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This is the “Hi” bubble. Why? Because the current Xiao is in no condition to greet everyone cheerfully (though she does misses you all so please forgive her) before she goes off into another one of her rants but do not worry, because she will explain mostly everything in her own coherent manner. If you should need help deciphering her pinhead language, please consult the new exclusive Xiao-dictionary, now available for purchase somewhere on this godforsaken blog. Should you be able to find it, please send all payments via her email that you will also have to search for.

Only Paypal accepted.

*GETS BRIK’D* …Thank you and have a nice day. |D; )

…UMG, save me…wait…who AM I?! @___________@;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

……Pft, I bet an actual identity crisis wouldn’t be as bad as this weekend coming up for me but before I take a nose-dive into the burning hells of research, this will serve as a much needed deep breath of the living world. I also woke up late so I can’t really call about internships right now since everybody’s at lunch and I’d much rather get that stuff done and over with in the morning. *still procrastinating to the ends of the world~* /P

Right, so I’ve only got like literally a month before the graduation ceremony and therefore, any minimal plans I made for the spring season is getting tucked away into a shoe box until I manage to recover what’s left of my soul. Which is probably…well, I dunno, I just want more sleep. My soul can wait or get picked up and mauled by a kitten for all I care (BUT AS LONG AS IT IS A CYUTE KITTEH!!).

…Not that I have much I wanted to watch for spring anyway see, I’m trying to stay on topic *pointless smug face* since I’m generally going to stay away (forever) from slice-of-life (especially those that include school uniforms *can’t stand school anymore*), harems, unequally-distributed-gender-casts, shiny-moe-driven fanboy plots, rom-coms and just ones that I think are sheer dumb. Mind you, my interests in anime has been increasingly limiting itself lately and even I don’t know why but I suppose that’s a good thing since I won’t have to religiously follow a schedule like I did in the past years. *sigh* But it was actually good then so…

That doesn’t mean there’s nothing for me to watch and here’s the tiny list I have so far:

Accel World – Already saw the first two episodes, got curious and read the manga…it’s interesting but not original or savory enough for my tastes so might drop it soon.

Eureka Seven Ao – I think I’m crossing this one off until I watch all the Eureka Seven installments before it. It’s the same I’m doing with the Aquarion series. \D;

Ozuma – This is only 6 episodes but after watching the first, I really was captivated by the premise probably due to my fascination with Captain Harlock and all old-school anime and I intend to marathon the rest after my finals are over.

Zetman – Postponed.

Jormungand – By far, the only best synopsis I’ve read for the entire spring line-up (not counting sequels) so yes, I will check this out after my work load is over.

Hmm…really bleak, isn’t it? Ah well. Huagh, what I wouldn’t give for a bag of cash to do some manga-bulk purchasing right now. Boo hoo hoo~…

Anyways, moving along…


…is CANCELLED. Yes, I think you probably figured it out by now since I haven’t posted anything on April 1st or even before that but I simply can’t afford to lend my time to it this year. I’ve also been thinking a lot on how I want this contest to go and decided that the moe-approach is not what I want to do. It’s just too shallow and I feel that’s not what we should be judging our favorite female characters on. Not that you people who participated haven’t gone beyond that to show your support, which is why you’re so wonderful and I’m forever grateful to you. But that’s the same reason why I’d like to improve…the outlook of this project. Do you understand what I mean?

Really guys, I think y’all deserve a better tournament with much more substance and that’s the main reason why I’m calling it back for this year.

So here is the official statement from the host to you why are you so serious all of a sudden?:

SoMT is discontinued indefinitely.

As far as I’m concerned. I apologize to those who have been looking forward to it this year. BUT!

I have an alternate solution and one that I’m sure is about a dozen times better than a moe popularity contest. But that will have to wait until summer as its framework is still in the progress of…well, coming into existence. It’s relatively simple, though, and not so different that you won’t know what to do when it comes out.

So yep. Just give me a few more months and I’ll announce it as soon as I’m able to.

Look forward to it! ;)

Winter Wrap-up

Black Rock Shooter – I’ll be unapologetically blunt about this one.

OVA > TV anime.

I do respect all opinions contrary to it. This was fairly decent. However, it was not great nor good in my eyes. In fact, because there were a lot of things that detracted from the enjoyment I thought I was supposed to get is the reason why I ranked the OVA higher. Let me explain.

