Blog Status: Gosick Ep. 23 & 24, Spring Wrap-up, Summer Lineup, etc.

‘Ello, my dahhlings~


Typing this from the computer lab in the dorm in Hong Kong. It’s too friggin’ hot outside to want to go anywhere and I had plans tonight, too, but I’m merging them up with Saturday’s instead to go run later and work off that salad that’s not really a salad. *sigh*

But enough about that for now!

The thing is, I can’t download anything from here so any episodic blogging I wanted to do is not possible. In fact, it’s so slow to download where I am. August looks so far away until I’m reunited with my desktop at home. How I miss you. T_T

With that, I’m keeping posting to a minimum so here is what the rest of July (and maybe the summer cuz when I come back, I will definitely have severe jetlag and not want to do anything) looks like along with some closing thoughts for spring and opening thoughts for summer.

Oh, and of course, how my stay in Hong Kong is so far. :)

Blogging Status

(Bi-)Weekly Post – Ehhh, yea. Just some small comments on what I’m currently watching at the moment along with some photos I might want to show ya’ll. Really a light post and I suspect there’ll only be one anyways so… *shrug*

WonFes Summer 2011 – Yes, as always, I will cover WonFes even though it depresses me greatly that I haven’t bought anything for several months now because of what happened Japan earlier this year. I suspect I won’t be making any more direct purchases from my usual stores for a time to come but will still be adding to my wish-list all those new stuff they’re gonna have. I just hope there won’t be a lot that I really do want cuz oh god, do you know how horrid it is to search for a sold-out item and pay for jacked-up price?! T_T


Gosick ~ Ep. 23, 24

Uhhh…ok, I don’t really remember much from my last episode review for Gosick to the last time I watched it. I mean, I completed it but so many things got in the way and I sorta fell out of watching anime altogether for a short while…yea, I’m rambling.

Right, so, ep 23. Not much to say except that it went all according to the prophecy that Kazuya and Victorique were separated. Since I was “meh” towards everything in general, it wasn’t as heart-wrenching as they portrayed it to be. One, because you just kinda knew they would survive the war and find each other again. Two, it’s not the pacing of the last two episodes was bad but it just didn’t have the…heavy, “intense” feeling you get when you’re watching two people torn apart by war. Like in those movies or something. Hmm.

And gotta say that I don’t like the soldier haircut on Kazuya much. Not just because it doesn’t match his still 15-year old boy voice but he looks so much better with longer hair anyway.

On another note, I almost wanted to cry at seeing how desperately he hung onto Victorique’s ring when that stupid man in charge tried to take it away from him. I may not know anything about what it’s like to be in the army, or the Japanese army back in WWII for that matter, but I seriously wanted to punch that guy for being a stereotypical no-heart bastard in his treatment towards Kazuya, which isn’t really that different from how he’s treated by his father. *sigh*

But the most important thing is that Kazuya found some inner strength to endure it all. No doubt war must have been a dozen and more times worse than the isolation and name-calling he received when he was at the Academy but it shows you that his transfer to study there (and meeting Victorique) really changed him in more ways than he knows.

That’s how he was able to survive, isn’t it? Cuz he has someone to come back to. :)

Other than that, I’d say the biggest highlight of this episode had to go to Cordelia’s fight with Albert. Ten years she’s waited to drive that sword into his chest. TEN YEARS and justice has been delivered.
Yep, Maman-Gray Wolf was simply BADASS and AWESOME.


…oh, and the whole bit about Albert getting his homunculi in the form of Monstre Charmant’s followers made sense but epically failed like it was supposed to anyway.

The rest was a nice wrap-up even though I still think the whole Brian Roscoe twin-thing coming out like that with pretty much NO indication there were two people working with Cordelia instead of one leaves a very bad stain on my appreciation for the story.

But eh, whatever can I do about it.

