Summer WonFes 2011

Holy shit, Y SO MUCH AWESOME STUFF, HUH?! WHYWHYWHY?!?!?!? I can’t possibly catch up on my wishlist now! *wails in huge despair* Dx

…well, WonFes Summer really brings in a lot of new merchandise that’s hard to resist. Actually, it should be renamed WonFes PMMM cuz THERE IS SOOOOOO MUCH MADOKA STUFF AND BEING THE CRAZY FAN I AM, I JUST WANT EVERYTHING!!!! WHY AM I TYPING IN CAPS?!

*cough* Anyways, I apologize for not finding better quality pics but I have quantity to make up for that or just lot of Puella Magi obsession but that’s really not my fault! …yea, afraid you won’t find a lot variety in this post cuz I just pick the ones I like and they’re mostly PMMM so it really is my fault and now I’m rambling so shoot me.

I also don’t remember every manufacturer behind each figure but I’ll try to. Usually, I mostly cover the big names. GSC, Alter, etc, so they shouldn’t be too hard to find. And you can always go to Tsuki-board to go find what you’re interested in. :)

Right, so before we start in the order I went through last time (figmas, then nendoroids, the figures, etc), just going to go over some stuff that is already out for preorder…

Like the Madoka nendo and figma which has been up for preorder for months already. God, I hope they’re not completely sold out yet. I can’t get them cuz I’m still being cautious about the nuclear crisis in Japan even though most of this stuff is manufactured in China and likely shipped safely outside the radiation areas but I’d rather not take chances. I still hope the country’s coping well through the dilemma more than anything, though, and that’s not because I want to buy their stuff (but you have to admit, they have pretty nice stuff). :(

Of course if they were going to make a Madoka nendo and figma…then they’d have to do the same for ALL the cast, hmm?

So yep, Homura nendo and figma as well as Mami nendo are up for preorder as well *cries* T_T. The rest will be covered down below.

I hate you, GSC. Y u producing so much adorable nendo babies I want to adopt? ;____;

Oh, and they even recently got those 10-petit sets out, too. Five are in magical girl uniform, the rest in casual clothes. I was thinking the secret petit that usually comes with the petit sets was going to be Kyuubey but seeing how he’s already included with Madoka, kinda hoping the secret will be Goddess!Madoka cuz that would just be necessarily COOL~! and just watch me be right cuz I so am. *obnxious* x3

A nendo petit for Taiga has been up for preorder for a while, too, and heard a regular-size nendo has been announced at WonFes. Not that I care much about Taiga but this is really cute. That’s all.

K, done with most of that. Now we’re doing things slightly differently by starting with the dolls.


By Azone. Kyoko and Sayaka ones have been announced, too.

To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of Azone judging on their previous products but their PMMM ones aren’t half bad. At least they keep it really close to the character design with the faces. Of course, I won’t be getting them cuz dolls are mad expensive and god forbid if Volks’ Dollfie Dream line decides to pick them up as well then I pray for all you doll-enthusiasts’ wallets. DDs are like…the forebringer of poverty to a collector. o.O;

…Actually, I’m not sure how PMMM would work with DD’s style but if they ever do make dolls for them, then we’ll know.

More by Azone. And it’s Naruko and Menma (gah, I just can’t get used to calling Naruko by her nickname).

Pretty nice, especially Naruko’s hair. I’m glad they kept it that way. Heh. x)

Since Erio is just SUPAH POPULAR, there’s one for her, too. Futon included and everything. Aren’t you all just happy for that?

Yea, that should be all. Didn’t see much else for dolls that I liked. *shrug*


Nadeko figma, yay~! Knew they would have her out soon. Now all we have to wait for is Shinobu. Oh, Karen and Tsukihi, too, I guess. And one for Oshino, too, plz. How can you not have one of Meme? x)

And apparently, Millhiore is popular to earn her a good amount of attention from the companies. I think including this figma, she’ll be appearing three more times throughout this post and there’s one or two other figures of her that won’t be on here. Not that I’m surprised cuz her character is really sweet. Maybe too sweet and goody and princess-y moe for me but how else did she get top votes in her prelim round for SaiMoe?

Now I’m wondering if they’re going to make a figma for Leo, too, cuz Leo was pretty badass so they should.

And Ika Musume though her series (or rather, just her) has been getting its fair share of the spotlight as well so nothing more to say.

