First post of the new year! Old Princess Tutu AMVs!

Like…ANCIENT, m’dears. Btw, Happy New Years, everyone! And of course my first post of the year of the end of the world is about something old. Hmm, mind as well make it a happy start. If this were the fall wrap-up, it wouldn’t actually be much fun, you can trust me on that. *sigh* D/

So…this is what I was talking about my secret surprise post. Anybody still remember the days when we relied on Windows Movie Maker? I’m surprised my video can even show on Youtube…and then I remembered I saved it as .avi format but…

Anyways, yes, back at the end of my high school years when Princess Tutu was my biggest anime love since…Yu Yu Hakusho (whoa, big genre transition!), I would spend hours and hours lurking the livejournal community and reading fanfics and browsing through Youtube for good AMVs. Naturally, I had a stream of ideas flowing into my head on what I wanted to do with my own. Of course, I was paranoid if anybody else did a certain thing I wanted to do already or took a song that I wanted to make the AMV to, so there was a whole tiny dilemma on that before I became fed up and neglected my homework to finally work on one.

I had intended to do much more than 2 AMVs (had a whole list of them and not just for PT either) but with WMM constantly crashing and never letting me edit things better (not to mention, the effects were extremely limited compared to more advanced software that I did not want to buy b/c it was mad expensive *grunt*), my whole AMV-making mojo slowly died off and I was whisked off to college to be miserably busy for the next five years.

So that is the story of my very, very brief career of my AMV days. Of course, if I ever get struck by the intense motivation to make one again (and it has to be very intense, like a lightning bolt-strucks-your-ass intense), I might actually do it. I bought that Sony Vegas software and still have it though it’s the 8th edition and I’m pretty sure they’re at the 12th or 13th by now but whatever, so long as it works, it’s fine with me. Problem is…it’s so difficult compared to WMM. Yea, I know, you can do so much more with it but I have no interest in using crazy effects because:

1) All the complicated stuff I have to learn just to do so is not worth my time.
2) Too many colors and wackies take away from the AMV (and block me from seeing anything, dammit!) which is why I no longer watch most of them. I mean, c’mon, it’s one thing to be artistic about your work and it’s another to throw a cement truck of neon noodles and flash-seizures onto it and expect it to be avant-garde or something. It is not. Why can’t I have my simplicity where all things are just cleanly cropped and put together so I can mainly focus on the content?
…But what would I know, right? I gave up after two. *shrug*
3) I’m simply not creative nor tech-savy enough which is basically a sum of the first two.

…But I might. Never say never after all. *whistles away*

So, with that aside, here is the very first AMV that made it pass the drawing board and somehow came out okay.


And that it was my first so you have no choice but to forgive me. :P

Extended comments on it below the description quote.

Tribute: RuexMytho
Song: I Just Can’t Live a Lie
Artist: Carrie Underwood

My first AMV…hmm, never thought it would be a Rue and Mytho one but anyways…
It’s from Rue’s point of view about their (very) rocky relationship and how they overcame all those obstacles to finally be able to love each other mutually (I think… ^^;). I was thinking about how Rue, despite knowing that the town was controlled by the story all along (so, therefore, she wasn’t technically being controlled by it), would not give up on Mytho even if she could’ve been happier with somebody else…since being with Mytho was when she was the most happiest. So any life without him is basically just a lie and this song was perfect for it. ^^ Gah, I hope that made some sense. :/

The timing is off around the last part (because WMM was being a pain in the ass Dx) so I apologize for that.

Scratch that last line. The timing is off on several parts but there’s nothing I can do about that now.

Anyways, let me just make this clear that I don’t really have a preferred shipping above all others for this series because I loved the whole package of it more than I care for its romance. But it’s obvious I won’t get away with avoiding the topic. Question is why did I start with this couple first, especially when after the first few times I watched it, I had a great animosity towards Rue for getting the guy in the end despite everything that Ahiru/Tutu went through for Mytho.

Had being the keyword.