I’m glad angry!Brian (lawl~) finally settled his rage and didn’t kill Victorique, though. To think he and his brother had viewed Cordelia as the mother they always wanted only to grow insanely jealous when she dedicates everything to protecting Victorique…well, it’s hard not to sympathize and pity him. But he’s redeemed for helping Victorique leave Sauville, and therefore making sure all of Cordelia’s efforts didn’t go to waste. So I hope he found some peace in that, whether or not he let go of his loathing for her.

And Victorique, god, look how far the dear girl has come. It’s just as she said. That before, she would have looked at death nonchalantly and uncaring in the eye. If it weren’t for her mother’s love and Kazuya’s companionship, she would never have changed, never have learned to love and trust people and never learn the value of her own life. So for those who are still questioning why her hair has suddenly turned silver-white, haven’t you been paying attention? On that ship going who-knows-where, she’s been told that Cordelia died and then Brian passes on despite her attempts to treat his wounds and such. Plus, Kazuya isn’t there to reassure her everything’s alright.

It all comes down to the everything she’s gone through ever since they took Kazuya away. All those ordeals she’s had to face, including being oppressed by the Marquis, is enough to put tons of negative emotions and stress on her. And I’m not sure if what I’m saying is accurate according to science (I’ve seen pictures in mental hospitals and such so…) but your hair can turn white if you experienced something very shocking or equally if not more, traumatic.

So there. Victorique’s hair is white…or silver whatever. And she looks gorgeous with it.

As for the rest, she managed to find her way to Japan (didn’t expect otherwise since she’s such a smart girl) and Kazuya’s home and then Kazuya himself…the only difference in how much he’s grown over the years. He still sounds like a middle school kid! lol XD;

Hmm, I should be happy about the ending and well, yea, I guess I really am happy cuz how can I not be happy when these two got married?! <3 Though I wish, had it been possible in anime or novel format, that there could have been a better way of seeing them mature into adults. The thought that they were still pre-teenagers, bonded together by a deep friendship and subtle affection but not necessarily a "burning love", when they separated didn't really leave my head. So their reunion seems more like they're resuming at the point where they abruptly stopped rather than draw on the years they've been missing each other. Basically, I still see them as children so that's why the ending with the wedding dress struck me as odd and a bit out of place.

Other than that, I wish Kazuya put on a hat or something if he wasn't going to wear a suit.

But yay~, they're together and that's all that matters. <3

Concluding Thoughts

I loved Gosick all the way, even when some of my interest withdrew towards the end, and I had a lot of fun blogging it as well. BONES did a decent job of adapting the light novels overall and though the mysteries the series presented felt more extraordinary than suspensful, it was still interesting to watch.

But the best part of it all, as I said when I first found out that they were going to make an anime, was and will always be the interactions between Victorique and Kazuya. They’re not the first among couples to have this type of relationship (constantly bickering but deep down, always caring the most about each other) nor would I say they’re the most memorable. It’s really the circumstances that surrounded them that made me so engaged in supporting them. I must write up a post dedicated to these two someday (under ROP, which I still haven’t gotten around to). <3


I'm just sad that translation for the novels have been dropped so we won't be getting any of Gosick here in the states until somebody decides to pick up the project again (stupid Tokyopop). There might not be anyone licensing the manga or DVDs anytime soon either so I'll have to wait even longer before ordering them from Amazon Japan or something.

Right, that should be all for now. I know, I could've done a better job with ending this but I'm already behind as it is and goddamit, this will be finished today if nothing else!


Spring Wrap-up


Steins;Gate – Had originally not planned to watch this solely because I knew almost everyone was going to watch it and that usually shuns me away from the series that people would tend to crowd around on. But I decided to give the first episode a shot and afterwards, ended following it more enthusiastically compared to the other shows…that were dropped.

See here, I like a good plot. One with suspense is even better. One with suspense in the sci-fi, mystery or whatever genre without romance hogging the spotlight is twice as even better. And that’s what Steins;Gate managed to do that everything else couldn’t.