And here are the rest of the Madoka figmas. Yea, they cover the first four girls first and everything Kyouko-related takes at least half a year to show up. *rolls eyes*

But she’ll appear sooner or later and it’s going to be awesome cuz you can’t have PMMM without Kyouko just like you can’t have Mami without a Charlotte floating next to her getting reading to chomp her head off.

Another BRS figma. But it is not Insane BRS, I don’t think. On the tsuki-board page, goes by the name of “Black ★ Rock Shooter Beast”. Yea…beast are those boots on fire.


Finally, we get actual sculpts of those Tantei Opera Milky Holmes nendos. The already colored one, Hercule, is due out in December so for the others, I’m guessing they’ll be released around…hmm, close to April or summer next year? Between January and that time at least.

Milhi is here again! And she looks so friggin’ adorable with Harlan! GAH SO CUTE! Is she the only one to come with a pet to ride on?! The other nendos are so jealous~ lol

Erio is looking really nice as well. If anything, her hair always seems to be so shiny and purdy~ no matter what kind of merchandise it is. :P

WAH~! A nendo for Yune~! I totally want it~! <3

But something seems a little off with her hair. It looks too…short to me.

I still want it, though, along with the nendo petits that's coming for this series. It bothers me a little, however, that Gosick never got the same treatment. I mean, there's no comparing the two series since, apart from the artwork done by the same artist, they're nothing alike. But still…yea, I'm biased towards Gosick. :P

And ah, I was wondering when they were going to make a nendo for Golden Darkness. C'mon, take one look at her and doesn't it scream to have a nendo made for her?! Not that I watch To LOVEru but I like her design. *shrug*


Until we get over this and start hounding them for Gakupo, Gumi (DO WANT, MAKE NAO!) and the rest again but for now, I’m just happy to see these two. <3

I'm sure everyone was expecting the Append nendo sometime sooner or later but Meiko's finally going to be released! Kyaa, so excited! *jumps around like a maniac* XDDDD I've heard fans begging for them to release something beside Miku or anything that looks relatively Mikuesque and really, I think am positive GSC is a troll and a smart one at that, too. If they were to release a Vocaloid nendo other than Miku in some kind of pattern or set consecutive order as far as nendoroid releases go, then they wouldn’t have garnered such a large demand like they did now. Compared to Miku, Meiko’s popularity doesn’t even reach half of hers so really, even though I’m no marketing expert, I think this was all planned out. Not (just) because Miku is GSC’s money-making machine so they give all priority to her but to catch the customers at the most advantageous time.

That and I believe with every Vocaloid nendo that’s not Miku you get, you’ll get another version of Miku to go with it. *explains Append nendo* lol

Yep, I’m going to get these two eventually so I can add them to my nendoroid family. <3

Please don't make either exclusive. That would be stupid. ;_;

Uh, Sonic apparently gets to be a nendo, too.

I like Sonic…just don’t really love him or anything. I mean, Mickey and Minnie (whom they still have yet to announce a release date for) can pass for coming from the Nendoroid line but Sonic looks like any other Sonic toy out there.

Maybe I’m wrong and it’s just this picture I’m judging off of but it doesn’t look that exciting for me to want to buy if I had any interest. :/

Whee~! Elsie and Haqua are finally painted! And my, they look magnificent. It’s too bad the nendoroids that Max Factory (not GSC) manufactures are not the ones I’d consider buying. It’s nothing to do with the quality. I just don’t love those series enough to want to buy merchandise for them. And Max Factory seems to be picking up a lot of those series of that certain genre that I’m more or less just on middle ground with.

Their nendoroids are pretty good, nonetheless. Like Popura here. Kyaa~! She’s so cute! I’m sure many will buy her! <3

So back to GSC. Since both Hanasaku Iroha and AnoHana are like contending for slice-of-life/drama anime of the year or something, here’s the result. Menma nendo is coming out later because I suspect her petit nendo is coming out first which you can find below. I want to see Naruko nendo, plz.

These two are from the light novel series Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai which I’m sure has been announced for an anime adaptation already or close to it. Whatever the case, doesn’t sound like my cup of tea but I was curious when I saw the prototype design for these nendos.

Blonde tsundere girl with the butterfly in her hair (kyaa~!) is Kashiwazaki Sena and the other tsundere bitch black-haired one who looked like she stepped out of OreImo carwash colliding with Baka and whatever its name was is Mikazuki Yozora.

