SaiMoe 2011 Picks

Fanart by Inuue Kiyu.


Hey, hey!

The prelims for SaiMoe have recently finished so I gathered up all the names of the girls I want to support and pimped them all here in one post! x3

Unfortunately, for some strange reason, I can’t generate a voting code from my IP address at home and I don’t know how to work around that. So if anyone is willing to help me with this problem (and explain to me why the code will last for only 24 hours or whatever rules they changed), I’d be grateful. Otherwise, I’ll be sitting on the sidelines this time which is alright, I guess, cuz I never believe my vote counts for anything when it involves some kind of proxy.

Anyways, same format as last year’s post. I go through my list by series first (least to most expected/want to win) and then end with my Top 8 picks. As usual, not all the girls I liked or considered moe-worthy in my eyes are on this list. That include ones that participated in the tournament beyond the point of moe saturation, ones from anime that were in the tournament last and previous years (I mainly support newcomers) and ones from anime I didn’t enjoy as much as I did the character and so on. Which brings me to the same thing I said last year: All things under this list are subject to MY opinion so if you have a problem with that, you will receive the finger along with a pie in the face as a blunt reply.

Right, so let’s get this started. ^^


You Mizuno (Star Driver), You Marino (Star Driver), Ryuuguu Otohime (Ookami-san), Shirayuki Himeno (Ookami-san)

Ah, these girls are at the bottom because they’ve either been eliminated already or didn’t get nominated. Though I doubt the latter because even the most minor female characters get nominated but I didn’t see Marino anywhere in the second prelims when I expected her to be there. Since Mizuno was anyway so it was weird that Marino wasn’t. :S

Anyways, gah! So frustrating! I can understand why some girls from Star Driver BUT WHY MY PRECIOUS PINK-HAIRED TWINS?! T_T didn’t make it cuz that show hardly deserves a B grade but, but…Otohime~! Dx She’s so pretty and so hilarious when she’s being the clingy, obsessive girlfriend who remarkably wasn’t annoying because really…it was all for laughs to begin with. And don’t get me started on Himeno not making it. Yea, she lasted one episode at best (which I blogged b/c it was the awesomest episode of Ookami-san EVER, don’t deny it) but it hurts because I know half of these girls in the main tournament can not come close to the natural Onee-chan charm that Himeno has! T.T

*sigh* Oh well. :(

C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control – Msyu, Q

After cleaning this magazine scan, I kept referring to them as BLT. Obviously, Q is lettuce and Msyu is bacon because her element is fire but that leaves out tomato though I guess Msyu can be a tomato when she’s not in battle mode so yea, why not? <– WTF are you talking about?


Yes, I've clearly lost my mind but it's not my fault [C] just breezed by New York last weekend so let me have my fun. :P

I don't consider Msyu or Q so moe that I expect them to win in their first rounds in the main tournament but I liked the anime. Msyu is your typical digital/other-worldly significant other who knows nothing about reality except to constantly complain and ask questions about it but she's quite open with her curiosity which just brings out her inner cute which in turn is thankfully not fake. Plus, she’s got a feisty attitude with no shitty tsun splattered over it. And who cannot love the way how she eats ramen? <3

Q, I favor a little bit more at times because she just eats bills like one eats potato chips. Though her hidden cannibalistic nature might be more than enough High Octane Nightmare Fuel to change your mind about the kuudere but c’mon! We hardly see those two qualities together! …Well, maybe not. Maybe that’s just me but I think Q is awesome. Nuff said. :P

The World Only God Knows – Elsea De Lute Irma, Haqua Du Lot Herminium

Elsie is self-explanatory. Gaaahhh, I hope she gets far. At least far enough to round 3 cuz that would make me so happy. <3

Haqua, on the other hand, I don't really much care for since she's a tsundere and I quite dislike them. But I dropped the second season of KamiNomi before they went more into her character so luckily, no animosity developed within the short time that she appeared when I was still following it. That being said, though I semi-loathe tsunderekkos, there’s some refinement in Haqua’s stubborn dishonesty, I guess. I also appreciate seeing her insecurities hidden behind all her pride and how much she struggles and works hard to get what she wants. So I honestly don’t think I can ever hate that. Plus, it helps that Keima is flat out indifferent to her pompousness which just makes their interactions very funny.

