Blog Status: Summer Wrap-up, Fall Line-up

Hey, lovies. Yea, I know. What cliff did I jump off of and were there hungry sharks eagerly waiting for me at the bottom when it happened?

And since I am alive and…well, tired, you would know that I managed to save at least one of my hands or at least one of my toes. :P

School’s started again, peeps. August went by too fast and I still haven’t got my driver’s license. I’m reviewing like heck for all my Spanish classes (mis profesoras me vuelvan loca!) among other things. That’s all I can really give you.

Right, moving along…

Blog Status

Plans for posts? Errr…

I should be able to manage one post per month so this one just barely makes it for September. My priority is to graduate by next summer and if I want to pass, I really, really can’t f*ck up this last year.

Plus, despite me wanting to write very badly (fics, blog, etc), I’ve lost some inspiration during my trip to Hong Kong. That or my muse is having an affair with someone else. But either way, can’t bring myself to ramble as much as I’d like at the moment. Which is sad cuz I think I finally had a few tiny sparks of motivation go off thinking about my ROP project that has yet to get anywhere near started. *sigh*

Well, I think having some sort of plan is better than neglecting my writing altogether. So here’s what the schedule will look like until the end of this year:

October – Bungaku Shoujo Vol. 3 Review – Yes, way over due but I will get to it.
November – Have not decided yet but going to be hectic month, I’m sure. Might just opt for a short post on one of the weekends.
December – A Christmas-anniversary post plus a blog status post for the end of the year (includes the fall wrap-up and winter line-up).

Right, that should about do it. Fight-o da yo~! ;D


Summer Wrap-up

Steins;Gate – Ah, this. What can I say about this? …um…

lol, well, after it ended, I missed it so much, I went back to watch the first few episodes, downloaded the drama CDs, went on youtube to watch recorded gameplays, went “Oh shit! There’s going to be a movie?!” about the announcement that I clearly did not see/hear of at the end of the last episode and the whole shebang.

Yes, I really did miss it…but only because out of all the shows I kept watching this season, this was actually worth anything of an A grade. I was super happy when Okabe revived his funk to go save KurisuTINA~ and they got to reunite in the end along with seeing Suzuha in badass army uniform with her braids up in such cute way. And ooo, Mayuri got her metal Upa back! All in all, it was great anime and will probably come highly recommended to those who haven’t watched it yet.

Now is there any news about OVAs or what? Cuz I’m curious about these sequels, Hiyoku Renri no Darling and 8-bit or whatever and would very much like to see them since I have no access to the games anyway. *nodnodnod* 83

Dantalian no Shoka – Ok, BONES. You can stop masquerading as GAINAX now. :P

Not that I think this was bad or anything, far from it, but I can’t picture this being a GAINAX production at all. *shrug*

Well, by the looks of episode 12 (which, mind you, I watched raw so I had little idea of what to make of the important parts) and how the novels are still running, there’s going to be a sequel. I think giving us mostly one-shot episodes in a first season helps, too, cuz nothing that has been revealed about the true plox had really reached the level of “Oooooooooohhhhh! That’s what it meant!”. Typical. :P

That aside, I’m seriously debating if I’ll be interested in a second season. This was a nice Friday watch and the content is so rich with references and deep book knowledge stuff (I’m not even sure if it’s accurate or not) but it didn’t draw my attention in so much that I’d follow it religiously every week. Plus, no attachment = less likely to stay.

That last line is brought on more by how much I loathe Dalian’s constant tsun bitchy presence which just further turns me off if I have to put up with her for another 12 or so episodes.

On the other hand, it’s obvious Huey (who is such eye candy, hehe ;D) wants to bring the white-haired girl (who I suspect to be either from ancient Greece or Pandora or both or not, asdfjsdjflasj @_@; ) out into the real world so that she can hit puberty and he can marry her in the distant metropolitan-whatever-it-is future.

