Have a Merry, Merry Christmas~! It’s ěk-sěn’trĭk’s 3rd birthday!

Art credit to Wataame27.

Why must QB hijack everything puella magi? Hi, lovies! Hope everyone’s having a wonderful holiday! Yaaa, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Did anybody grow whiskers while I was away? Or raise penguins in their attic or did something weirdly beyond-the-norm awesome?

Because I sure didn’t and barely got out of school alive this term. *dragging my skeleton since you can’t see me*

Well, I’ll spare you (as always) the torturous details (but for real, this time, I promise) because I’m simply too tired and will probably be somewhere in Atlantic City or on the drive home when you read this. Heck, I’m about to fall asleep as I’m typing this now. I hope I get breakfast tomorrow morning cuz my dad’s got this crazy idea to go for 2-hr practice before the Y closes so he can come home and watch football. *rolls eyes*

Yes, that’s all the irrelevant rambling for now this will always be a lie, you are not allowed to believe it. Aside from the fact that my feet are freezing cuz we suddenly decided to remodel our entire house two weeks ago and I’m sleeping in the basement, let’s move along…

Nagisa-Christmas-themed (or the like) pics are getting harder to find these days but angels are all year ’round that sounds lame so…


And ah, yea, a shout-out to my blog as well though I haven’t done much since summer which greatly reduced what I can say about my blog for the end of the year. <P

*sigh* Such a shame but hey, school's gotta take priority and I know I'm not the only one who's had to neglect their blog for their studies. I haven't even checked updates for other blogs and barely go on Twitter except to complain (everybody who is still following me must have developed a magic IGNORE button and I applaud you)…which I can do straight from my iPhone (I am very tsun towards Apple merchandise but I do admit, mines is the coolest phone in this house, nyuknyuknyuk~). That’s not my X-mas present, though. :P

Anyways, I doubt much will change even during this one-month break I have. As soon as we hit January, gotta start preparing for the next term again along with finding an internship and making sure my school doesn’t screw up all my credits so that I can graduate on time. And I will finally, finally, FINALLY be getting that driver’s license (permit, w/e) so gotta work on that, too.

In my free time, I’m going to try to read as many books on my to-read list as I can so anime is taking the farthest back seat in the car. It is not because I lost an interest in it but more like I, erm, rediscovered (for probably the 18th time by now) my love for reading and just want to focus on that. *shrug* Plus, I’m finding it very hard to be able to love the new series coming out lately and I don’t want to put myself through multiple chores of watching a couple of shows each season if I’m not going to come remotely close to loving even one by the time it ends. So yea, that’s that.

I’ve also developed a huge interest in film recently though I’m still rather selective to a lot of things being released but it’s okay cuz I don’t really want to force myself to watch something I don’t feel up to seeing. Otherwise, it’ll turn out like how it is with ze animu. Puupuu~ =3=

I ask kindly, though, that those who read this refrain from recommending anything to me at this time. It’s not any of you, I assure and in fact, I’m always grateful when someone would go out of their way to point me towards something I should try. It’s just that if you do, some unknown mechanism will repel me from it and I’ll never get around to this book or that movie or this anime or that type of burrito they are selling at so-and-so street. I have know idea why. I always believed that everybody had some kind of counter-act reaction whenever this happens (plz tell me I’m not the only weirdo) but it never bothered me until now. Omg, Xiao, why are you so negative towards everything?! *throws a tantrum about self* >.<

Plus, let's face the facts. There is NO way I'll ever be able to complete all that in this break. @_@;

So, I'll end the talk about me here. Let's talk about…what I probably will not be able to blog. *soooooo sleepy~* …zzzzzzz… /3

Future Plans

It is my dream…to go ice-skating again before my life is over. And I will have hot chocolate and not break any limbs when I do.

Apparently, not this year, though.

On another note, seeing as how blogging activity will not likely change anytime in the near future, I’m wondering if I should go ahead with next year’s SoMT or not. Usually, I would have a list of all the qualified shoujo series by now and though it’s tough, it’s not impossible for me to hold the tournament on my own even with the school work. It’s the number of participants that’s the problem. No regular or semi-occasional posts = lowered readership = less successful a contest. Which would be awful in my opinion cuz PMMM is going to be in the run this year and I’ve been waiting forever to see new faces on the throne! *wails in despairs* Dx

So I’ll be debating with myself about that. Comments are welcome, of course. Mind you, I am quite selfish with SoMT and I’ll leave it to you to decide what that means. I’m sorry, please forgive me for my rudeness. >.<;

Next, my book review for Bungaku Shoujo Vol. 3 is way overdue so I'll just merge that up with the review for Vol. 4 after I read it…maybe.

The ROP project thingy that I mentioned like a year ago or something…UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…
Well, I reformed a bit of my outlook on how I look at relationships so before anything, I'd like to rewrite my standards and such before writing full-length rants. Do a little trimming around the list of people I want to talk about, too. Hmm.