Yep, that’s all. I have no interest in this series whatsoever not with that many seemingly-tsunderekkos in it. xP


Omg, I know I totally missed out on purchasing Kurisu and Mayuri but as cute as they were, nothing about them compelled me to want to put them on my wishlist. Feyris, however…KYAA~! How can you not guess?! xDDDD

Well actually, I love most of the girls in Steins;Gate and it's not like Feyris is at the very top but I adore her even if her Nyan-tics can sometimes be a little annoying. I'm pretty sure it's the pink corkscrew twintails that killed me. The "nyan~"-ing and the maid costume is just bonus.

So yes, I am definitely getting her and I hope she comes out well! *excited* x3

Also, how can I not have a nendo in a waitress uniform if I’m going to buy this fifth nendoroid playset! I won’t be getting Popura but Feyris is more than enough to make up for her and GAH! Can I please purchase again, Mom? PLEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?!?!?!?!??! T_______________T

*sigh* That’s all for this section, I suppose.

Petit Nendoroids

Fate/Hollow Ataraxia. Another Fate/Stay Night spin-off. Seriously, that series won’t ever finish, will it? Never watched it, btw, and don’t really plan on it cuz there’s so many things to follow. @_@;

But this looks like it’ll be another 10 or 12 boxset. No scheduled date yet.

The Menma petit I mentioned earlier. I don’t know if she comes exclusively with a limited edition dvd or what but when it’s just a single petit, that’s usually the case.

Petit nendos for ClariS! Waaaahhh! That’s awesome! Everyone (or most of you) know who they are, right? They sang the opening theme for PMMM and OreImo, I think.

Anyways, waaahhh!! I think this is the first time (?) nendoroid petits have been made for real life people. And I suppose some people will put their negative comments in about how they’re not all that great or whatever schnazz but hey, they’re not the ones making the money so it’s not like it matters anyway.

Kyaa~! They’re so cute! I hope the artists get a puchi of themselves for free! They should since it’s modeled after them after all, right?

This is Ruri from that anime “Kidou Senkan Nadesico”, I think. I don’t remember much about it but I accidentally recorded it on Toonami when I was a kid when I was planning on recording the last episode of one of the season for Dragonball or whatever and I ended up watching this cuz I was curious. It’s…old-school anime, kinda reminded me of Evangelion though I’m not even sure if Evangelion was out already or not but it had mecha and stuff.
And Ruri some kind of kuudere girl that can connect to machines by wires or something. I dunno, I saw her being experimented on or in a lab during one scene. She looks the type to be the silent shoujo genius. *shrug*

Comes bundled with Animestyle Issue #4 and therefore, exclusive.

And here are the Ikoku Meiro puchis. No further information has been given about them but apparently, there’s one (Yune) missing. So either that one is exclusive to something (maybe bundled with a DVD or manga) and these three are going to be put into a 3-set box.

Whatever, I’m getting them all.

I’m a little bothered by Claude and Alice’s face, though. Yune looks just fine and adorable and I suppose Claude isn’t too bad but Alice looks like a slightly better version of a Takara Tomy trading figure. And their quality is usually not so top-notch. But oh well, I love Alice so I’ll take it all. <3

And Erio again though I think this is being released this month?

Dunno but I’m kinda done with her so moving along…


First, Alter!

I still can’t believe they made Aoi before Popura but here she is now, perky and cute as ever. Hee~ ^^

And waaahh, Alter! Thank you for making a figure for Charlotte! Even though I would prefer her in uniform (skirt, not pants, cuz she has nice legs!) over a sweatsuit but HAH! Eat that, Houki bitch! Darling Sharu-chan just trumped you again!

Now I would like one for Cecilia and Rin, too, cuz I liked them most after Charlotte. I don’t have to explain for Houki but Laura bores me.

And uh…that does not look like Celty at all. o.O;

Altair. Alter. Same difference. Altair is just an separate branch excuse for Alter to make male figures. :P

Anyways, scaled (I’m not sure if it’s 1/8 or 1/7) figures for Izaya and Shizuo have been announced a long time ago and this is the first time we actually see the product. Whoa, no prototype sculpt or anything. Completely painted already. Hmm.

But I like it. They capture Izzy’s evil expression very well and I like the wind flair of his coat. Haha~

Now just waitin’ on Shizu. God, I hope they include a sign post with him. Shizu, I still love you with all my hot-blooded heart~ <3

…Can I also have a figure of BOSS!Mikapuu, too, pretty please? <83

Another Fate figure but ooo! This time, it’s different! Cuz Alter never made a swimsuit figure of Fate before! [/sarcasm]

Actually, this isn’t really bad at all cuz her swimsuit is cute and anybody who’s sane would take this over Wave’s beach queen version any day. I just wish they’d just STOP with the Nanoha promoting already. At least until they decide to make “Da Movie Second”. *rolls eyes*

I don’t know who this is or what series she’s from or who’s the manufacturer (Kotobukiya?) or what.