I admit, the science and time-machine terminology weaved into this confuses me a lot and there is no way I could even bother to say I understand some of it but there’s something worth holding onto for this anime. Because it’s complicated, I suppose, but not in a way that it’s so messy, it’s just frustrating to keep up with.
And with the turn of events at this halfway point, things are getting even more interesting so I will definitely be sticking to the end.

Also, I like the entire cast (save for FB-cellphone-retarded minion Moeka) in all their individual personalities and quirks so that’s a bonus. ;)b

K, I guess I’ll talk more about it when ep 24 is done. If you can’t tell by now, I’m not completley here at the moment.


C – [C] was not as obfuscating as it was…okay, nevermind, yea, it is obfuscating in a lot of areas and no matter how many times they explain things or try it from different perspectives, I just get befuddled more. So I won’t go into all the nitty gritty details too much as I might watch it again in a contemplative process to have it make more sense.

But seeing as how the animation sometimes make me cringe stupid CG, I don’t know if I want to. *sigh*

Anyways, does anyone know why they stopped this at ep 11? I mean, one more episode (or just ep 11 and 12 combined) would have been enough to talk about what spurred [C] on and how Kimimaro got stuck in whatever mysterious “Financial District” time-space to land in the future-restored at the same age he left it. Urrr…

And we never got to find out if Mashu really is Kimimaro’s future daughter or not which for me, was a bummer, and weird cuz she kissed him…and she’s the spitting image of Kimimaro’s father’s own Asset so uh, what is that supposed to mean?

Oi…do I need to bleach my brain? @_@;

Well, along with Steins;Gate, this was definitely enjoyable because they approached something new and incorporated some psuedo-Yugioh action into it. lol
Had they done the animation more consistently and not crammed everything under 11 episodes, there’s no doubt that I would follow it for another 13 episodes or so.

But ah, I guess we won’t be seeing a second season then, huh? *sigh* Oh well. Will rewatch this again some other time.


Kami Nomi – Haqua was a nice add-in but the boring, plain girl was the last straw. Will likely not watch the third season with the goddesses.

AnoHana – Fell out of it. Plot was good because characters were nicely indept. It’s just the slice-of-life/drama that eventually worn itself on me and I wasn’t going to make a chore of sticking around to see the end of it. *shrug*

Hidan no Aria – Yea, I’m a bit ashamed but I watched it for the guns. Seriously. Evil Riko wasn’t such a bad villain either. ‘Cept when she left the first time, everything went to shit.

Deadman Wonderland – Dropped early on. I can admit that this is good, just not to my tastes.

Dog Days – Alright, if you’re into those shows where everyone is nice and polite to each other even as they beat each other’s asses into bouncy kitties and puppies. But seriously not worth a weekly investment.

Hana-Saku Iroha – Same reason for AnoHana, ‘cept AnoHana had the better characters. Not that this one didn’t but just a personal opinion. I heard some drama occured after I stopped watching at the part when Ohana got a fever or something. Yea, hmm, that I’m not really in the mood for.

Ao no Exorcist – Just wanted to say that the “Big Damn Hero” soundtrack can be heard so early in the first few episodes. I did like it, though. It’s funny, has the action and everything a typical shounen anime is if you’re ever in need of one. But as usual, felt too much of a chore to follow and never had enough of an attachment to it to want to continue so dropped.


Summer Line-up

So as the new season has started, uhhhh…I’ll just keep this quick.

No. 6 – Three words. So much bromance. Has anyone watched the first episode yet? I mean, they’re both in bed and holding hands already. *brick’d* xD;

Well, the synopsis seemed interesting. I didn’t look to deeply into it as I want the story to lay out what will happen for me as it goes along. Hopefully, this will be a keeper (because I so do miss Yoshimasa Hosoya voicing in a lead role since Shichika and Nezumi just sounds damn sexy, lawl~).

Nezumi also reminds me of Riku from KH because of his hair.