Winter Wonder Festival post is still on. Hopefully, I won't be so swamped in work that I can't spend a day to type my impressions and have it posted shortly afterwards. As always, there will be no potential actual purchasing because spending capacity is like near zero and that makes me a very, very sad panda. T_T

As for the winter line-up, again, probably not enough time to check out all the ones I find interesting but to be honest, the BRS anime and Nisemonogatari (HA! I told you there’d be more of these two! Who’s right, HUH?! *smug* >83) are the only ones I’ll probably following. I won’t talk about more of that here since I’m short on time but there are a few things that irk me a bit:

1) Yomi’s character design in the OVA looked better than the one here but Dead Master wears megane in this one so all is compensated~ <3
2) How come most of the girls in Bakemono cut their hair?! I loved their hair in the first season! D8
Well, Hitagi's hair cut looks refreshing actually (well duh, she is the GORGEOUS Senjougahara *fangirl sparkle~*) but everyone else looks odd. Especially Tsukihi.

And if Araragi is the reason for this sudden change, I bet he said something that will be misinterpreted again. *rolls eyes*

Moretsu Pirates and Another are also on my potential watch list but we'll just have to see if those are keepers or not.

As for the wrap-up of fall, I'll do another post next week cuz that's going to be lengthy anyway…even though I dropped like more than half of what I set out to follow. But next week, next week.


There’s not much left I have to say that I haven’t already said above.

Ah! There is a surprise post (lol, so much for the surprise) I’m planning on posting sometime in January, though, and for now, I’ll keep the content a secret. It’s a bit embarrassing, actually, but you’ll be able to see a glimpse of the anime I had a HUGE passion for like…wow, four years ago. (@ ~ @)

I also doubt I’ll be able to do much writing but I’ll try my best to get into practice again (dammit, all those who are on the alert list for my story has been waiting for months! Plz don’t forget me~ xD;). I mean, look how bad this post is. Messy, unorganized, measly structure, side comments poking through EVERYWHERE. *waves hands exasperatedly* I apologize for the lack of wit (that I don’t really have) and festive cheeriness in it as well. But ya’ll understand, yes? Student life = sucky life. Exhaustion and fatigue is perfect excuse for the absence of decorum. You hear me?! I’m tired! So tired~! Tiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeddddddddddddd~!!!!!!!!!!!

…zzzzzzzzzz… *snuggles cozily into a gigantic stocking* /3

So with that, I wish everyone a wonderful and safe holiday weekend! Especially to my readers and especially, especially even more (with cookies and candeh~) for my loyal stalkers (kekekeke) ones. I missed you guys lots~ <333
Eat lots, enjoy your gifts, sleep in, be lazy, have fun in the snow if you have it (and throw a hard snowball at someone for me *gets smacked* XD;), all that merry stuff. And uh…I love you! *huggles* x3

Merry Christmas! "\(≧∇≦)/"


2 thoughts on “Have a Merry, Merry Christmas~! It’s ěk-sěn’trĭk’s 3rd birthday!

  1. You have a Merry Christmas, too!!! (*^ワ^*)

    I really don’t have much to comment on besides the fact that…YES! I am in nearly the same exact boat as you when it comes to college and such, going into my last semester and I just applied for an internship at the Japan Society. I’m also currently applying to graduate schools and Japanese language fellowships, so…Yeah. I also currently don’t have this thing known as a license.

    Anyway, over break I plan on catching up on reading books too. I tend to do things in cycles myself. So, for a while I’ll read a ton of manga, then I’ll read a ton of books, then I’ll watch a bunch of anime, then I’ll play some video games, and then I’ll go back to obsessing over this band or that singer and so on and so forth. I do this with practically everything…Except movies. I like movies, but I’ve never been a huge movie fan. As for right now though, even though I plan on checking out a good amount of anime series this Winter season, I plan on reading some books I was given and/or lent, and I would like to catch up (a lot) on Doctor Who and work my way through some other BBC programs and shows (at a later date, not during break). I’ll mix in some manga here and there and top it all off with Japanese studying… -0- Homework is never done! T^T

    Enough about me though, I hope you are having a lovely day today with family and loved ones and enjoy reading some good books and watching some good movies! ^-^

    • Hawo, hun~! <3 Sorry for the late reply and hope you had a great weekend.

      I think we were practically born on the same boat, dear (though I may be a year older than you), and we should totally like throw a cruise party or something just for that reason, lol! xD
      Good luck on getting that internship and your other applications! I'm so jealous, I want to work where I can speak Japanese but since my language focus is Spanish. *shrug* I still can't speak a straight sentence, how awful is that? *misery* Dx
      No graduate school for me, though, since I don't think I can stand another year of school for a while. Gotta find a job and make some money, maybe then I'll go back.

      INORITE?! What is it and why won’t it leave us the hell alone?! So annoying…

      It is a healthy diet~… /3 I mean, you can only focus on so many obsessions at once, amirite? Haha.
      I’ve never been much of a huge movie fan either. Then I suddenly developed an interest after watching a few good ones and it’s like nuts. :S But I guess it’s because they’re easier to watch. With anime, you have to wait weeks or take hours to marathon. With books, the time varies on how long before you actually finish it. That’s how it is with me.
      Yah, I keep hearing BBC has all these great shows but I never have anytime to sample them. I think I have the channel and everything, too. Such a shame. :(
      They should make a drug that helps us focus strictly on homework for x amount of time. I bet it will sell millions.

      Thank you, hun, I did enjoy it even though I got cold and sneezed my way to bed on X-mas night but all in all it was good. Hope you get to all (ok, most) of the things on your list for the (too short) break and rest up well! ^^

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