Blog Status: Heya-llo~!

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How ya doin’, mah dahlings~?! Did you know I missed you like…mucho much?

Well, I did, yea, so I decided to do a small drop-by post to see all of you and send my love even if briefly. Goin’ to post my status on the current broadcast sphere while I’m at it and pretty much keep things short cuz things are hella alot busy and aside from me wanting to ramble, I’m craving something salty. *goes off to look for crackers or whatever so settles yourselves for a bit, yes?*

Btw, what is up with all these changes wordpress keeps making to the Dashboard? It’s not cool, dudes. *annoyed* -_-#

*plops back down* Ah! Lunch! 3-minute ramen, what in the world would I do without you? Seriously, every time I think about my options for food narrowing down to nothing but you, I want to puke but at least you save me from eating only cheese slices for the majority of the day. *eats noodles*

Mmkay…so guess what?

…no really, guess.

…you’re not guessing, are you?

…ok, whatever. I got a job. Whoohoo! Yes? :D Well, thanks to that wonderful internship over the summer that landed me an A in my final course and has sent my diploma to be prepared for shipment and arrival anytime this month, I also got a job offer from them since they were so pleased with my work. Awesome. Especially when I keep hearing from everyone that nobody can find a job anywhere at this time and that I’m “soo lucky!” to be able to have one. Hell yea, hun. My starting salary might not be much but I’d take it over nothing…omg, I can’t believe this is my first salary. <– Still can’t get over that.

Not to mention, I love the people I work with. I really do! …well, not so much the people I have to deal with overseas but just the people in my department and close to it. My boss is super nice and nothing short of amazing at what she does. I got some valuable management insights on how she handles things. And then there are the ladies I dubbed my “mother hens” who sorta spoil me though that’s probably because I’m the youngest officially employed person here. I dunno, I just find them funny and lovable and feel really appreciated working here. So note to any of you looking for a job, even if it’s a temp one: try to find a working environment where you know you’ll be comfortable. It’s so worth it even with the occasional arguments that happen (just try to avoid other people’s conflicts and too much office chatter). :)

Oh, and what and where am I working at? Around 34th street, children’s fashion, production. Almost has little to nothing to do with my major but I don’t care at all. I love it! Hee~ x)

Yep, full-time takes a lot out of me which is why I haven’t been around much. Or watching much either but from what I glanced, summer season sucked so I didn’t miss out anything, I don’t think.

I’m putting off graduate school for about a year to take this “break” so to speak and to also decide exactly what I’ll be specializing by the time next September comes. Not to mention, I have other things I have to prepare for (like a recital at Carnegie Hall this December) so I declare here and now that blog posts are pretty much in suspension maybe forever. *makes face into noodle cup* Not that my plans don’t include blogging since if given the free time opportunity, I might finish one or two posts and publish them out of nowhere but that’s really up to the stars on if they want it to happen or not. Yes, talk to the stars, maybe they’ll know.

That’s all about me for now. I’ll get back to more fun topics at the end.


Art credit to Kotsu.

Believe it or not (and this has nothing to do with KyoAni not being the main studio behind the production), I really couldn’t care less about Key adaptations anymore. Felt like I’ve been waiting so long for this to come out that I just go intensely bored into…not caring anymore. But I still saw the first episode (which was decent but not really satisfactory) and will probably continue to watch it till the end cuz I have a shameless love for Sasami Sasasegawa out of obligatory incurable devotion to Key works.

I’m curious, though. Are they going to include Saya in this at any point or are they going for a separate story arc in a side season or doing a Tomoyo After or what? :/

Hmm, others on my watchlist include Shin Sekai Yori (which revived some of the chill-thrill I had when watching Higurashi for the first time but I doubt will become as memorable because it’s still too confusing), Zetsuen no Tempest (not likely going to be a favorite but the plot sounds rather interesting) and Robotics;Notes (hasn’t aired yet but if it’s anything close to a spiritual successor of Steins;Gate then I’m in).

In the ongoing, still following Smile Precure on a weekly basis for franchise completion’s sake since I marathoned Suite and Fresh this past summer. Smile continues to chalk itself up to being an even poorer successor to the Precure franchise with each passing episode. Nay, not a successor so much as a shallow Xerox generation with too much sparkling make-up caked on top of it. But apparently, “the crappier the show actually is, the more attention it gets” is the mainstream trend nowadays. Or maybe it’s because Yayoi is such a moe blob. Either one.