I just know I saw a GK set of her some while ago and the design left quite an impression on me. Or at least her kimino did. So for that, it earns a spot on here.

GSC. This is apparently, Saber, and I’m not going to go into any of the details of it but it just looks BADASS, y/y? 8D

Kurisu~! <3 Ah, she looks so nice. I like that pose and I think I'm starting to have a thing for coats flaring in the wind or something. With Kurisu's slender, pencil-thin figure, it makes it look even more good. Ah! I hope they don't screw up the paint job. I might not get her but I really, really want to see the finished product look good!

And Milhi. Gorgeous sculpt. I'm glad the people who drew the character designs for Dog Days gave Milhi such a nice princess gown. Looking forward to the paint job for this, too. She'll be so pretty in all that pink! <3

Finally, SHINOBUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~!!!!!!!!!!!! x3333333333333

There's actually a GK set of this sculpt I mentioned in my Winter WonFes post and I think GSC got the license not too soon after it went on display. Not surprised really (did I predict it in that last post?) cuz most of their Bakemonogatari figures are based off the DVD covers anyway. And this is Shinobu's.
Agh, she's just wonderful sitting on her throne of doughnuts. Out of all the girls, I want her the most!

Can I get a figure of Araragi, too, plz? :(

Need I say anything, really? :)

God, these will be expensive. They’re either going to be purchased before I buy those Megahouse Heartcatch figures or after. Depends when Kyouko’s figure is coming out. I might buy all five for a bundle price…or not. It’ll probably be ridiculous like $1000 or something. Whatever the case, I need to find a job and earn a lot before then. ^^;

Knight Princess Miku is just too beautiful for words. Hell, it’s too beautiful to purchase! What if I break it?! Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fortunately, I’m just content with looking at it so this won’t be going anywhere near my wishlist unless all the world’s cash dropped through my bedroom window. And after I use it to make the world a better place and proclaim myself queen, then I’ll buy this. Small reward for my troubles, hmm?

But argh, I can’t wait to see it painted. Pretty sure it’s the same GK set that came up a few months ago. Illustration was done by Chun. There’s even an SD version of it. *gasp!* Make me that! I’ll buy it! 8DDD

And the other is Chain:Shaw Cover Girl…right, you spelled “Saw” wrong, I think, but this just AWESOME. 8D
It’s an original character, based on an illustration by Poco but I can’t help but wonder if BRS influenced the artist somehow. Whatever, it looks great. Hope they finish it soon.

PMMM figures by Banpresto. Again, Kyouko’s not there but will come later, I’m sure.

These might be prize figures but even so, with all the series’ popularity, they’ll soon be gone and prices online will be jacked up to five times its normal cost. *shudder*

I’m really starting to hope they’ll give us a figure of Goddess!Madoka now. I don’t care who does, I just want to see it!

In the meantime, debating whether I should get these or not. I have like…40 Madoka figures under my tsuki-board profile and I’m not sure if I need that much. Maybe when the hype in me dies down, I’ll just settle for the GSC ones and leave the rest aside.


If you’re not aware, Banpresto is a branch of Bandai and they also do this special lottery for limited prize figures (labeled “Ichiban Kuji”) and they went all out on PMMM. I mean, really, they went all out. First the Kyun-Charas (kinda like SDs), and then the Chibi Kyun-Charas, and then we get the non-scaled figures, and now we’re getting pearl-colored versions of the Kyun-Charas and ugh, it’s just too much!