Kami-sama no Memo-chou – Mentioned it here a while ago but all enthusiasm has gone down the drain since then so I’m really picking this up just for the heck of it. I don’t like how Alice authors of Japan, please be more f*ckin’ creative with names, whydon’tyou?! calls herself a detective when she has cameras all over the city and there are no signs of her doing any proper deductions or things I consider close to detective work. And her arrogant pajama-personality pisses me off because she’s like every other archetype female lead they’ll throw at you. Brilliant, genius shoujo with a sharp tongue but oh-so-dere on the inside at some hitch in the road.

Likely going to drop this once I finally reach the limits of my patience. Or maybe after episode 2 to see if there’s really nothing I’m going to miss by doing so. :P

Dantalian no Shoka – So this is what Gainax’s “European-based project” is. Hmm, well, if it’s Gainax, OnoD and Miyuki Sawashiro with a library full of “phantom books”, then yes, I’m certainly in. 8D

Sacred Seven – Originally didn’t plan to watch this cuz it was so rainbow-y but curiosity won out and since this is by Sunrise and character designs were done by the same dude in charge of Code Geass…yea, I like familiarity.

At least I think I’m guaranteed this won’t be another Star Driver. I can’t say anything for future campy-ness (come on, this is like skittle-themed mecha!) but the angst looks promising. Just hope they don’t go overboard with it.

Ikoku Meiro no CroiséeHere. ‘Cept I won’t be blogging it. That’s a huge relief for me, though, because I never did do well with slice-of-life and while I don’t mind the slow pacing of this show (the prettiness totally distracts me), I’m simply not patient enough to write a post on it, however short I can possibly make it.

I won’t be watching Kuro-Usagi but I’ll try the first episode just to hear the voice cast.

And no, dears, I will NOT discuss Blood-C for many obvious reasons, thank you very much.


Hong Kong Weeks 1, 2

Actually, more like first week and a half but whatever. So I arrived here four days before I moved into the hostel and stayed at the hotel we usually stayed in before my mom and brother went back the states (my dad went to the mainland cuz he needs to get the jetlag out of his system which I think is just BS to go drinking with his buddies :P).

Anyways, between now and then the only fun thing I did was go to Ocean Park with my brother while my parents went to the Big Buddha so here are some pics of that day…

The park has a range of animals but is best known for its recreational activities for dolphins and pandas.

Ahhh, isn’t it cute? I so adore pandas. I wanted to take it home with me. <333

Hehe, there was supposed to be three in the place where they exhibit the pandas but only one came out while the others just stayed inside. Adorable lazy furballs.

This one's a boy and his name is An An.

And like with most pandas, all they do is eat. There was like bamboo meatballs and some vegtables or fruits I don’t know the name of lying all over the place. An An went for the bamboo meatballs. lol XD;

Aww man, he was just so cute! x3

And if they’re not eating, sleeping the other half of the time, I guess. lol

This isn’t An An, just another panda in a different part of the park but figured I’d take a pic anyway.

So fluffy~ <3

After that we took this submarine ride thingy up to the other side of the park which is on the other side of a mountain and that’s where all that rollar coaster rides are and stuff. You can get there by cable lift, too, but there’s such a long line for it and it’s not air-conditioned so we opted to use the submarine instead. Yea, I know, I suck at remembering names. :P

There’s nothing that special when you’re sitting in there. The little kids (and there were a lot there that day for a school trip) might get a kick out of the television overhead, though. Y’know, it shows images of sea life (not really but you get what I mean).

And here’s a view of the bay (I don’t know which one) from the top. Beautiful, isn’t i? :3

We decided not to go on any rides (if you’ve been to six flags or any amusement/water park in the US, these aren’t really worth your time) cuz of the long lines and since my brother wanted to do this “Dolphin Encounter” activity where he gets to train and play with the dolphins, we went straight there to reserve a spot.

For some really lucky reason, he was the only one who signed up that day for the afternoon session (there’s one in the morning and that was already over) and there’s usually other little kids who’d fill in the other 5 available spots but nobody else came so my bro got two dolphins all to himself. So it really made the 780 Hong Kong dollars (which is like $100 USD) really worth it.