And woe is me that there’s a four-month interval wait between OVA releases for Akito but judging from the first one that came out not too long ago, the side story looks extremely promising despite there being only 3 hours left to tell the whole story (which sucks cuz this could have been at least 13 episodes and still be good). I say that because…well, I watched it and liked it, duh. No, I say this because it appears to have less HAM than the main story does and quite frankly, tackles the political approach more seriously than Code Geass did which is something I really appreciate. Though it’s been what? Two or three years since I last saw R2? So I probably can’t remember everything really well but whatever. Adding on to my disdain for the situations around the world and at home right now, I’d take this fantasy over it any day (I’m busy, I can only handle so much of your drama and problems at one time! Ugh!).

And while I know everybody’s whining about not seeing Lelouch anywhere, ya’ll just have SHUT IT and move on with your life.


Gundam Age – Dropped. Honestly, if you expected me to stick around to watch Kio go on and on about his Wide-Eye Ideals for twenty episodes and not even be remotely scratched, save for the death of this little girl I heard (damn, if I knew it was Kanae Itou voicing, I would’ve watched!), by the ordeals throughout the progress of his arc, then you’re thinking about a completely different eprson. I still believe AGE could have been something worthwhile had it not divided itself into several hours of intolerable borefest, too many characters and too many pointless deaths. Even for a Gundam series, that’s just excessive, sloppy, not engaging, you want more adjectives? Tough, I’m over this.

Though I did like the last episode where they brought young!Flit and Yurin back so I guess I can forgive Sunrise just because of that. Now somebody please upload the original movie from the PSP game onto Youtube so I can translate what they’re saying and substantiate my OTP even further. I’ll even take any scenes with Flit and Emily in their early twenties because damn, soldier!Flit is pretty fine from what I saw in the trailers. His love-driven hatred makes him even more appealing as protagonist. *stupid* xD;


I have been a bad girl and I’ll tell you why.

The night and morning before, and I mean literally, the night and morning before my thesis presentation was due, I was constantly distracting myself with Suite episodes. How I managed to get an A for that I will never, ever know nor will I ever, ever question nor will I ever, ever, everevereverrrrrrrrrrrr mention again for as long as I live.

But kids…magic is real.

That’s all I’m saying.

Anyways, yea, I consider myself pretty awesome for doing two 50-episode seasons in the span of…three months? Suite was okay but lacked anything exceptional outside its plot-turning points. Still better than Smile but could not surpass Heartcatch as an overall season.

Fresh (yes, I’m going backwards) was better but mostly because they made the villain so interesting. The relationships were also strong and hit the mark right on the X which was a definite plus. And I think it’s very well suited to being the fourth installment in this magical girl train as it takes special elements we see in the first Precure seasons and passes some of its own into later seasons.

And yea, I do realize that I’m not doing either of these any justice with two-liners but there’s not enough space to go into detail about Precure in this post so we’ll save that for another day. The most I can say for now is that collectively, I like them all.

K? K.

Right, now to somehow find time to squeeze Futari and Splash somewhere.

Art credit to yりー.

Aquarion Evol…god, what fun it was to watch everybody get trolled at the end. I took it all in good spirits since by the time we hit the episode-20 mark, I decided on giving up all serious pretense regarding this show anyway. I mean, c’mon. What the hell is up with the writing and development? Can’t expect to get a satisfying ending when you pull something out of your ass like Kawamori did.

*sigh* Another one that couldn’t meet its destiny for greatness. Shame, shame, shame. At least the songs and score was nice. Can’t go wrong with Yoko Kanno.

I still like Zessica, though, and still feel bad she didn’t end up with Amata in the end. Who knows? Maybe if Kawamori did that then this could’ve been saved. I’m just saying. *shrug*

Art credit to T-Okada.

I…don’t really have time to go into this here if I want to get my other stuff done today (but hey look, LGB! I finally got around to it! Praise me~ <3). It didn’t particularly move me to tears or anything but it did touch my heart, something that is rare these days and for that, I think it deserves a spot in bold on my list of memorables.