First of all, while I’m glad they explained the whole connection between the real world and BRS’s world, the direct improvement we’ve all been wanting to see ever since the OVA, it never amounted to anything more than a “Ok…so what?”

Which made all the battles, emotionally in the former and brutally physically in the latter, seem like it was overcompensating for what the anime lacked and its flaws that just made your face twist. I mean, I know I’m not the only person who must have thought the behaviors and interactions between the girls were so unnatural and downright weird, even for a perfectly serious issue such as friendship dissonance. Raise your hand. Which one of you couldn’t help but laugh when Yomi went crazy over a text-message and proceed to murder her cellphone with a pillow?

I never thought I wanted to hear a seiyuu, especially the Miyuki Sawashiro, go so far into “narm” territory and after that, I’m hoping I’ll never have to again.

But that’s not the problem.

The problem is the characters. Yes, it’s understandable if you want to play the psychological-weakness card when it came to Kagari’s possessive obsession or Yomi’s “NOBODY NEEDS ME!” crisis. Yes, it’s even okay for you to throw in a not-so-sane-herself counselor in the mix to move the story along. What is not alright is the fact they reduced what could have been well-rounded personalities to…these slap-on tanturms that can’t even function properly within an already two-dimensional space. And things are supposed to mean better because their alter-egos are the ones who takes their pain for them?

What?! No!

I mean, they eventually went to the root of the issue and resolved it but did so unsatisfyingly. So much that I wondered if it would have been better had the two worlds not gain an awareness of each other so the real world can deal with it and therefore, as a consequential effect, the other world would follow albeit in its own way. Of course, this would defeat the purpose behind Yuu’s story, which was the only thing that made sense, so it just adds to the contradictions of my argument. Regardless, no matter how hard I try to comprehend it, the rational part of my mind just won’t accept how the anime played out.

So I’m afraid I wasted your time for the past few minutes in trying to figure out what confused me and I’m sorry. Just let me be clear overall. The conflicts that the anime had were fine. The way they were dealt with, however, just kept getting overcomplicated and the anime ended tripping itself up more because of it.

Again, just my opinion. Don’t think I’ll ever get back to trying to change it since I don’t plan on rewatching to understand better. It just wasn’t good. -_-;

Guilty Crown – Contrary to the million other reactions out there, I don’t regret watching this to the very end. It certainly was badly written, badly characterized, and badly developed. So much that you can say you never saw an anime fail so badly for taking itself seriously. And it never bothered to try and redeem itself within the last few episodes…which were a total “Duh…wut?”. That’s just baaad. Don’t ignore your shame when it’s bigger than the promise you set out to achieve. Bow your head to the ground and apologize to the viewers you disappointed! TAKE RESPONSIBILITY, DAMMIT!!!

…However, if there is one or two things that didn’t sink down with the rest of the anime, it has to be the ability of Production I.G. to deliver an epic scene (such as this and this) in epic proportions and Hiroyuki Sawano for creating the equally beautifully done soundtrack. The acting is debatable since the seiyuus had no choice but to read whatever crappy script the writers gave them but even they had their moments here and there.

It’s a true pity because we never asked you to set out and make something that would shake the five or ten genres Guilty Crown fell into. Nor did we want a deconstruction of every reenactment or reference to the successful mecha-rebellion anime that broadcasted in recent history. At least, for me, I wanted to be the one who screamed “YEAH!” when that sop of a protagonist stopped being a sop and took charge to do something awesome on screen. I wanted to go all sentimental when I heard lines like “But still…I fell in love with him because he was so heart-breakingly human” or “This time, I won’t let you go!”. I wanted to love the characters, the plot, the whole damn thing when it boiled down to something as simple and as true as that because THAT is the thing you actually got right with this show, Production I.G.! You just got EVERYTHING else wrong!


*cough* Really. If someone who has never touched GC before saw a short clip of the few good things that came out of it, they’d say “Wow, I want to watch this now”.

And that’s really all that should have mattered. Make it interesting to watch. Make it complicated, make it silly, sad, funny, or just plain frustrating to sit through. But don’t overestimate it and turn it into joke at the same time.

I seriously hope you learned much from your experience with this one, Production I.G., cuz at the rate you’ve been going, it’ll be worst than Gonzo (are they even the worst anymore?).

Nisemonogatari – If you’ve been following my tweets, I had enough to say about this season of the Monogatari series that I just stopped when it was over. For me, it didn’t live up to the love I had for the first season. Majorly because I was disgusted by the excessive amount of incestuous fanservice that made Bake’s looked almost innocent.