I mean, I always found her character one that should be sympathized with even if you hate her bitchy, clingy guts from season 1 and…well, pity for. Most love-starved people, especially girls, sometimes are for me anyways so that gradually wore away at the loathing until it evaporated completely. But ah, I’m digressing a bit, aren’t I?

Point is, she’s the perfect focus of an relationship-angst-AMV (god, so much ANGST, you deceiving mahou shoujo show!). As for the song, I heard it quite a while before I was into PT this much. I’m not a regular fan or follower of Carrie Underwood or anything but her voice is very lovely and the lyrics fitted exactly with how I wanted to make this AMV and voila!

On the whole thing in general, it sorta follows the main plot but it can be seen as a kind of AU if you want to look at it that way as well. Cuz in the anime, Rue was always dead intent on getting Mytho’s love. Here I portrayed her as a girl with the option of leaving him because of the mistreatment she’s been receiving. It really plays out like one of those overly sentimental soap operas or dramas that I’d rather not watch and hell, the situation at the end isn’t something I really approve of either. Any girl with some sense wouldn’t stay but Rue (anime and this AMV), eck, she really loves him. Like “can’t be without you or I’d die” loves him (women in the real world, don’t be like that D/) and once his monster feathers all but “shined” themselves off at her clearly genuine feeligs, he returns the affections. That’s what I really wanted to get through, I suppose…and they end up happy together despite the s*** so it’s all good, y/y?

I usually say I don’t like my work because it never turns out as good as I picture it to be but overall, I was really satisfied when I was done with this. Yes, it still melts my eyes when I see how pixel-y the video is and how several cuts aren’t up to cue but I covered everything I wanted to for this side of RuexMytho and that just makes me happeh~. <3

Right then, next one. More heartbreak! xP

Tribute: TutuxMytho
Song: Take a Bow
Artist: Madonna

My 2nd AMV. I liked how it turned out even though there are a couple of kinks in it that WMM wouldn’t let me fix. So it could’ve been better…hmm. :/

Well, the scenario for this one is kinda semi-AUish. It started out as: “Mytho, as the Prince, is considered the main hero of the story (or “star of the show”). Tutu, the princess who returned his heart, has always loved him (and most can assume that Mytho knew about her affections even though she has not confessed to him) but her heart is broken when he chose Rue. As a result, Tutu says good-bye to Mytho.”

But yea, it didn’t end up as I originally planned. Instead, I (or rather, the song) unintentionally made Mytho the bad guy/womanizer who, despite knowing Tutu loves him and is trying her best to save him, continues hurting her by trying to steal other girls’ hearts. In the end, he (indirectly) rejects her because he wants to save Rue and so Tutu decides to say farewell but forgives and is happy for him because he’s turned back to the person she loved (so selfless! ;_;) .

I was going to include Ahiru in it as well but I view her love as more of puppy love and huge admiration. Also, I don’t see Ahiru and Tutu as the same person. Maybe with very similar goals and hearts in mind but not the exact same soul or anything.

I thought the song was odd but very fitting with the background of the anime in general. So that’s why I used it.

Why is Mytho always a cheating jerk/bastard in my AMVs?! LOL When I showed these to my best friend to get her obsessed with PT, too, mwuahahaha, she went totally raging at him and ironically, I came up to defend him with “But he’s not himself!” and “He drank some bad punch! It gives him severe chest cramps!” XDDD;;; It was…pretty amusing.

Anyways, I was immensely pleased with this one as I see it as an improvement from the first (exactly where, I can’t really tell you, I just feel it is) and one that I put a lot more passion into. That and though I said I’m not as indulged in the shipping for this fandom as I used to be, I really support TutuxMytho (not Ahiru, just Tutu) so that explains the “passion” part of it. But first, the technical boring stuff. Still crappy and blurry, the fade-outs and fade-ins are not synced like I wanted it to be, y’know, usual flaws.