Never mind so much as the unexplained WTFkery for the most of it, I think it’s the themes of this series that really made Mawaru Penguindrum shine…oh, and the HAM. Can’t forget the large HAM that comes with it. God, when was the last time I had such HAM of this size proportion. I’ve had GAR HAM (TTGL) and FABULOUS HAM (Code Geass) so what should I call this HAM? WHAT’S WITH YOU AND HAMS?!?!?! xDDD;;;;;

Anyways, we will discuss hold a SURVIVAL STRATEGY for this another day? With curry and lots of FABULOUS MAX on the side? Don’t worry, everybody will receive their fair share of getting NTR’d (it’ll be electrifying~).  Ok? Ok. :)


Art credit to じゅん.

Goddamit, why can’t I get over these two?! UUUUUUUUURRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

*cough* The lengths I would go to keep my OTPs alive. Especially the doomed ones. Why the hell do I always fall for all the doomed, tragic ones? ACK!

Which brings me to the central topic. Anybody still remember that little ROP project of mine? It’s like eons and eons ago and I’ve revamped a lot of my rules and charts on how to organize it but I finally got around to doing it yesterday and things were a lot easier than I thought it would be…but that’s only because I took out stuff I know I didn’t care on talking about so that saved me a lot of time and trouble.

It’s far from done and I doubt I will be able to post anything on it by the end of this year but let’s just say it’s out of permanent hiatus for now and we’ll see how I’ll go from there. I get the feeling these will be the only posts I’ll ever do for this blog from now on. Majority of it anyway.

The other portions include things like Seiyuu Appreciation posts and Character Evaluation posts and stuff I have yet to think of, let alone name. But for reassurance, I’ll never forget this blog and I won’t let it just die on any random post.

Social Life

Art credit to Shima Rui.

I have no idea what a social life is. Though if we take everything I’ve been doing into account, maybe we can find out. Uhhh…

Figure collecting.

…Ok, so it’s 3/4 things out of 7 on that list. Reading and figure collecting are personal. Maybe writing, too…so it’s two things. Who says I don’t have a social life? :P

And I’m talking to you guys, so it’s three! Huzzah!

Mind you, I only go the to movies 4-5 times a year, will not pay more than $6 to see two and I’ve decided to purchase all my clothes online from now on…save for shoes and pants. And maybe socks since I don’t have to patience to wait for mail.

Anyways, as I end this, I’ll be going back to watching “Lawless” and developing fic ideas (I suck at this multi-task thing, I really do). Just wanted to drop by a last hi, hope everybody’s doing well and to share with me anything interesting that has come up in your lives unless it’s illegal, then I don’t want to know as long as you promise you didn’t kill anyone or became a junkie. Eat your three meals regularly and for god’s sake, put on some more friggin’ layers cuz it’s f*ckin’ cold out if you’re anywhere in the northern hemisphere and take your flu shots while you’re at it cuz I don’t want you to get friggin’ sick, you weasels! >:(

…yea, I loves you all. Take care, m’dears. :D


7 thoughts on “Blog Status: Heya-llo~!

  1. Ah, yay~! I am so happy that you are alive and have a job and am overall doing well! :D I have a job now, too, but it is just working as a cashier at Target. I’m applying to a bunch of places in order to teach English as a second language in Japan, though. I’m also thinking about applying to be a Foreign Service Officer for the Department of State.

    Hmm, oh, I am watching Shinsekai yori, too! So far, I find it to be the best of the season. Robotics;Notes is another one that I am watching, and I found the first episode to be all right. Let’s see how it goes~

    I really don’t have much of a social life, either, haha. ^^; I’ve been catching up on British shows, like DW and Sherlock. I want to try watching Merlin, too, and see if I like it. When it comes to American shows, I adore Once Upon a Time, and the second season is starting out really strong~ It makes me happy~ Along with that, I want to start watching Game of Thrones (I am reading it during my break times at work) and I read J.K. Rowling’s adult novel “The Casual Vacancy.” It was fantastic!

    What else, ah, that’s right, you finished MPD. In the end, there were a TON of issues I had with it from a characterization and plot perspective, but found the symbolism and themes to be very good and interesting. Even if you don’t like it much in the end, like myself, I definitely think it is an anime that you should, or even need, to watch.