It does have its strong points, though. I liked the addition of new characters in Karen and Tsukihi’s arcs (though I still miss Oshino like a hundred times more, Meme~ T_T) and the future roles they’ll play if we are to see the rest of the light novels animated, the different “feel” of the dialogue due to the Koyomi’s different behavior when he is around his sisters and of course, the most striking trait that Bake didn’t have: Shinobu. Talking. And being epic in basically everything. Yea.

There’s not a whole lot more I can add. If SHAFT does plan to adapt the rest of Monogatari, I will watch it for continuity’s sake but not so much for the love I had when I first watched this.

Inu x Boku SS – I doubt anyone would remember this but I have sorta photo-mentioned IxBSS in my last post about my trip to Japan. When I came back, it didn’t take me long to find scanlations of it but they only had four chapters of the first volume up.

And after reading chapter one, I decided this wasn’t my cup of tea because I couldn’t stand seeing a grown man constantly referring to himself as the dog of some loli with social problems. In other words, this manga was like a wet dream come true for fangirls and I am not that type of fangirl. I don’t view myself as a feminist either but there are a lot of sexist things that appear in manga and anime that I absolutely WON’T tolerate. Sometimes it isn’t even about sexist issues. It’s just the ridiculousness of the setting that lends itself to the unrealistic, regardless of setting it’s in.

So I dropped it but I knew it was going to get green-lit for an anime sooner or later since has all of the “popular” themes that appeal to female and seinen audiences alike. When I saw this on the line-up last year, I wasn’t planning on even giving it a peek but the lack of shows to watch and my darn curiosity pushed me to it.

My first impressions for the InuBoku anime, which got me back into reading the rest of the chapters, weren’t that great either. The seiyuu cast, despite being the most renowned in their industry, felt very mismatched for some reason. Probably because I left it to my imagination to fill the voices when I was reading the manga but even so, there are times when I thought Yuuichi Nakamura’s voice as Soushi oozed with too much fluffy sleaziness that it just grossed me out. Then there is the problem with some parts being said too slow, redundancy, overuse of flashbacks, and the plot not following the manga right so the episodes were not making sense. Frankly, I had a lot of complaints about the anime save for the animation, which was so lovely and consistent that I wonder if my eyesight had gotten worst, and the music, which was nice for a casual show.

But the anime aside, if you’ve read the manga and overlooked its flaws, the story is actually not half-bad. At first, I blamed my sudden interest on it as some kind of guilty pleasure that I would eventually get over (I’m not a hypocrite, I’m just critical with what I read) but as I continued, I realized there was a lot more depth than I originally thought.

The characters, though their circumstances are beyond my scope of understanding, are easy to sympathize with. Not to mention, they’re all likeable in their own quriky and adorable ways. Heck, I’m pretty sure I love all of them since there’s a right balance of good and bad traits with each one. Like the prime example being Riricho. You’d think she is like any other tsun main lead but unlike tsunderes, she actually beats herself up a lot about her cruel behavior towards others, apologizes and wants to change. The lengths she goes through to do that are simply adorable and I love how she’s in an environment where everyone around is just as weird as she is so nobody is truly offended if one insults the other or not and can still be good friends because they more or less had some hard experiences while growing up and can relate to each other.

That is one of stronger points of this series. Yes, the romance-fanservice is nice and the supernatural aspects as well as the “insanely wealthy family” trope are bonuses but nothing can really top the general message IxB SS is trying to convey. And that’s to be able to learn how to change as well as being accepted and loved for who you truly are.

Corny, I know, but it’s developed very well (in the manga anyway) so I don’t think I’m too far off on that.

*sigh* Someday I will do a further, deeper observation of this series. My obsession for it has died down a bit no thanks to the animosity I have towards the anime but I still think it earns a special place somewhere on my shelf for making an impression on me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still not okay with a lot of InuBoku’s more shallow displays (and you can be sure I’ll strike down on it mercilessly) but overall, it has a sturdy backbone in most of its departments and that should be worth something to delve more into.

