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  1. Could you please Please PLEASE translate the lyrics to Annabel’s Akashi? The whole song, PLEASE?! I’ve been searching for them forever, trying contact anyone I could, and no one has been able to help. You clearly are more than fluent in Japanese. Please. I’m literally begging you. Please, translate them? I want to further appreciate this song.

    Here are the Romaji Lyrics:

    Kumori naki sono ha mon yadorishi Kedakasa o mi toomu
    (Uchinaru mi ni mamiete moyu)
    Taezu nagareru Tomadoi mayoi o Furiharaishi toki
    (Tsuiete nasu iyashiki ori)

    Tagaeru ishi o miokuri
    Ayumi ga kodoku to nare do

    Tooku. . .
    (Mukau tabiji Sono hate wa)
    Fukaku. . .
    (Waga kokoro Ko no shizukesa)
    Tsuyoku. . .
    (Togisumasa reta inochi ga)
    Waga akashi

    Kiyora ni mebuku
    Ryokuju ga sora o mezashi nobiru you ni. . .
    (Kegare wa naku Mayoi mo naku)
    Sotto tatazumu taiju ga toki o Mitsume mamoru you ni. . .
    (Itsukushimi to Osore wo shiru)

    Osanaki waga kokoro de wa
    Matoita shitomi aretaru, Ah. . .

    (Ima mo samayou kasumi de onore o kezuri age
    Ashiki uchi naru mono o kokoro no yaiba de saite
    Yoru ni chiru wa hana
    Hirahira to mau wa waga koeinari
    Ima mo toikake yamenai Uchinaru sekai e to)

    Tooku. . .
    (Mukau tabiji Sono hate wa)
    Fukaku. . .
    (Waga kokoro Ko no shizukesa)
    Tsuyoku. . .
    (Togisumasa reta inochi ga)
    Onore no akashi to

    (Haritsume iku Utsukushisa mo)
    Kumori naki sono hamon yadorishi kedakasa o mi toomu
    (Shizuka ni moyu Inochi no aka)
    Akashi wo. . .

    Let me know if you need the Kanji, too. I hope you can help me. Even if you can’t, thank you so muc!!

  2. Hi there.
    I’m sorry to say I might not be of much help since I’m actually not that fluent in Japanese at all. I only had one year of beginner’s course. However, I found the kanji lyrics so I may be able to translate some phrases and grammar I recognize. That would take a long time though (with my own schedule as it is) and this is a pretty difficult song so if you’re willing to wait, then expect me to start on it around May.

    I would point you to Deciphered Melody because that’s where I can usually find all the latest translations of full songs but their requests are closed right now so…aside from that, I can continue looking over the net to see if anyone else has translated it.

    Again, I’m sorry I couldn’t do more and I’ll try my best to help you with my own amateur Japanese if I can find the time. ^^;

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