    I’m glad to know that you are not letting this blog die and I wish you the best in life! ^-^

    • KYAAAAAAAAAAA~!!!!!! I MISSED YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!! *TACKLEGLOMP!!!* X333333333333 How are you, my dear? I hope you enjoyed your summer since we haven’t spoken since like the very beginning of it.
      And I’m so happy you found a job, too! And at Target! *GASP* I’M GONNA COME VISIT YOU SO I CAN BLOCK YOUR ENTIRE LINE AND BOTHER YOU ABOUT WHERE TO FIND POTATO CHIPS! 8D …when I learn to drive, that is. LOL xD; But really, that sounds great. It doesn’t matter where or what you’re working at as long as you have an honest job at the moment, anything’s good. Better than not working, right? :)
      Also, if anybody treats you badly while you’re there, I’ll give them a horrible review on those socks I ordered (yes, I ordered socks from Target xP) which will somehow inexplicably bring the whole chain store down like row of dominoes. K? x)

      On another note, I’m super glad you’re applying to so many places and I hope you get into the ones on the top of your list. And whoa, Foreign Service Officer? Sounds ambitious but so awesome. Good luck! I know you can do it and I support you all the way! *salutes* (^ ^\\)
      *sigh* See, I’m so proud that I hate myself a little for not keeping up online over the summer. I was even considering learning how to use tumblr but never got a chance around to it which is a shame because as I was lurking on your translation posts for PH, I wanted to surprise you with a comment or whatever they’re called on there. lol, so when you start working for a manga publisher and become a big-shot in the translation field, I can point and say “Hey! I know her! LGB read my blog and I lurked on her tumblr and her translations are awesome and did I mention she’s like a god among PH fandom for that?!! I’M SO PROUD! *SOBS*” xD;
      So yes, I truly am proud and I do hope you go far with your dream since you’ve done so much wonderful things for a lot of people along the way already. ^^

      …mkay, enough of my sap though before it turns all gooey. Eheh~

      Shin sekai yori, as of the 4th episode, really does have to potential to be a good anime. If not a truly, exceptional one then at least notable and unique for this year’s fall line-up. Though I doubt it’s anywhere close to a sleeper-hit. The problem is that there’s too many new terminology and occurrences that goes unexplained. Even when light is shed upon it, it’s too fast for you to keep up (for me, anyways) let alone absorb all the information. I think it’s great that the writers were able to create such a long history as a backdrop to the plot but I don’t have the leisure to pause and think about it or go back to read subtitles for the sake of understanding this anime. It’s okay but it’s severely flawed in story-telling. And if anybody’s still going “HUHWUT?!” at this point (ME), then we can see why.
      I also find the characters and their personalities very unengaging, which is a huge deciding factor for me on whether I want to keep up with an anime or not. They have yet to reach any significant development, I know, but the animation team is relying on too much facial expressions, wooden and often frustrating interactions and not enough personal in-dept moments to really fill them in. Also, if I hear Saki and her bitch mouth go “BAKA JA NAI NO?!” one more time, I’m going to reach into the laptop and smack her with a fist. I’m aware this is (hopefully) not a moe show and I’m not asking it to be but that girl needs to get her attitude issues straightened out, whatever reasons she has for being nasty.

      Moving along, Robotics;Notes is rather boring at the moment and the main genki heroine an eyesore as much as her deadweight partner is. The story is supposed to have some dramatic turning point along the way, though, but if it’s going at this rate, I’m not sure I want to wait that long. If anything, the one that is keeping my active interest are Zetsuen no Tempest. It has elements of shounen fighting but a promising mystery behind it and though I’m not expert on Shakespeare, I appreciate all the references made to his work so far.

      Good for you! To be honest, I think anyone who tries to define what a “social life” and then enforce their idea on you can take their sanctimonious, arrogant crap somewhere else. What the hell does it matter as long as you’re happy?
      Anyways, BBC shows are the best~ …At least that’s what my brother says, who’s been hooked on Sherlock ever since his friend got him into and he became such a big Benedict Cumberbatch fanboy. lol XD;
      I think I saw a bit of Merlin on Syfy but I can’t remember. It was a bit strange for me to imagine Merlin as boy in training and not his usual wise wizadry self. I hope we’re talking about the same Merlin. >.>;
      And my friend tweets about Once Upon a Time, Game of Thrones and a lot of other shows all the time because they’re so good so I’m glad you’re enjoying them as well. Hehe. ^^
      I basically can’t get into TV anymore, which is a bit sad since I’m missing out on all this fun discussion I can have with other people but it’s fine since I can use that time to do other personal projects instead. Heh. ;)
      And glad you liked JKR’s new book as well. I haven’t read it nor plan to since it doesn’t sound like my cup of tea but it’s nice to know her fans are still supportive of her post-Potter (or is it? She’s been hinting she might bring Pottermore back someday, haha).