Dog Days – Millhiore F. Biscotti, Ricotta Elmar

Milhi was first in the first group of the first prelims so that’s saying something. Dog Days is an okay show if you want it to be…and if you watch it all the way through, that is. Otherwise, it’s just another way to flaunt moe with kitty/puppy/bunny ears under the guise of some mundane plot. I can see why Milhi is super popular because sometimes even I can think she’s as close to the original moe as moe today can get. She’s cute, has the adorable face and big innocent eyes, kind to a fault, heroic when she has to be (well, duh, she is a princess), and all the pink ensemble to go with it. Oh, and she’s an idol, too, and with Yui Horie as her seiyuu, it makes it the complete perfect package.

However, that’s the thing. They try so hard to win people over by using that old formula that it doesn’t appear genuine (it’s like she’s created out of a mold) and the girl comes off more as a Mary-Sue than anything else. And yes, Milhi is a Mary-Sue because she’s just too good to be true and it rakes my nerves every time I think about it. Everybody just loves her in the show cuz she’s so pure and perfect and good.

Really, the only reason why she’s even on here is because I don’t mind her personality that much, her seiyuu and her pink hair.

Ricotta didn’t leave such a strong impression but I adore her anyways. Brainy brunette voiced by Nana-sama? How can I not?! xD;

AnoHana (no way I’m doing full title :P) – Anjou “Anaru” Naruko, Honma “Menma” Meiko

Of course AnoHana has to be on here.

Eh, there’s not much I can say about this since I dropped it. Story was good, characters were even better so even though I never got attached to either of these two, still think they should get a good amount of votes. Naruko more than Menma, though, cuz unlike Menma who…well, died and got stuck as loli-ghost and became annoying eventually (you have to admit, she was), Naruko grew up and faced real life issues all while trying to cope and get over her regret and long-time crush on childhood friend.


But angst is moe, too. Yea, you sadists and masochists just love that appeal, don’t ya?

Hanasaku Iroha – Matsumae Ohana, Oshimizu Nako, Wakura Yuina

Another show I dropped but found the story fairly good and characters adorable, nonetheless. Though it was apparent from the start that all the girls were well-structured moe to begin with but whatever.

Ookami-san – Akai Ringo, Usami Mimi

How did Mimi pass and Otohime didn’t? I smell a conspiracy here. You KugiRie fags.

But I doubt even a (ebil~) darling like Ringo stands so much of a chance. Ookami-san aired too long ago so all the hype for it is almost gone. Everybody only cares about Ryouko, who I don’t care about at all. :P

*sigh* Shame. *shakes head*

IS: Infinite Stratos – Charlotte Dunois

Finally! We’ve reached the point where I actually care!

Yes, yes, yes! Even though Infinite Stratos sucked ass and etc, Charlotte stands apart on her own. I’m not going to lie and say she’s worth it enough to sit through IS because really, it’s not. But for those who did, they would had to have liked Charlotte. Seriously, what’s there not to like about her? She’s so nice, polite, good-natured (even to her rivals in love!), fair, pretty and was a reverse trap for cryin’ out loud! And she’s very smart that even though her IS is a generation or two behind everybody’s else’s, she can still keep up with them in tactics and everything.

Also. Kana Hanazawa…who again, has somehow made it into my SaiMoe list more than one time (last year it was 3, I think).

Need I say more? :3

I really hope she gets into the top 8. *prays that she will* x3

Steins;Gate – Makise Kurisu, Shiina Mayuri, Feyris NyanNyan (Akiha Rumiho), Amane Suzuha

Whee~! You must be awesome to be able to put together a sci-fi suspense visual novel with such a great variety of personalities in its cast and pull off so many moe together at once.

