Brief Impressions: Houkago no Pleiades ~ ONA 1-4

Very brief.

So brief that it shouldn’t even count as post.

But it sure is damn pretty, Gainax. *A*

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Brief Impressions: Heartcatch Precure ~ Ep. 38

Whooaaa…not only am I majorly behind in blogging this week but an unexpected very late impressions for Heartcatch?!

Well, considering how much LOVE I have for Tsubomi, I just couldn’t help but want to talk about it. Yea, I’ll mention some things about the rest of the power-up episode, too, but seriously, Tsubomi needs more love just as the show needs more love from those outside the Precure fandom.



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Brief Impressions: Ookami-san ~ Ep. 9

KYAAAAAAA~~~!!!!!!!!!!! J.C. Staff, since you have given me this wonderful episode, I can never ever hate you! x33

Not only does it covers my evilly adorable Ringo-chan’s past with my most anticipated supporting character of the series, Himeno Shirayuki, but to have them related as sisters (Xiao is a total sucker for sister relationships) and for both of them to be voiced by seiyuus I have a HUGE special place in my heart for…*SCREAMS*

This is just heaven. *floats off to the paradise of happiness*

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Brief Impressions: Kobato ~ Ep. 20

Very short post but ZOMG! It’s my favorite CLAMP musketeers!!!. And all the other CLAMP musketeers along with them, LOL xDDD;;

Now things are starting to make a little more sense connecting the Kobato, xxxHolic, and TRC universes together (WAIT, IT DOES??!?! @A@;;; ) but I’m not going to delve into all those complicated theories on what’s this and that. I’ll leave it to the expert CLAMP enthusiasts to argue over and share those elsewhere.

Hurr hurr, yes~, CLAMP is a scientific phenomenon in the process of being dissected! >83

Warning: Contains some spoilers if you haven’t caught up with TRC.

Oh, and despite this being a kindof Valentine’s Day episode, not going to focus on that. The stars are the guests, aha~! x33

Brief Impressions: Bakemonogatari ~ Ep. 14

Neko oppai galore.

I can’t be the only person who doesn’t think that Tsubasa’s breasts are normally that big when Black Hanekawa takes over, right? -.-;

Anyways, finally this ep is out after such a long wait with no news from SHAFT on the release until recently wasting so much time on Bund \P and did it deliver! There really isn’t anything I didn’t like about this ep but going to keep it short on the major points I liked. Also, the jokes only sound good when you watch it so other than the usual dialogue, not much to really go on about.


Brief Impressions: Kobato ~ Ep. 18

It’s settled. The only reason I’m going to buy Kobato DVDs when they’re licensed is because I love Kobato and Doumoto the most. Everything else is nice as well (Okiura~ <3) except for Fujimoto, who I really don't honestly care for anymore (yes, for real this time) at this point.

Before I get into anything, let me just make it clear that this is NOT a post about shippings WHATSOEVER. Though it’s clear as day now that Doumoto seems to have growing affections for Kobato, if we know CLAMP and Madhouse, it’s quite obvious they won’t be a couple as long as Fujimoto’s there. And quite frankly…