Plus, my brother really loves whales and dolphins ever since he was a kid so I paid for it. It’s not my money but he had none so…

Hehe, they were so cute~ x3

While my brother was in the pool listening to what the trainer told him to do, I got to take pictures off on the side. And when I came closer to get a better shot, the dolphin turned to look at me and just stared for like a minute or so. They’re really curious creatures.

I don’t remember the names of the two dolphins but they kept taking turns with my brother. And since he was the only one to sign up that day, he got to hug the dolphin goodbye and even kiss it. Usually, they wouldn’t allow to do that is what I’m told but they made an exception for him. It was so sweet. I have a (somewhat blurry) picture of it but for privacy reasons, I won’t show it.

Also took some videos. It’s too bad I can’t upload it. :(

And yea, those were the highlights of the day. After that we just walked around the part and the aquarium that looked like any other aquarium and I got blisters from walking in these sandals. T.T

But I got this as a souvenir, hehehe~ xD

So cute! I still have to name him (yes, I decided it’s a boy!) and he’s not with me now since I told my bro to take him back home first just in case my luggage is too full when I come back in August. This was taken in our hotel room and I used an apple from the fruit bowl service they provided to prop him up. I like it but then again, I already at the orange and kiwi and the apple was the only one left. lololol~

This is my school. It is the Chinese University of Hong Kong (it sounds better in Chinese) or CUHK for short. It is built on a mountain. And half of it is under construction (the roads and stuff). Therefore, it is very inconvenient when there are no buses around to take you back to your dorm.

And you cannot see my dorm because it is like on the fourth corner of the world on the school map.

…We do have a nice view of the islands, though. ‘Cept my hostel doesn’t face the water but the lobby outside instead. /P

My side of the room. My roommate got here the day after me but in terms of stuff, I have three luggages stuck under my bed and she has a carry-on on top of her closet. If it didn’t take me five-ten minutes to walk down to breakfast everyday, I might as well say I’m close to living here. xD;

Hong Kong when it is raining. Hong Kong when it is not.

This was taken at the pavilion a staircase above the hostel. The…pond-like thing (I’m sorry I’m stupid with remembering things properly, okay?!) is kind of shaped like a moon crescent with a tree standing in the middle of it. It’s really pretty. Lots of people stand there to take pictures or gaze out. I’m afraid to stand on the other side of it, though. I’m clumsy enough to fall and roll down the mountain. Taking fence and all with me.

And no, that girl is not me. *rolls eyes*

Well, now you can see how foggy or rather, foggier, it can get when it rains. Not to mention extremely humid and sticky. Yeck. When it’s clear, though, the sun beats and burns on you like a dozen grills.

So it’s no wonder why Hong Kong people have their A/Cs turned up so high. When you walk by a store in this heat, you can feel the cool air coming out like a splash of water without the splash. I’ve heard people complain about how too cold it can get, too. *currently sitting with only the fan on*

So last Sunday I went out by myself to Kowloon Bay after missing a cultural tour the previous day because I lost my ID card. I heard the tour wasn’t that great and that I didn’t miss anything which is good cuz I would’ve just upped and left if that were the case.

It’s really easy to find your way around so long as you have a subway map and an Octopus card which the latter is like one of the greatest things in existence (maybe 3rd place, hmm). It is the reason I didn’t have to use cash for a week and am still living! This is why HK’s subway system rocks and NY’s stink as hell!

I highly recommend you get one if you go to HK. That’s all. Heh. :)

Btw, the pedobear you’re all familiar with has another name. It’s something like Kilapilukuma or something and it’s almost as popular here as Hello Kity…no, not really but close.

So anyways, uh, I went to Amoy Plaza cuz while I love the fashion here in HK, I can’t fit anything. Medium-size is like large here or something and they’re almost always sold out of small and medium sizes. But whatever, I like clothes but absolutely HATE shopping so went to the next best thing for moi: figure shopping. And it’s all located on the third floor, Japanese related stuff and all.