      What problems did you have with it if you don’t mind me asking (and making you relive what you disliked about it, I apologize~ ^^; ). I have a feeling I’m going to like dissecting this anime as I watch it over and analyze it again so I’d like another person’s perspective and try to make sense of it from a different angle.
      And before anything, I agree with you, MPD suffers a lot of the same flaws that a lot of stories fall into but I personally didn’t find it too bothering on my end. Then again, this is by the same guy who directed Utena which was a total mindf*** on a higher level (I watched tidbits of it and couldn’t continue after that) so I was probably expecting something of a backlash to happen. I also could’ve been reverting to a very old bad habit of mine where when things don’t make sense in context, my head starts churning out some fantastic bullshit to fill up the gaps and I feel so full of myself afterwards, lol. Hmm, but I’m rewatching it for the second time and planning on buying the dvd when it comes out in Dec. so until then, I’ll just stop here before I ramble myself silly and drive you insane. ^^;

      Of course I would never let my baby die! *huggles bloggie* I’ve put too much love into it to abandon it!
      And one day, I will leave a message somewhere for you, too, so please wait for me~ I’ve been scolding myself saying “Xiao, you’re such an ungrateful person! You have so many awesome people in your life and you don’t tell them you love them!” I know! So LGB, I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUU~~!!! <3333 Thank you for always coming to this humble blog and leaving me a comment out of your busy schedule. I wish the best in your future career and life as well and hope we'll continue to stay in touch. ^^

  2. I am doing this before I forget, but here is a write up that I did on Penguindrum (it is very long, so I did not want to copy and paste it, instead I’ll just link it to you, Penguindrum is number 9 on my list) :

    Anyway, moving on~ I agree completely with you on Robotics;Notes (really, I have nothing to add, our feelings are the same~) If by episode three or four nothing picks up or really starts becoming engaging or showing some kind of potential, then the series is being dropped. I don’t have time to wait for things to get really good anymore (and usually, the really good stuff shows a spark of ‘something’ quite early on, which Robotics;Notes has not done yet for me).

    And, I just got around to watching episode 4 of Shinsekai yori yesterday. I, personally, love the world building and have no problem or issues with the terminology or the sequence of historical events that we have been shown thus far (I was not overly fond of the large info. dump that we received, but the information that was contained within the said info dump was really good, and the fact that there is still a lot that remains unknown made it better for me). I do think that, as of right now, the personality of the characters is what the series is lacking in the most, but I am hoping that this was done deliberately, that more time was meant to be spent in these first few episodes to build up the world, society, culture, and etc. and that the character’s personalities would really start to evolve and change once the actual adventure and mystery came in (aka the end of episode 4).

    Also, there seems to be an implication that the current events we are seeing are a narration or flashback from Saki as an older teenager/adult, which means that development and growth in the characters really should be coming soon. Finally, according to those who have read the novel this anime is based off of, apparently sex and sexual acts are going to be very important to the plot and characters as well (as was hinted at in this episode with the comment about Bonobo society). It is not without its flaws, of course, but as of right now Shinsekai yori is my favorite of the new anime this season (with Psycho Pass right behind it, then Magi and Kamisama Hajimemashita – I’ve read the manga of this one, and the anime is simply there to promote the manga, but regardless of that it is also just a nice, sweet, cute, and “feel good” anime – which I need every once in a while). Oh, and I am also watching K, but that series is purely for entertainment and is of a guilty pleasure status.

    I watched the first episode of Zetsuen no Tempest, but I did not enjoy it at all. I liked it more than Code;Breaker (that first episode was painful!), but it is not a series for me. I hope you enjoy it though, and definitely keep me updated on how it progresses and such! :D

    When it comes to BBC shows. I’ve only watched Doctor Who and Sherlock. I liked both, though with Doctor Who I definitely prefer seasons 1-4 over 5-7, with season 7 actually being really quite bad. Sherlock is good, but also has its issues. Basically, my friend and I are not fans of Moffat, who is the head writer for seasons 5-7 of DW and Sherlock, for a variety of reasons (mostly centering on his incredibly flawed writing, both when it comes to things like continuity and when it comes to issues surrounding his inability to really write strong (as in three dimensional and varying) women and so on and so forth). I have not yet watched Merlin, though I would like to at one point.