Bahaha. I’m not invested in this series at all. <P

Sacred Seven – Why I ever thought this would be better than Star Driver is beyond me and I apologize sincerely for making that assumption. I should have seen it coming when I read the silly premise. I mean, c’mon, Xiao, what’s wrong with you? You should know they’ve run out of ideas when they start using rocks as a basis for plot.


No offense to all the rock enthusiasts out there but it doesn’t always translate well onto screen, y’know.

Aside from that, I couldn’t sympathize with any of the characters who were boring at best. Alma was hardly satisfactory as the main protagonist, much less the hero. The script was half-ass narm, the animation was pretty much what was left in the scrap basket during Code Geass’s run.

Really, I think the only part I liked was seeing the twins get reunited cuz I’m a sucker for those types of moments…and Rui’s very purdy hair apparently. :P

Ikoku Meiro no Croisee – Liked it…can honestly say that I didn’t love it but I liked it alright.

Though brace yourselves for the pan-in-your-face truth, I didn’t like it for Yune.

I know she’s was generally the central of everything but I really can’t bring myself to care.

There’s nothing wrong with her, really. I don’t hate her…but I don’t love her. She’s sweet, so good-natured and innocent to a fault. And that’s it! So what? Moe with substance my butt. More like moe molded by an archetype (this being #2340: Yamato Nadeshiko, loli-size, if you please).

I’m sorry, I’m being rather mean when I don’t have any ill feelings toward the cute girl but I find that she’s got very little personality (save for her self-pity episode over her sister) to fill up all those beautiful kimonos she owns. Though to be fair, she comes from and was raised in a environment where women was considered the weaker sex. Submissive, apologetic, don’t give me a refuting face, it still happens today, alright? And me being born in the States and growing up in a modern era, obviously my perspective is going to clash with what was thought of as normal then.

But I think the bigger problem I had with this was not so much with Yune’s reluctant, demure passiveness as it was with pointy-stick-up-his-ass Claude whom I would really like deliver a good slapping or a dozen to. Just because his life sucked doesn’t mean he has to make a point of it to every single person in and out of the Galerie. I have a lot of issues with him that I won’t bother going into here cuz he’s just not worth it but he doesn’t deserve Yune. Not because he can’t provide for her but he can’t learn to f*ckin’ learn outside his sorry PMS box of himself.

On another note, I found Alice and Camille’s backstory much more interesting cuz it just goes to show you that being rich and owning all of Paris (or whatever) isn’t such a glamorous, snobby life as Claude anyone imagines it to be. I think I loved Alice the most because she’s such a free-thinker and is not afraid of failing her parent’s or society’s expectations to live the life she wants to live. Not to mention, her adoration for Yune and Japanese culture makes me scream “You’re the one who’s adorable, Alice-chan! <3" and despite her being a bit shallow at times with the money, she really is a nice girl deep down. Doing anything she can so that Yune enjoys her visit to Paris to the fullest, visiting and glomping her at the blacksmith store and not giving a shit about Claude, and offering her seat to an old lady (in a very mild yet adorable tsun way). Honestly, I never thought I would like her as much as I thought I would at the beginning but she’s become my favorite.
And then there’s Camille, who represents the more mature and refined outlook of the pair of sisters yet has been secretly bearing a melancholic atmosphere ever since her childhood friendship with Claude met a brick wall. While I’m more than supportive for Alice to go chase her dreams, I’m just as understanding with Camille’s position as well. I don’t pity her because to have grown up under circumstances that strictly wrap around you like a corset is something to be acknowledged but I don’t envy her either. On another day, I’d like to delve more into this topic as well as the relationship and comparison between both of them so I’ll just leave this as it is for now.

As with the rest of the series.

Do I expect a sequel? No thanks.


No. 6 – Got bored around the third episode. I dunno, I guess it was worth the chance you should give it but it couldn’t hold my interest, that’s all. I’ve seen a lot of plots with governments trying to brainwash citizens one way or another so…

Nekogami Yoayozuru – This is a very laid-back show and I liked it. Not enough to match with its “let all us gods be friendly and work to solve problems together!” pace, though.