What I do pride myself on, first of all (lol), is that when I focus on a specific couple, I do it the absolute T. Meaning, there are only two people center stage. Anybody else you see in it is irrelevant, just happens to be in a scene I needed to use, unimportant, ya get the idea, right? So forget them. You thought you saw them? No, you’re just imagining things. They’re not there at all.

And the same goes for the RuexMytho one, I just forget to mention it.

The point is, I emphasize really good. *smug*

So! Here is where I can expand on more of my reasons for TutuxMytho. WARNING: RANT AHEAD!!!

As I mentioned in my description (and the more I thought about it over time), I never saw Ahiru as being truly in love with Mytho. Remember, “love” and “in love” are different things. Every time she was around him as her usual self, she’d stutter and get so flustered into a frenzy that it really never went to more than just that. Of course, there are moments when she looked so happy/relieved to see him and they manage to have a conversation with each other but those were so brief and often interrupted that the relationship never progressed pass the acquaintance stage. Yes, I do believe that Mytho was Ahiru’s first love, though, cuz if she didn’t love him, she wouldn’t feel uneasy at watching him and Rue dance with each other or cry for him so much. But deeply in love with him? I don’t think so.

Tutu, on the other hand, now is a little more complicated. I know people can argue that she might have never had a personality because it was Ahiru talking and acting through the power of the pendant or she was mentioned only once in the book or more factually, she was only just a manifestation of the Prince’s feeling itself so it’s not like you can consider her a character in her own right. But I beg to differ (because I can :P). For one thing, I think it is BS that only the “hope” shard got to take the physical form of a woman when all the other heart shards were transparent versions of Mytho (‘scuse me, Siegfried) just so it can fit the magical girl theme.

Drosselmeyer and his horrible omission-editing department be damned, if the Prince placed more importance and purpose on Ahiru’s pendant/hope shard than he did on his other feelings and it took shape as what I call the “supposedly princess of his dreams”, then some lady must have influenced him or had some significance in his life. As Mytho/Siegfried’s storybook past is still largely a mystery to us apart from his fight with the Monster Raven, this theory is plausible. …And Drosselmeyer was an old troll who probably never handed in his final manuscripts on time anyway. :P

Next, is the way they regard each other. Again, yes, it was Ahiru’s choice to return all the heart shards to Mytho that brought Tutu into being in the first place. We all know that Mytho was blatantly drawn to Tutu, not Ahiru. But take a look at Tutu’s side aka, watch the AMV again and tell me that all the held stares they share with each other, the way they embrace, hug and dance with each other and the way they smile at each other is nothing but deeply intimate. Ahiru’s consciousness may be the dominant one in both egos (three if you count her original form as a duck) but as Rue/Kraehe pointed out, Tutu’s grace, beauty and knowledge are mainly borrowed and not Ahiru’s own. All those qualities had to come from somewhere shut up, I’m right so admit it and this can further reinforce the idea that although Ahiru and Tutu have the same goal regarding Mytho (which is why they’re so compatible as alter-egos), there is a certain degree that separates them and this of course, includes the way they love him. Ahiru’s is through a sense of admiration but seriously underdeveloped, Tutu’s is more mature and displayed in varying degrees of emotion through her interactions with Mytho. Which is why I think Tutu is a separate character by herself. It’s just that, like the book she came from, they never took the time to give her respective part more depth. And hey, we can hardly say we know Mytho either. After he regains his whole heart, that is. He defeated the Raven and left. :P


Right, whoo, seeing as how this is getting too long already (I’m sorry~), I’ll sum it up by saying that’s what I really wanted to show in the relationship between Tutu and Mytho. Too bad they could never have been cuz of that stupid Can Not Spit it Out restriction on Tutu which is absolutely unfair and Mytho’s insane obligation to love EVERYONE in the world, especially the girl who screamed her lungs out and got swallowed by her daddy to save his pantless butt. Seriously, in real life, that will lead to major marriage complications down the road.