    OUAT is really the only thing that I watch on TV right now (my American cartoon shows, Young Justice and Scooby-Doo Mystery Incorporated, are both on hiatus). I’ve watched about two or three episodes of Game of Thrones at my friends house on her X-Box, and I am slowly but surely reading the book, but personally I am not a huge fan of the series. I am more of an urban fantasy type of girl, rather than a high fantasy one (which fits in with Game of Thrones better, or so I think). Oh, and yes, the Casual Vacancy was very good (though, if it had not been written by JK Rowling I, myself, would not have picked it up, because it is not my type of story either). Pottermore is still up and running and it provides some nice new tid-bits of information, though JK Rowling’s next book is not going to be HP related, but she thinks it is most likely going to be a children’s book again. Whatever it is, I’ll read it. Her characters and stories have not disappointed me yet!

    Anyway, moving away from all of that and into more IRL stuff…Yes, I am happy that I have a job (and if you ever did come and visit me at my Target I would be ecstatic!) Working the cash register is always a job that stresses me out though, while the job itself is easy, customers and dealing with their money is not. Also, Target itself…while the people are nice, the company is way too touchy-feely (not literally though) in the way of pleasing customers and such (we have group huddles and we have to fill out “vibe” cards everyday about something “amazing that happened between you and a customer!” or something, plus they really push the whole “get people to sign up for a Red Card!” thing). For a job that I do not plan to stay long at (I just had a phone interview for the company Interac, a company for teaching English to Japanese students, if I get it, I will be heading back to Japan this up-coming Spring), it is just too involved…And they hired me to ring people out, not to be a sales person who gets them 2 or 3 Red Cards everyday or something…

    Ranting aside, I am happy that I, at least, have a job (and yes, one day I do think I will try to be a Foreign Service Officer, but not right now, the application process itself takes 1-2 years). I am also incredibly happy to hear that you have one, too, and WE BOTH GRADUATED FROM COLLEGE! That is a huge achievement that we both really should be proud of! Not everyone makes it through, after all.

    I love and adore you, too, sweetie! And we really should meet up in person one day…We aren’t even that far from each other (you live in NYC, right? That like an hour and fourty-five minutes away from me by train. Maybe if I get this job in Japan, sometime before I leave we can meet up in the City or something~)

    • Ah~! Thank you, love! I’ll be sure to read it when I have the time. And you put Ikoku Meiro in there as well for a little comparison! Ack, you’re wonderful! Thank you so much! Will be sure to reference and credit you on my thought development as I go. <3

      The start was rather disappointing, no? Especially from the people who gave us Steins;Gate, I was at least expecting to be half-into the story already by now but with all that school-business nonsense, just couldn't. Though after this week's ep with the actual tournament, it got slightly better but they didn't show a preview so I don't know what to expect for next ep. *sigh* Well, I suppose I can hold out for at least two more weeks. If they still keep things mostly to club activities, then I'll surely drop it.

      I agree with you on the information being good (very well-versed, thought out and detailed despite it being a huge dump) and that there will be development to come judging from older!Saki narration in the previous episodes. I suppose I just wasn’t okay with the approach (my eyes were like jumping all over the corners of the screen with me going “Subbers! Where are you side definitions?! I need a dictionary! And why is Aya Endo speaking the background as Saki?! Does this mean something?! *Xiao is uber confused* @_@;;;” lol). Mind you, I haven’t done any research before jumping into the anime but after I found out a while later that it was based on a novel, I can see why the format of the story goes like it does in the anime. Except as a novel, it would work since you have your own time to absorb everything. As an ongoing visual, hmm, that’s really up to the viewers, I guess. Are there any online translations or summaries floating around? Maybe I can read that first before watching, then maybe things won’t be so confusing.
      Anyways, I skimmed through ep 5 just now and forgive me for having such a stupid reason but I think I’m going to set Shinsekai Yori aside not because of my frustration with it but because the animation for this week was…well, appalling. Yikes, I wonder what happened with the budget for quality to drop so steep. Seriously, it freaked me out when mouths weren’t moving when the characters were talking. Again, stupid reason but that just didn’t sit well with me. I’ll stick with reading reviews for now.

