Wishing all moms a Happy Mother’s Day~!

Art credit to Jonasan.

I’ve never done this before and to be honest, I was thinking I would do more of a post for Mother’s Day had I really decided that I wanted to but I’m pressed for time (among other things) so I hope you’ll forgive me. Then again, why bother listening to me ramble on and on when you can spend time with your mum, rite? Heh.

So, I just wanted to wish all the mothers/moms/mommies/mamas/”mimi”s out there a great day and I hope ya’ll show your appreciation to the very person who gave birth to you (raised you, fed you, probably bail you out of jail you know the deal) cuz wherever would you be without her, hmm? …Well, you definitely wouldn’t be reading my posts of awesome, that’s for sure. *SHOT* |D;

And of course, this should extend to ALL the maternal figures in your life so thank those people as well.

Above pic is from Smile Precure! and I chose that over a Sanae/Nagisa/Ushio one cuz I felt Miyuki’s feelings for her mom in this week’s ep was really what made it special and stand out from the other Precure series I’ve seen so far (no one really focused on Mother’s Day before). My thoughts on SmPC aside for now, it was just nice of Toei to create an ep corresponding to the real calendar aside from Christmas and New Year’s. Plus, Miyuki’s mama is so pretty and so nice~ It just made me “URUTORA HAPPI-!” inside to see their mother-daughter moment. <3

As for me, my bro and I will be taking our mum to a BBQ restaurant. My gift’s still pending to be sent so he’s paying. Hrm, I hope it gets here okay. Heck, I hope she likes it at least. *bit troubled* /S

*sigh* Well, in any case, I LOVE YOU, MOM!! Even though you piss me off more than anybody in the world can (don’t worry, Dad follows you close in second) and we’ll probably never be compatible (cuz you’re just too you and I’m just so me, aha~), I just wanted to thank you for giving me an existence in this world and for always taking care of me. Not that you’ll ever read this but yea.


*cough* Right, love ya. ^^


5 thoughts on “Wishing all moms a Happy Mother’s Day~!

  1. What a lovely post and I hope your mom, you, and your brother have/had a nice day! I couldn’t do much for my mom for Mother’s Day, since I am currently living out-of-state and am two-three hours away by car (and can’t drive…yet), but I wrote up something for her and gave her a call. I also have a gift that I plan on giving to her next week when I see her for my graduation. Anyway, I’ll just wrap this up here with the mandatory: Happy Mother’s Day!

    • Thank you! My mom had to work today but we had a very good dinner (three shares of green tea ice cream and crepe, yum~) so it’s all good.
      I hope even though you were away from home that you each had a great day as well. It’s super nice of you to write and call your mum and wah~, giving her a present at your graduation? How sweet! ^^ Hope she has a gift for you, too.

      And CONGRATULATIONS ON GRADUATING~! Celebrate extra as a treat from me as I’ll still have to complete that internship before receiving my diploma (just going to attend the ceremony on Wednesday first).
      What are your plans now? Graduate school? Work? Whichever it is, I wish you the best of luck in your future! I’m sure you will go far. ;D

      • Thank you! And I’m glad you had a nice day, I did as well (and I think my mom did, too, she had my grandmother over and they had a good time). For the present…I’m just giving her a blanket that we got from our university for being one of the first 50 (or something like that) students at the showing they did of the Sherlock movie that came out last (?) year…or earlier this year or something. As for a gift back, I just want some money and a nice dinner.

        Anyway, I am planning on going back to Japan for 10 months at a Japanese language school in Yokohama, where I’ll get an intensive study in the language, and hopefully from there I’ll be able to go to a Japanese university for a few years and get the time in Japan that I need in order to be a translator. Then, when I come back, I’ll find a translating job. That’s the plan, anyway, and my ideal would be getting a translating job at Yen Press, since I really love the manga that they pick up (mostly G-Fantasy stuff).

        Enough of that though, I wish you the best of luck with your internship and I’m jealous that you got to eat green tea ice cream and crepes today, those are both so yummy~

        • Wah~, I’m so jealous. Sherlock merchandise~ <3 Haha, I still have to get the first movie.
          Hehe, pretty much the same for me except we'll be going out to lunch (if the ceremony actually finishes by then).

          Ooo! Good luck. Sounds like a challenge but I know you love your major and are super-competent at it so you'll definitely enjoy your time there. ^^ And it'd be awesome if you can get a job as translator at Yen Press. They are one of the few publishers whose translations I approve (though I've had some problem with one of the licensed light novels but it's okay) and I'm sure you'll have a great experience working for them. :D

          Thank you and let’s do our best. Take care, stay in touch and have a safe, enjoyable summer! (^ ^)/”

          • Haha, the funny thing is, I actually have had much of an experience reading their translations. I should try to read some of them though (I had PH, but I lent the series out to a friend, so I haven’t been able to read them yet). Still, I’ve heard fairly good things about their translations as well, especially in comparison to other manga companies. So, thank you very much for the kind words and I’m sure you’ll do great too!!

            Ah, and we definitely need to keep in touch (I have a Tumblr now, which I use a lot, so you can follow me there, I go by the same name). You have a safe and enjoyable summer, too! ^0^)/

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