But they know people will buy it cuz everybody just sorta loves PMMM to the end of them. 8S

Oh, my head. I can’t possibly own it all. I’ll have to part with the idea somewhere down the road but just let me carry on a bit longer thinking I can. *blissful denial* /3

MORE Nanoha promotion! JOY! [/sarcasmsarcasmsarcasm]

But I seriously don’t mind Nanoha at all. I’m just tired of seeing so much Fate. They’re going to make me hate her with all the figures they keep putting out. Which is wrong cuz then I’ll sue them because I love Fate. I don’t want to hate her. ;____;

Anyways, kyaa~! Nanoha is so cute here! Love the pose and the “I’m late! *dashes off with toast*” expression. I think I’m starting to have a thing for this kind of figure, too. The late-gotta-run-grabs-toast kind. Gah, why is Kotobukiya suddenly so good with the Nanoha figures? Not that I mind the nice job they’ve done for each one since the movie came out. Nope, not at all. ^^

And the one on the right is Retia Adolf from “Daiteikoku”. Idol version. Don’t know what that is but I like that dress. And I save pics of some figures because I really just want to reference of their impossibly cool clothes. <P

And some stuff for Key (still Kotobukiya). This Tomoyo figure is better than than the other Tomoyo figure they’ve released much earlier but I hate her face. Her eyes are so weird and looks like it’s pasted or more accurately, stickered on. It just kills the pose. Even the Kyou gym version figure they released last year was better than this.

Rin, on the other hand, is much better. I’m kind of partial to another one of their Rin figures, though. It was a special exclusive, I think? It had cats, too, but instead of sitting on a bench, she was kneeling and holding a baseball bat and they were clambering all over her. This one is…well, just alright. *shrug*

Another Miku by Max Factory. Not going to get this one when I still have that other one to buy but I like this Miku. It’s different than the usual cheerful idol expression we’re always getting. Her cheeks are so cute when she’s chubby like this. Hehe x3

Love the hair (it curls~!) and the pose, too, and that keyboard-guitar.

And what is that…jellyfish thing there? xD

Obviously, Emperor Lulu has not died if Megahouse keeps on making more *FABULOUS* figures of him. I don’t really care either way because while I like Lelouch, his FIERCE! poses all look the same to me after oh…five years?

Seriously, I want a figure of Suzaku already. Not a GK set. A real, scaled figure of Suzaku. In a skirt, Bugs Bunny suit or butt naked, it doesn’t matter. Suzaku needs more love! xP

And what a way to end this almost 4000-word post. With Panty and Stocking. Y’know, I still have yet to see any scaled-figures up for preorder yet. Not that I’m buying them but what’s taking so long? *rolls eyes*

Anyways, either Phat Company seems to love them or these are the same ones I saw in Winter WonFes and I just can’t tell because it’s now painted. W/e. I’m done.


I’m sure I missed several that I might’ve wanted to put in this post but I’m too tired to care and that goes for typos and whatnot. I have class in 8 hrs and need to sleep if I want to get breakfast before rushing to class. But yay! I got this done! If I were at home…well, I think this would be posted two days after WonFes but whoo! I got it done not even 24 hrs after it ended.

And I would do something for the GK sets I saved pics for but that will take too long and I can’t remember all the sculptors’ names and such. So you can either go to second page where I organized everything or this album where I saved it.

Most of them are PMMM (I know, you really want to shoot me now) but I won’t get them unless I see them painted and available on E2046. I will say that T’s System has ruined BAMF!HomuHomu’s face for me so I don’t think I’ll be getting her.

Right, that is all for now. Gotta sleep. Watching Kung Fu Panda 2 tomorrow with cousins. Need to find time to shave (kkkkk). And I’m hungry but eating Oreos at 1 AM in the morning is definitely not healthy so I highly doubt it but I’ll work on my next post of HK Disneyland after Wednesday. But before that, I’d like some ice cream cuz I haven’t ANY since I got here. *talking nonsense*


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  1. What’s a good place to preorder these?

    And I agree, this collection is to die for. A lot of crying wallets and a lot of debts ensue this summer.

    • I usually order from Hobby Search and sometimes AmiAmi for the regular releases. They’re very reliable and by far the best online stores to buy from according to their prices. From my experience anyways. There’s also Hobby Link Japan though I haven’t purchased from them for a while now but they’ve started placing discounts for preorders and the like as well.
      For exclusive figures (ones that are limited and only sold at certain sites that can get them), I go to Otacute but I’ve recently heard a lot of criticism about their services so it’s really up to you to decide. I haven’t had much of a problem with them yet. Big in Japan also sells exclusives but those run out really fast so if you really want something, you’d better act fast. Or you can always go to Tokyo-Hunter where it seems easier to find what you want.

      All prices (+shipping and handling fees) vary, of course so I recommend comparing everything before making a decision.

  2. Wow, I want almost everything on here! :D Too bad I probably can’t afford even one by myself xD I can dream ;w; Hopefully in a few years I can find a good part-time job, or maybe even soon, since I start high school next week. Although it would be babysitting, most likely.

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