      And hey, since you won’t be following Zetsuen no Tempest (yea, I figured it wasn’t to your tastes the moment I started watching cuz we’ve been sharing opinions on season line-ups going how far back? lol Quite a bit, huh? Yea, I know you. ;) ), would you like to do a trade? You can summarize Shinsekai Yori for me after it’s done (or at half-way point seeing as it’ll probably last 24 episodes) and I can do the same for you on Zetsuen. I think this would be fun and more productive as far as our “viewing schedules” go because there are some anime you can handle on a weekly basis while others you just can’t. But at least this way, when it’s complete and you still have interest and you have nothing else to watch, there’s always that option of marathoning. Plus, you have an idea of what to expect so the show won’t drag itself out on you. Hmm, I dunno, but sounds like a good experiment. Let me know if you’re interested.

      Haha, you have a more fun line-up than me as always. Beside the ones we already discussed, the only other thing I’m watching is Little Busters! which started iffy on me for the first ep but warmed up as it went along. I suppose it’s my “feel good (then angst)” anime for this season but it’s still a large moe dumpfest so if you’re fed up with that pattern, I would suggest you not pick it up. lol ^^;
      I looked at the previews for Kamisama Hajimemashita and I thought to myself “hmm, y’know, I would have picked this up if I were still in high school or something but I don’t think so anymore”. And I have to blame Inu x Boku SS for that. My days dealing with bishounen kitsunes (though I’m still fond of them) are over, sadly. Huuhuu~
      Magi, I tried out the first episode. I liked it as a light comedy adventure but it didn’t hold up any further interest for me even though I see a variety of characters in the opening. Maybe if it were a little more serious but you can’t have everything. *shrug*

      Ah, when did it happen when we started to become so aware and more critical of everything in our entertainment? Not that that’s a bad thing. In fact, it’s a really good thing, really good but…lol, this is the pain of growing up? No more ignorant bliss? I feel sad a bit… /D
      I can’t get into TV anymore so I can’t comment further but as far as the fantasy genre goes, I guess I’m in the middle or more accurately, varying on the spectrum. It really depends on the story and how far I can get into it.

      I’m excited that her next one will be a children’s book! She really is an incredible writer, whatever the reviews say, and I hope she’ll continue writing for as long as I still have eyes. And even if I go blind, I’d still continue to read her work. ^^

      I will visit you…once I learn how to drive! XD;
      Heh, dealing people is probably what those adults meant by “working in the real world”. We have no choice so mind as well get use to it. But wow, really didn’t know they did that at Target. I mean, I get that all the time when I go out to shop on “if I’d like to sign up for this” or “do I have to time to do a short survey for that?” and stuff. That really is annoying and I can only imagine more so for the employees who are required to do it so I don’t envy you there. But hopefully you’ll get that teaching position and won’t have to stay there for long. Good luck to you! :)

      2 years is a really long time but worth it if they acknowledge you. It sounds like a very important job so I’m not surprised about the wait.
      I KNOW, RIGHT?! This is what 20-something years of our lives have been dedicated to so I say we should celebrate! God, college drove me insane and so depressed, I’m honestly telling you now. So when I started working, even though I wasn’t getting paid yet, I never felt so happy since when I was with my friends in high school. It’s weird cuz this isn’t my dream job or anything and I’m sure I’ll go back for graduate school and move on to find something better suited for me to do but I really didn’t think I was going to enjoy working this much. So I owe college for letting me graduate and helping me find this job at least. I can’t say the same for other people who are still unemployed and don’t have as much luck.

      Yes, I’d love to meet up with you! *so excited* 8D I haven’t had time before, what with studies and all but this is as good as a time as any since I don’t have to worry about hwk weighing me down.
      I actually live in NJ but I’d rather meet up in NY since there’s more to do there and that I don’t have to rely on a car to get me around. And it’s only a forty minute ride by train for me so whenever you feel up to it, let me know and we can work something out. You can find my email address by clicking on my icon and I’m sure I have yours already from your comments so I can contact you anytime as well, hopefully? Gah, can’t wait now! Bet we’ll have lots to talk about. Hehe. x)

      • Sorry this took so long to respond to! > < I was without power for five days and then I got it back on Friday, but worked 12-8 Friday and Saturday and 10-6 on Sunday (and by then was dead tired). So, I have only just begun to catch up on things. Anyway, I really like the idea of watching Shinsekai yori and then letting you know how it is (while you do the same for ZT). I normally do a season wrap-up anyway, and since Shinsekai yori is two cour, that means it will get a mid-season write up from me anyway.