That is all. I have high expectations for them. At least as far as Kurisu and Mayuri are concerned cuz they’ve had screentime the most and are generally sharing the spot for leading female supporting role.

Kurisu I don’t need to explain for…but I’ll do it anyway so I can fangirl over her. lol
Redhead, girl genius, has a slender figure I’m envious of, cool clothes, makes wearing a labcoat look hawt, @channeler, etc.
And yes, she’s a tsundere but her tsun doesn’t overwhelm the dere and that rarely ever happens in good balance so you can imagine how thrilled I was when I finally found a tsunderekko to like. And her cold front melts away quickly enough when she opens up to you. You just have to be less an idiot around her…’cept Okarin insists on playing that up because he’s a mad scientist but not that I mind. Ah, but I’m getting side-tracked. I just find her embarrassed/flustered blush incredibly adorable and literally squeal “MOEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!” every time it happens. Haha. *weirdo* xDDD;;;
And you can’t help but feel for her when her daddy problems come up and want to smack the bastard for making her cry. That bastard! Don’t make my Kurisu cry! >:(

Mayuri…Tu-tu-ruu~! Need I continue? xD
ARGH! Curse you and your tendency to like voice all the moe-est girls in existence, Kana-san! I really think she’s dethroned Yui Horie by sheer number of characters alone. But Mayuri, back to Mayuri. She seems like the naive Cloud Cukoo Lander but she knows more than she lets on and how she cares for all the lab members is so endearing. Gah, I want to hug her! Okabe, please save her from her tragic fate soon! ;___;

As for Feyris and Suzuha, well, I’ve been obsessed with Feyris lately. I dunno why…no wait, I do. Cork-screw pink twin tails, yes. But that’s not all! I think it’s because both their subplots involve their relationships with their fathers and I’m a sucker for that kind of story. So I was really happy for Suzuha when she finally found her Tou-san and thank the graces, was able to hug him before she went on her way. It was a very emotional moment! *sniff* <')
And then I felt my heart die a little when Feyris had to bid her Papa goodbye.

My god, what is with this series and all the paternal-daughter focus?! Do they want to make me cry more than I already am with what’s going on?! ;_____;

*sniff* Yea. Rambled long enough.

GOSICK – Victorique de Blois


…I’m just kidding but if you read my blog, then it’s impossible to think I wouldn’t have Victorique on here. And I think I’ve squeed and fussed over her so much in all 22-something of my episodic reviews that it would be redundant to repeat them here.

But just for good measure, she takes the stereotype that’s incorporated into her and makes it her own. Y’know what that means? It means that she’s unique. Blending tsundere and kuudere traits to match her sharp bluntness and intellect and 3-foot tall pride (*gets kicked for that* xD;) yet occasionally showing a weak, dependent side that is irresistibly…so..ASLKJDFSLAKDJFLASJFLKSA MOE, DAMMIT! MOE!!!!

*coughs* Yea, just go read my reviews. There be much more fangirling and “HHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!” there.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Akemi Homura, Kaname Madoka, Tomoe Mami, Sakura Kyouko, Miki Sayaka

I hope they take the entire tournament by ruthless STORM. *makes the most serious face in the universe* B/

…Not that they haven’t already in the first prelims. I mean, WOW, all first place in their respective groups and I think all five of them have the highest number of votes out of the rest, too. I don’t even care if all five of them literally takes five out of the top 8 spots, I’m all for a Puella Magi takeover because that is what Kyuubey is scheming and probably recruited a good number of Puella Magi already to do so. WOOT!

Oh, and uh…

Art credit to Toka.