Fall Line-up

As always, I can always have good hopes for Fall having a better variety of anime than all the other seasons. But I still can’t say it’s the season where none of the shows I pick up end up being dropped. And this year, there looks to be several just hanging on that very edge so let’s hope it delivers. Starting with the guaranteed-stay-with-even-if-it-drives-me-insane to probable let-gos…

Guilty Grown – Everybody will watch this. Even if they swear to God that they don’t want to for whatever silly reasons they can think of, they will watch the first episode. Cuz a Production I.G. + Death Note director + writers for Code Geass and Macross Frontier + supercell + redjuice (HOLY SHIT THAT IS A FIVE-WAY!) love baby is just something you cannot ignore. And if you ask me, it’s a pretty sexy baby. <P

Un-Go – Heard this was a movie. Then it changed back to an anime and so on. Uhhhh…well, it had the second best trailer after Guilty Crown can we have like a best anime trailer of the year award? 8D and the premise involves some detective/mystery so I’m in!

Persona 4 – Still have little to no clue about the Persona franchise but since it’s such a big, recognizable name, I think I’m obligated to try it.

Mobile Suit Gundam Age – Haha, so much hate floating around because of the character designs. Well, I see myself as a casual Gundam fan so while I’m slightly iffy about the cartoonish-style approach, I want to see if what this has to offer is worth sticking around for. Also, Mikapuu~, where have you been since DRRR!! ?! <3

Mirai Nikki – Self-explanatory. After that pilot video, it’s only justified that we get compensated for those 3/5 minutes by the ten fold.

Working!! – Liked the first season but can’t say I’m jumping for joy cuz sequels being sequels and all…the love just dies down. It’s unfortunate.

Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle – Saw the trailer a while ago and went “Hmm, passable”…now I don’t remember what it’s about. Will probably follow for at least 3 episodes at the most? :/


Happy 4th Anniversary, Simon & Nia!



Kkkkkkkaaaahhhhh. Four years and where is this fandom now? Still holding up strong, I hope. This is one of the most memorable anime of my generation and how can it not be when I found my #1 OTP (which is still #1 among all my OTPs, btw) here?

I really wish I had time to marathon it again just for celebratory purposes so I can ROFL and giggle myself silly over how HAMMY and GAR it can be and cry because THE ENDING! THE ENDING!!! *BAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWLLLLLLLLSSSSS* ;__________________________;*

*sniff* Yea. Simon! Nia! I love you two forever~! <33333

But since I can't or even go into rambling mode over my favorite couple due to hwk I still have to complete, you can go read my really sloppily done post I did for them two years ago which I hope to revise and basically rip-apart to paste it back better when I get around to ROP but that will happen when it happens.

Right, so that is all for now. Good luck to all my readers what’s left of you anyway to whatever stuff you’re in right now and stay healthy and well! (^^)/”


4 thoughts on “Blog Status: Summer Wrap-up, Fall Line-up

  1. Hey there! I’m glad to hear that you are alive and kicking and I am sorry to hear that your muse has temporarily left you, though I can understand since mine kinda did too (though, the real answer to all of this is just that college has been draining my life away).

    Anyway, I liked Steins;Gate a whole heck of a lot and am looking forward to the movie, though, of course, the fandom that I’ve invested most of my time in was (and still is) Tiger and Bunny! So much love for that series (and for basically every character, even the ones that I hate, because I love to hate them). The only weak thing I found in Steins;Gate was the romance. It just didn’t have that much of a impact for me, because I actually felt that Okabe cared more about Mayuri than he ever did about Kurisu (that kiss scene was just meh to me, no deep emotions were felt). I was actually more touched by Okabe’s date with Ruka(ko) than I was by that scene, but I also like Ruka more than Kurisu too, so that’s that. I knew Okabe/Kurisu would be the couple that would happen at the end though, because the leads tend to end up with the tsundere girls.

