep 16-18.

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Durarara!! ~ Ep. 15 ~ ‘Bukuro people are immune to getting hit by large objects, apparently.

I guess being stabbed by the Slasher or such increases that by a few, too. *shrug*
Now if only they closed off Ikebukuro when the gang war is in full swing, it would be an almost semi-07Expansion setting. Haa~ Wouldn’t that be fun, ne~? Izaya would be Beatrice, of course. lololol

Joking aside, a rather boring episode (aside from Shizu~ <3) that didn't tell us anything new or whatever else we didn't know already know. I think it's because this Niekawa interviewer guy didn't sound even an inch interesting during his whole narration and his lack of knowledge at everything that's happened in the 14 episodes before this one made it sound more droning which just put me to sleep. D/

So yea, keeping it short.

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Durarara!! ~ Ep. 14 ~ Call me “OTOU-SAMA”!

I take back what I said about Shingen. In fact, I wouldn’t mind having him for an uncle so long as he doesn’t cut open puppies and kittens. People and headless fairies… *shrug* Ok. Just keep away from the fluffies.


Anyways, just another plot-revelation episode but the Slasher puzzle hasn’t been solved yet though we’re getting very close. For the most part, I wasn’t really impressed. Enjoyed it, yea, but the pace has slowed down a bit and until the action comes back, I’m in general meh mood towards this arc now.

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Durarara!! ~ Ep. 13 ~ KITAAAAA——-(゚∀゚)——-!!!!


With the introduction of this new arc, we’re pretty much heading back to the same “UNTANGLE IT!!” formula that was used for the first arc except now we have more of an idea of who’s connected with what and/or who. The three major subplots, I think, are:

– Anri & her relation with the Slasher
– Dollars, obviously
– the Yellow Scarves

All circling around our student trio while giving everyone else their due part among all the ‘Bukuro conflict. Good, they’re still keeping to the novels quite faithfully.

But that smells like Izaya’s war starting. Oh no… ^^;

Well, anyways, I’m so glad this show can still deliver. My interest went stale for a week thanks to that break last Thursday but this ep didn’t let down my expectations one bit in bringing it back. Kyuu~! I love this series! x333

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Durarara!! ~ Ep. 12 ~ Grander scheme of things are more attractive.

Who’s Daddy’s lil’ girl that’s goin’ take him to Heaven?

…I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist. Especially since he started playing around with it like it was some basketball. xDDD;;;

Anyways, a little delayed cuz I just felt too tired yesterday. Still am but I need to get this and DtB’s review done before tomorrow so…yea, about this ep…