Charlotte, too, cuz she looks so f*ckin’ huggable and you’d hug her, yes you would! *nods crazily* 8DDDDD

Now listen here, someone will suffer months of my discontentment (along with having their head fed to Charlotte) if OreImo or Index or whatever I don’t approve goes home with the prize. Ya hear?! >:(

Ah, now I’m just rambling threats but I won’t go into my reasons since I assume most have seen PMMM already. One of these days, I will write a post (or several) on these five and it shall be MAGNIFICENT. But not now, I got to finish this and wash dishes before my dad gets home and does not buy my moe enthusiasm as an excuse. :P

Right, soo…

Top 8 Picks

Yaaaahhhh, it was torture choosing only 8 and I just couldn’t decide who to give first place to so I settled with having Kurisu and Homura share it. Homura’s story is definitely more angst-heavy and intense than Kurisu’s but that’s not the point. If I weigh them against each other on moe alone, I think they’d come out pretty equal. *shrug*

I think the ones I should explain for would have to be Mami and Kyouko. Shocked about why Mami ranked sixth? Well, I always thought Mami was the cool, motherly, undoubtedly AWESOME type and I would never say she isn’t moe but I think her popularity blatantly outstrips that is all. Of course, again, this is just my opinion. Kyouko I generally don’t find fits in with the rest of the moe bunch cuz she’s more BADASS than anything but who says badass isn’t moe as well if it gets you all fired up, eh? I mean, I knew I was going to like her the moment she showed up but once you get to see how concerned she was for Sayaka to the point of doing anything she could to bring her back and then *insert spoiler BEEEP~!* so that Sayaka wouldn’t have to be alone, I felt so touched inside that I could’ve burst into tears!

So yea, I don’t fall prey to all moe out there but I like many things that come with a certain character who displays enough different emotions and actions that qualifies them to be listed here. And that is all.

So go now and vote!

You will vote for me, yes?

May the best girls win and goddammit, let the right ones win, yes? <3


3 thoughts on “SaiMoe 2011 Picks

  1. I didn’t read most of your fangirling, because I either haven’t watched most of the shows and/or I don’t have a particular fav moe girl from it (if this was moe boys we were talking about, I’d have tons more to say! XD).

    Though, for AnoHana I would pick Menma over Anjou (though, I was surprised I liked her, the same goes for Kurisu, I tend to not like tsundere girls, but these are more Type B than A, which I like more, still…) At first I thought I wouldn’t like Menma, because the first episode made me think that she was just going to be used for loli-pandering, but she really grows as a character and by the end you see how she is probably the most mature and nurturing out of the lot of them. I only found her a bit annoying in the very beginning of the series, but then it went away completely. I basically adore her~ <3

    I also adore Mayuri~ way more than Kurisu. My second favorite character (outside of Okabe, who wouldn't be considered for this contest) is Ruka, but sadly I don't think Ruka counts here. ;o; I liked Suzuha and Feryis as characters and their roles in the plot thus far, but I don't really kyaa over them (though I did feel horrible for them at certain points!)

    When it comes to Madoka I basically all of the girls except for Sayaka, never really cared about her all that much. My order for favs would probably be: Homura, Madoka, Mami, Kyouko, and then Sayaka (which just so happens to be the order in which you wrote their names! XD)

    For [C] I liked Q more than Msyu, but I didn't find Msyu all that bad either and for Hanasaku Iroha I liked Tomoe. That's about it, the other girls either had no real character outside of archetypes or were just plain annoying (Minko was both).

    Anyway, I won't really be following this (but I know you will be), still, I hope the best girl wins and look forward to finding out who the victor is~ ^^

  2. For the first time, a girl like Homura might win, and that has me super excited because I think she deserves to win. I’m so excited that a series I adore is going to be the one that’ll absolutely DOMINATE this year. Though, I can’t say I’m following it too much this year, I’ll be surprised if a Madoka girl doesn’t win. Mainly Madoka or Homura. Which would be well-deserved. So well-deserved.

    Since I haven’t watched much anime, the only others I can second are Anaru, Ringo, and the Hanasaku Iroha girls. Especially Ohana! Kanae Ito + fluff hair = Winsome Adorablitiy! XD

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