    I know you like them, but tsundere girls are hard for me to swallow most of the time, luckily none of the tsundere girls this season really bugged me too much. The only one I literally could not stand was the one in Hanasaku Iroha, that girl was just being an extremely childish “witch.” Though, I had many other issues with that show which lead to me ultimately dropping it.

    When it comes to characters that I like…Yune would be the perfect example. I haven’t finished it (I still have two more episodes left, but senior year of college is just like, “What? You thought you’d be allowed to have a life!? That’s funny~” But I want to finish watching Ikoku this weekend. I definitely wouldn’t say that the show was amazing or fantastic or an instant classic or unexpected hit or anything else like that, but I will say that it was very good for what it was, very cute, and also very enjoyable. Plus, the dynamic between Yune and Claude reminded me so much of Kyo and Tohru, who I just plain adore~ This series, as well as Nyanpire the Animation (which is just too cute) were what I watched when I needed to calm my brain after an emotionally intense episode of Tiger and Bunny or the mind rape that occurs with every episode of Mawaru Penguindrum (which, though I have a few issues with it here and there, is a series that I am enjoying immensely).

    Getting back to adorable shows that I watched this season though, Usagi Drop is definitely one of them. I read the manga before and never finished after the time skip, which is good since the ending for that manga is horrid from what I’ve read and heard about it! So, I’m quite glad that the anime wrapped up where it did and found it to just be a very feel warm series.

    Hmm, what else. I dropped Scared Seven because I simply could not stand it anymore, though I did adore the character designs and some of the character traits that the characters had, the story just wasn’t going anywhere. I did not drop No. 6, but that was because I found the relationship between Shion and Nezumi to be well developed, though I had a ton of issues when it came to the writing, plot, pacing, and characterization (though not necessarily character interactions). I want to check out the manga and novels though, because I see potential both in the characters that were created and with the plot and world that this series has. I just feel that the anime did not have the proper amount of time or episodes to make the plot and characters really work.

    I’m also going to finish watching Ao no Exorcist this weekend, though I am simply finishing it because I’ve gotten so far so I feel obligated to. The anime drifted off into anime original material and an anime original ending, and well, while not as much of a mess as No. 6…It is still a pretty big mess. I want to read the manga though, since I really liked the characters in this series.

    I am watching a lot of the same anime for the Fall Season as well, with the exceptions of Gundam and Working. I am also definitely going to be watching Kimi to Boku, and I am going to be giving some others a shot (one or two episodes) though those ones are more likely for me to drop. I will also be continuing to watch Penguindrum, since I find it to be extremely awesome!!

    Good luck with your classes this semester and I wish you all the best!

  2. Aaaaaaand long time no see Xiao~ 8D

    Sad to hear that your mused ditched you :( Hope you find it soon…
    *shuffling heard from closet*
    Be quiet please dear, we don’t want anything to come between us now do we? >8D
    *More shuffling*

    I skipped out on most of the anime in the summer season, sadly…Nothing really stuck in my mind or caught on, so I didn’t watch a whole lot. Looking forward to next season though…Persona 4, Working!!, Guilty Crown are on my list. High expectations for the 1st, average for the 2nd, and high expectations for the third too (You guys better NOT screw this up guys!!!! D8<)

    Until then…I guess I'll just watch whatever my anime club shows XDXDXD *epitome of laziness*

  3. LGB: Hey, hun. Glad to know you’re alive and well, too, even though we’re in the same suffering boat. But it’s okay. We keep each our miserable selves company. lol