        And about the animation, apparently they have different animators and writers working on each episode, so each episode has its own feel to it. When it came to episode 5, the animation was crap, but the writing, world building, and characterization was good. I also liked the camera work, which had a confusing feeling about it that fit the characters and the situation they were in. That, in turn, allowed me to easily relate to the emotions and feelings of the characters in that episode.

        Anyway, I am also using a lot of my free time to prepare for the in-person interview that I have in Boston this Saturday for Interac (yes, I got to the in-person interview stage!!) I am a nervous wreck for it. Tonight I want to go over my dialogue and everything (like the little tune for teaching weather, like "The sun is shinning brightly" and such) and make sure I have them pretty much memorized. Then I can focus on putting my little demo lesson together properly, that it flows well, and that I have it down pat.

        Finally, you live in Jersey!? The whole time I was going to college in Jersey, I thought you lived in NYC! OTL Anyway, I hope you are all okay and safe, I know Sandy really did a number on Jersey, especially the Jersey Shore area. There is still a small number of people here in CT who are still without power, and we have another storm coming through on Wednesday, so I just hope that you are currently warm and cozy in a house with power. Take care~

        • I’m sorry for replying back so late! I only lost power for a short amount of time but have been super busy at work trying to catch up on all that backlog. @_@;;; But I’m glad you’re alright at least and I hope you’re doing okay during this nor’eastern storm. Stay warm and be safe! Great! Now if I only I can find some person who does reliable screencaps…*starts looking*

          Ah, I thought as much. I know a couple of studios who do that a lot with the art direction but I personally think it’s an idea that tends to go wrong more times than it goes right. Then again I usually favor consistency and more straightforwardness over unorthodox methods but each to their own. The shaky camera bit seems fitting for Shinsekai Yori’s type of genre, I agree that much. It’s not a post-apocalyptic setting nor something close to a neo-age era but it does have a nice mix of supernatural, horror and suspense. I think by the time the audience has a firm grasp of what the show has to offer, it’ll really drive a lot of speculation into the condition of the psyche, its evolution and how much the human mind really had such a huge influence on the world. I wonder if they’ll go into any science about it cuz in the first episodes, things leaned more towards the mythic side than it did with the factual. :/

          As for ZT, it’s quite a little of the opposite. There’s a hell of a lot magic and punches being thrown but we’re still in stage of introducing characters. Though the plot moves nicely along with all the new appearances so I’m not complaining. For me, this isn’t an anime you try to relate to simply because the circumstances are beyond comprehending (I mean, c’mon, a giant tree is about to wipe out civilization which is totally fiction-centralized no matter which way you swing it) but it does make for some excitement to look forward to each week.

          OMG, congratulations!!! 8DDD And good luck! I’m sure you’ll do excellent! Do tell me how it went and what your experience was like afterwards! ^^ And that teaching method sounds so cute! Are you planning to teach grade school?

          Yes, I do! But it’s okay, I know I always get people confused since I commute from NJ to NY and vice versa all the time. I lived in NY when I was little before I moved so it’s like I never left the state. And thank you for your concern. I am fine. Lost power on the first night of the storm for a little over 24 hours but I got power back right away. I can’t say I envy those who are still without power, though, and my thoughts go out to those who lost loved ones during Sandy. As for those who are still without electricity and heat, I hope they received all the necessary aid they need. It’s hard thinking about them without wanting to do something so I might make a donation. I hope you have power and are warm and safe as well through this storm and of course, do be careful when you go out. Take care and good luck on Saturday! :)

          • I was perfectly okay through this storm, no power lost at all! I had to work (12-8), but with so few customers me and the other cashiers spent most of the day restocking the candy and gum in the lanes and talking. It was actually really nice and fun.

            And thank you for the good luck! I am heading to Boston tomorrow, and just want to get Saturday over and done with. I’m so nervous!

            Anyway, I will talk to you later, yeah~ : )

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