But enough with my dissatisfaction, I’m branching off again. This is a fairy tale for christ’s sake. Everybody has to be happy regardless of what happens in the end. :P

The AMV, hmmm…what I really love about it (I swear, I’m going to shoot staples into my foot every time I say that word again) is that you can interpret the story in so many different ways. I know I set the scenario for it in the description but it doesn’t have to be like that. Like see, you can follow the anime and see this as Tutu’s “F*ck you, Mytho, you broke my heart!” response to his rejection (or something like that).

Or I can make it completely AU (or just expand my perspective from the semi-AU in another direction) by saying that Mytho and Tutu are these two incredibly talented dancers who happen to be in love with each other for a long time yet for some strange reason, neither had come out and confessed yet despite how much time they spend together and how close they are. So Tutu’s wondering if all the signs she’s getting is just him practicing his act and/or painfully doting heaps of friendship on her and gets rather frustrated with not knowing how to read him. Mytho is always smiling and charming others so it really doesn’t help narrow things down though he regards Tutu as special, he just can’t show it right because he really takes her for granted for all the things she does for him. She calls him out on his behavior, he’s confused and attempts to make a move on her, she’s embarrassed at this sudden change and wonders if she pressured him into it which is not what she wants so therefore she runs and can’t face him, he doesn’t know what to do and interprets this as her probably not wanting to be with him because it hurts her and he doesn’t want to hurt her, he finds another girl, tells Tutu that he’s moved on, Tutu cries but accepts his choice because it seems Mytho can finally be happy with someone and be honest about it, they part, bittersweet.


And that's just one way of looking at it. :)

This is the one thing I require with (most) AMVs…besides corresponding with the lyrics and all. It has to tell a story. Otherwise, I can't find it interesting. And I think that's what I liked most during the process of making it. It formed right through my head like a film strip and wow, "did I just imagine and make that?” or something. Yea, it’s cheesy but I’m serious. It was FUN. That’s all you need to know.

Oh, and uh…Mytho and Tutu should have been together. Not so much for his sake but I think she is underloved. Ahiru got to at least be with Fakir for the rest of her regrettably short avian life so at least she’s not alone. :P

An odd abrupt way to end like this. Hmm. :/


So…I think it’s pretty firmly established that I’m a friend of the Love Hurts trope. I honestly don’t want to be but it’s been hanging over me like bad air since we’ve been introduced like millenniums ago so it seems we’re stuck with each other for the rest of my existence. *sigh*

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my vids or at least didn’t find them so repulsive to sit through (whatever the reason). And I hope that I didn’t bore you with my long ramblings either. I was quite in my element. Ah, nostalgia~ What you do to me. <3

Any comments or critique will be greatly appreciated though as I said, I probably won't be doing an AMVs in the near future if at all but I might go back and make a better version of these two. If you'd like to comment on Youtube, that's fine, too. Just don't expect me to reply back. I haven't used that account in ages and don't plan on going back to it. I won't delete it, I just won't log in under that name anymore. So I'd much prefer if you comment here.

Oh, and before I forget cuz I always want to forget xP, the disclaimer. I keep calling this “my work, my work, my work” but the real applause and praise of course, goes to the wonderful creator of this series, Ikuko Itoh, and all the staff and production behind this beautiful anime I’ve come to adore so very much. And Carrie Underwood and Madonna for such lovely songs. So I really can’t take any credit for making these AMVs. I just cut and paste them together according to the idea in my head. I own NOTHING! So don’t sue me or I’ll send my heartbreak friend on you! :P

K, toodles for now! :D


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  1. Ah, great videos! Princess Tutu is definitely one of my favorite anime ever. I agree about not seeing Tutu and Ahiru as the same person. They are both just so different. Of course, I prefer my adorable, clumsy Ahiru more. x3

    • Thank you very much! ^^ Yes, mine, too. <3 And I'm glad someone agrees with me on Tutu and Ahiru. I love Ahiru, too, but it kind of waned as my obsession went away. She's still loveable everytime I rewatch it, though.

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