    I’ll be completely honest with you. I was invested (haha, why am I using business terms with my fun stuff?) in everything but the potential pairings even though it was pretty obvious that Kurisu was the girl who gets the guy at the end of the day. And I more supported Okabe/Kurisu because of how Okabe gradually came to realize he would only tell her and rely on her about the issue with Mayuri constantly dying. In shorter words, Kurisu never let him down when he spilled out his mess and stuck with him all the way. I won’t say I see them as my OTP but they’ve got a base solid enough to qualify as the official pairing of the show. I agree, it’s not as emotional in comparison to other pairings I indulged in and I do think that Okabe’s childhood friendship/platonic love for Mayuri comes off stronger because, well, they’ve simply been friends forever so of course he would do anything to save her cuz she’s like his closest family, duh! :P But the logic behind them works really well. She is his assistant, after all. Hahaha.
    And contrary to popular belief, tsundere girls don’t always get the guy. Just because they’re a popular among fans doesn’t mean you should assume they’d win.

    And *low mortified gaspeth*, I’m so sad, LGB. I thought you knew me better than that. Tsk tsk tsk. *shakes head* I’ll need to gather all my posts and extract all the times I said I absolutely despite them to show you proof cuz yes, hun, I actually hate tsunderes, too. More so since they’re so favored and writers would go to the extreme with the tsun characters in their stories. Originally, the tsundere was supposed to be a girl who acted nasty/mean/cold/take whatever you want cuz of some severe insecurity or troubled past or whatever which in all fairness, would make sense. Not the tsunderes you see recently, though. Nuh-uh. It’s just moe, no backstory, no substance, nothing.
    That’s not to say that I hate every tsun girl I come across though but if that’s the case, I probably wouldn’t see them as much of a tsundere to begin with. Have qualities of a tsun, perhaps, but not fit the full profile. In Kurisu’s case, like you mentioned some time ago, she’s a type B. Nice to everyone but the guy she likes who also happens to be the guy who constantly harasses her so you can’t blame her for bickering with him. But other than times she tries to hide her embarrassment, she’s not really tsundere much in my eyes. To be blunt, all her dishonesty is like accent tacked onto the rest of her personality at the last minute. I never saw it as penetrating her character at all. It’s like an…extra trait, I suppose. Unnecessary but it makes her looks cute. Harmless. *shrug*

    Though I think I should clarify now, I don’t think I like characters because I follow what types they are. I mean, that’s just me. Everyone to their own and far be it for me to judge your opinion. The point is, I think I can be open to anything. From very few selective tsuns to the silent type to shy, warm little sweethearts like Yune and so on, etc. The important thing is that that is not the deciding factor. I have to judge based on how the character presents his/herself, how he/she acts throughout the story, do I approve of those decisions he/she made and the reasons for it, how they deal with problems, how they develop, change for the better or worse. It’s not as simple as saying “Oooh! She’s nice! I like her!” Nope. So even if there is a pattern between one nice girl to the next or one cute guy to the other, it’s not solely based on the fact that I find them similar. I like to think of every character I love as worth remembering because they have something unique to them. Let’s take the comparison between Yune and Tohru for example. Tohru, I simply adore her even though I never finished Furuba or gone to the point where I say I love her character but I’ve read enough of the plot to get to know who she is and that just makes her stand out. Ikoku Meiro no Croisee doesn’t do that as much for Yune who is most of time so passive in Claude’s presence that I just shake my head. Mind you, it’s not like she never had the chance to state her thoughts and grow a little because she did (not to mention, my god, she’s still just a little kid in a big new world) but she came off as overall weak to me. I’m probably not making much sense and it would be better if I went into more detail in a full post but I’ll stop here and spare you my rants. I hope I don’t come off as mean or pushy cuz that was never my intention and standing from your viewpoint on this topic, I can understand why you think that way and respect that. I’m just very talky today and want to get my point across. *shrug*

    *takes a breather*

    Hmm, many people say Mawaru Penguindrum is crazy but awesome. Though I’m not making any promises but I might have to marathon it over winter break. Aish, but not now, I’m afraid. So much to do~ @_@;

    Anyways, back to your comment…

    I’ll take a pass on Usagi Drop even though before it aired, I knew it was going to be good. It just never piqued my interest to try it. But I’m glad everyone who watched it liked it. :)

    Sacred Seven is such a waste of time. A real drop in quality for Sunrise.
    No. 6 sounds like one of those anime that has all the right complications in it to be a sturdy hit. It’s just organizing it efficiently that’s the problem. :/

    *sigh* Well, about a week to all the fall shows start. It’s boring to wait but hopefully, most of them will make up for it. At least last us a good enough amount of episodes before we get tired of it.