As for a sequel? Yes, I think there will be one even though there wasn’t that crucial indication in the anime like there was with the manga (like I said, they screwed up a lot on that *rolls eyes*) but as long as DVD/Blu-ray sales are good, we can be sure there will be a second season. The manga is still ongoing and story gets a lot more interesting after this arc is over (and darker, too). And since David Production is a relative newcomer among studios, it would be a safe choice to adapt to rest since they did moderately okay with the first…which is more reason why they should do a second season to surpass the first. Honestly, I think the reason why these 13 episodes weren’t as great as I wanted them to be was because they didn’t want to take the risk of leaving it open-ended so that they’ll feel obligated to make a sequel. *rolls eyes* Right.

Anyways, we’ll see, I guess.



Gundam AGE – Still watching this.

I’ll keep this brief. Asem’s arc is alright. Whether it’s more good or more bad is up to you. I personally don’t mind the direction they’re going in, I just wish Asem wasn’t in it because every setback is mostly his fault. Him and his damn ego and his constant wangsting. And it had to take Woolf’s death to shut him up a bit. Though I don’t think that will last but seeing as his arc ends in two episodes and there’s no news on what happens to him or what he’s doing during Kio’s arc, I couldn’t care less. Just take him away already.

As for Flit (who is pretty much the only main, recurring character I give a damn about), I was surprised to learn he lives on to become Jii-chan and commander of the Federation. Wow. That’ll be something to look forward to. Judging from the latest scans that came out, it makes me wonder if he’ll have a better relationship with Kio than he did with Asem. It might also be an indication that Asem isn’t present much in Kio’s life, whatever happened to him, just like Flit wasn’t when Asem was growing up so I think Flit might have picked up on what he did wrong as a father and be trying to make up for it as a grandfather. I dunno, just a guess because apparently Kio calls him “Jii-chan” instead of “Ojii-san” and there’s a significant difference in familial distance based on which way you address family members. But that’s just based on common knowledge, not evidence from the actual show.

We’ll see.

…Oh, and even if Kio’s arc does last for twenty episodes (that’s just five more than Flit and Asem’s arc, separately), I doubt they’ll reach any sort of conclusion or peace treaty with the Vagans. Man, why can’t we all just get along and stop killing each other? -_-;

Have I gone and done it? …Yes, I’ve gone and done it. I’ve done it. I’ve decided to marathon all the Precure seasons after discovering what epic AWESOMENESS it was made of. And it’s all thanks to Yes! Precure 5 GoGo! for convincing me. And Nozomi, my latest huge girl crush! That’s here up in the new banner! I love you, my Dream~! <333

Now I know most of you who don't know this series any better are going "Wat?! Xiao, you traitor! How could you?!" but if you would allow me to tell you "Take whatever respect you have for me and bet it on how you think of this franchise after giving it a fair chance", then you'll see what I mean.

I take back all the negative commentaries I ever made about Precure and I apologize sincerely for making those nasty assumptions before even watching it. Though I agree it's long and tedious to go through 49 episodes of monster-of-the-weeks and transformation sequences that take up almost 3 minutes of your life for each one (that's like…*calculates*…147 minutes, yikes), Precure has something that makes it a worthy stand-out from all other magical girl shows. And I definitely say "worthy" because it ran on 9 back-to-back seasons of that ongoing theme.

And if you haven't figured it by now, it's friendship.

Yes, I know, other mahou shoujo has that, too. So what?

Well…so nothing. It's just awesome. It's like, as I quote the person who said this, "Sailor Moon meets DBZ". It not only has a strong sense of justice and nakama, it’s full on action and kick-ass. What could be more awesome than literally PWNING! the hell out of your enemies through the power of teamwork?!

…Ok, I realize that I’m not making this persuasive enough for you to try it out (I’ve only completed two seasons so far so give me a break) but seriously, don’t judge this book by its cover. If you love mahou shoujo like I do, I think you’ll want to sample this even a bit.

The reason why I’m so hell bent on getting more people to see this is simply because I’m so moved by how well Toei has done with Yes! Precure 5. The relations between the characters are so deeply rooted and amazing that it renewed my faith in anime…as far as this genre goes.

I’ll admit. I cheated and got lured in by the NozomixCoco (it’s a hetero pairing) AMVs I saw on Youtube but even so, romance is barely touched upon and that’s why I LOVE it! It’s subtle and not so obviously blown-up in my face! I really appreciate that!
I’m a romantic at heart but I’ve always felt romance is the most overrated thing you can ever have in a story. Even if it’s done good, there’s more of a chance it’ll be overrated than it is good so I’m always picky. But true friendship is rare. True friendship done right is even rarer. You don’t see it done as fiercely as you think you already do (at least in my case, it’s been a while) but it shows in Precure and it’s not repetitive because they always find a way to reinforce it even better each time.