    Good luck with your final year, too, and don’t stress yourself too hard otherwise you won’t live to see yourself graduate. lol xD; Take care, hun. ^^


    Kittymaverick: Aye, where have you been all my life, youuuuuu~?!?!?! *TEDDY GLOMPS* x3

    *gives you suspicious look* Hmmm….(⌐.⌐)

    Ehh, you didn’t miss much. Save it all for fall. Heh.

    lol, why does everyone have an anime club at their school but me? My university sucks. xP

  4. You’re response was beautiful!

    Really though, I love when you rant. And, to be perfectly honest, I totally forgot how hard you can be on Tsundere girls sometimes. I am glad to see that you don’t just blindly dislike them. Going off character types is good for an getting an initial feel or sense of a character, but taking in their overall personality as the series progresses is really a must. I tend to try and do that, which is why I can like Tsundere girls (even Type A ones, which I tend to feel carry far too much of a double standard as their basis) sometimes, though they tend not to be favorites (for example, I do like Kurisu, a lot actually, and, even though you aren’t that familiar with Tiger and Bunny, I adore Blue Rose (or Karina, though a large part of that is because I can relate to her so well, having a crush on the main character…^^; )).

    I also don’t automatically love Yamato Nadeshiko types or Yanderes, I am oft to favor them, but there have been times when Yamato Nadeshiko types have seemed too much like doormats, though I didn’t see that in Yune. Actually, I saw that there were times when she specifically went against Claude. I also think that, at the end of the last episode (I just got around to finishing this up today!) Claude realized that he couldn’t put a bell around Yune’s neck either. If the series had been longer, I have a feeling that Claude would have given her more freedom and Yune would have become a bit stronger. Basically, I see what Kyo and Tohru’s relationship was like at the beginning of Fruits Basket and see the possibility for Yune and Claude’s relationship to grow into what Kyo and Tohru’s relationship ended up being like.

    Oh, and Penguindrum actually provided me with a Yandere that I’ve been wanting to slap repeatedly. Though, I think that just may have been because the creators placed too much focus on her character, which, in turn, caused me to have “too much of a good thing.” It is probably a bit more complicated than that, but that basically sums up my issue with that character. Speaking of Penguindrum though, there is definitely a possibility that the series could mess up big time, so I think you might be better holding off on it anyway. It may also be an anime that is better to marathon, too, since I can easily see it as being one that (once everything is all said and done) a re-watch would be needed.

    Hmm, what else…Oh, about the romance in Steins;Gate, I agree with you. I do like Okabe and Kurisu, but I didn’t really get much of a spark when it comes to their pairing. Though, that is okay, because for Steins;Gate it is all about the plot (and time travel). When it comes to pairings and characters and all that fun stuff I look to Tiger and Bunny, in which I pair up nearly everyone with everyone (and everything!) Penguindrum on the other hand is a great feast to look at and has wonderful use of symbolism (by the way, Bunraku does this too! I saw it in theaters with my friends yesterday and it really is a feast on the eyes, the way the rather generic plot gets told is what makes the movie so unique. It is actually more about what the movie doesn’t say, but what it shows, that actually tells a lot.)

    Getting back on topic though…I’m semi-excited for the Fall Season, but not that much actually. A lot of people are hyped for it, but, while there are shows that I find appealing, nothing so far seems extremely special like many anime in the Spring and Summer did. But, of course, that is a feeling that is very subject to change.

    Finally, you take care too! Good luck with your studies and don’t wear yourself down either. ^^

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