This is frustrating because there’s simply not enough room in this post for me to go out in a full-blown, organized rambling spree analysis about my newest obsession. I’ve also been running on nothing but a few M&Ms, one microwaved pizza, two mini melon-cakes and a cup of water all day so…

But when I’m able to, I want to do a better post after I completed all seasons up to date. I think that’s the least I can do as fan for keeping my love for anime alive, even just a little. Haha, as I thought, I had to go back to the root of all that to learn to appreciate it all over again. Ah, mahou shoujo, we will always be together, you and me. <3

Right, so until then, I hope those of you non-believers will take my recommendation and give it a try. If not, that's okay. I realize that even if this franchise is great, not all can stomach the kiddish/girlish feeling it comes with I don’t care, I’m always a kid~ lol. But once you get past all that, it can be pretty enjoyable. That’s all I can say for now. :)


Hmm, I think this is one blog status that I’m actually mostly satisfied with. Can I get an applause?


*sniff* Thank you, you are all too kind. <')

No really. I don't think I've ever been able to type up a post where I never apologized for the sloppiness of it before. And I'm still dead tired from work. Jesus. This is a miracle. o_O

lol, alright, I'll end it here before it gets worst. Hopefully, by the time I make the next post, I'll have passed this semester and secured and internship already. As for you all, I hope you're doing well and hanging in there. Don't worry. Summer's just around the corner. Stay healthy and do your best!

"Ja ne~!" for now! (^ ^)/"


2 thoughts on “Blog Status: Durrrrrr……

  1. Haha, I actually have nothing to add here when it comes to what you have written up on the anime you’ve watched. I basically have the same thoughts. As for what I am watching…So far anyway:

    -Uchuu Kyoudai (This anime almost has an “The Adventures of Pete & Pete” feel to it or something, but I liked it. So, I’ll be sticking around for this one).
    -Shirokuma Cafe (I *really* liked this anime. It is was just so cute, funny, and refreshing! I hadn’t even heard about it until the day or so before it came out. So, watching, definitely).
    -Zetman (I’m giving this one up to episode three and then I’m going to decide, but I’ll probably drop it, too).
    -Accel World (I’ll probably drop this one. There seems like there is a bit of potential, but it’ll have to prove itself. If not, then I’m just going to drop it).
    -Sankarea (This one was very interesting and different. So, hopefully it will stay that way. I also like how there was a SHAFT-ness to the series, without being *too* SHAFT. It was nice.)
    -Natsuiro Kiseki (The first episode was actually pretty good and the supernatural element was nice. This is being done by Sunrise and since they’ve created my current love (T&B), I am going to trust them a bit here. Though, if it starts getting bad or bland or what have you, I’m going to drop it).
    -Nazo no Kanojo X (I find this series really solid and it had good characters and execution and was unique, but the plot is rather gross…I want to continue watching this, but I don’t if I’ll be able to. So, I may eventually drop this.)
    -Jormungand (I haven’t watched this yet, but I’m going to check out the first episode.)
    -Sakamichi no Apollon (Basically the same as above.)
    -Tsuritama (And, once again, the same as above.)
    -AKB0048 (I’m just watching the first episode for the WTF-ness! XD)
    -Hyouka (I’m going to check out the first episode)
    -And some short (3/5/7-minute shows and such)

    Of course, I won’t be able to get around to watching a lot of these until after May, probably. Because then I will be graduated and yeah. So, I understand your pain right now! Ugh, I just want to graduate already~ DX

    Anyway, I wish you good luck with your classes and homework and studying and graduation and all of that stuff. Take care, yeah~! ^-^

  2. I wanna watch Precure, I want to so bad, but I don’t know where to start or what order the seasons go in. I picked up A LOT of Spring anime and I haven’t watched everything yet (like Jormungand or Zetman), but from what I have watched, there were a few shows that really stood out to me. Sankarea and Shirokuma Cafe are good, but Uchuu kyoudai, Nazo no Kanojo X, Sakamichi no Apollon, and Tsuritama really left an impression on me. Sakamichi no Apollon had the best first episode of the season, in my opinion. And Tsuritama was very quirky, fun, and colorful. I think I’ll be enjoying Thursdays~

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