Note: It’s not as easy to find your otaku or even toy needs in this city so be sure to check online where you should go. They can be found in specific areas, like Mong Kok which I’ll cover at another time.

I wasn’t expecting to find the few scaled-figures I wanted here since they mostly sold games and the more popular series along with figures from American comics, movies, etc, so I searched for nendoroids instead. But *shrug* I end up with nothing so after lunch I left.

If you’re interested in what are in the photos cuz that store does have a nice collection of them, then just remember Kowloon Bay, Amoy Plaza, would usually open around 11 AM (12 to 1 PM on the weekends).

Also, lol, Ipman and the Godfather on the same shelf. xDDD;;;

Oh, and for those of you into arts and crafts, here are the yarn wonders. Yep, everything is made completely out of yarn or similar material.

I’ve seen these countless times before but can never get over how cute they look. But you can find these stores anywhere, though. If there’s a Hello Kitty store, then this should be near by. They only sell you yarn, though, and not the finished product but s’okay cuz they come with instruction books on how to make certain things as well. Though they’re probably in Chinese so you might want to ask for English if they have any. ^^;

KFC and Pizza Hut on this side of the world. KFC doesn’t look that different except for their menus. I tried it before and it was damn good. No wonder why they’re more successful than McDonalds, whose menu is basically pretty much the same only less options than US’s.

Still have to get around to trying KFC when I go out again later but Pizza Hut is pretty popular, too. Heh, it looks like a high-class fast-food restaurant, doesn’t it? You’d never be waited to be seated at Pizza Hut. |D

Gotta try that, too, since my friend said they’re pretty good. And I don’t know who it is but people in this hostel keep ordering from them every other day. And we’re not exactly in sight when you make your way to the top so I feel bad for the delivery persons who get lost on the way. I was even stopped by one when I was out jogging cuz he was looking for our building. lol

Kung Fu Panda promotion here is like “WHOA…” but not like Harry Potter which is like ten times the “WHOA…!!” everywhere you go. I took a picture while I was looking at how the cinema theaters here are like because I desperately wanted to watch a movie (I’ve become a bit of a movie fanatic over the past few months) but would you believe it when they only have like four choices of movies? Seriously, four?

And 3 out of 4 is the big blockbuster names from America including Transformers and the previously mentioned other two which will come out later (weird cuz Kung Fu Panda is just about done with its slot back home, isn’t it?). I don’t know why it’s like that but I’m sorely disappointed because I don’t want to watch Transformers or LGB and HP fans might throw something at me even Deathly Hallows which they’re taking advanced booking for on opening night already (perhaps it’s not that crazy considering it’s the last but yea, o.O) so I’m really stuck with nothing to watch until Panda comes out.

As for Harry Potter, it’s not like I don’t like the movies but my interest kind of died when Richard Harris, the first Dumbledore, passed away. I was quite saddened by the news and with the growing popularity the books keep getting from the film adaptations, it just turned me away. It’s just intimidating being part of a fandom that large so I often keep to myself. *shrug* :/

But I’ll talk about HP at another time (there was a special exhibition thing at Times Square where I went yesterday) like my other list of to-do things.

And I’ll just stop here with a picture of this…panda thing landing from space. This is another plaza close to Amoy Plaza, btw. I have no idea what it is but they’re promoting it in the subways, too, and the kids and their parents are all over it and taking pictures and everything.

It’s cute…in a slightly weird way. Haha.


Right, that was long and again, I break my promise to not make posts like these sloppy like the previous ones but I just end up getting worse and worse with each new promise so I’ll just…not do it. This is how I write when I’m half-tired and been working on the same thing for over a week now. *shrug*

There’s so much more that I want to say about HK and living as a student here but I know you’re not entirely that interested in hearing it anyways so I won’t bore you with all my ramblings. Point is, most of the people here are really nice even if they don’t understand too much English (which is a good thing I can speak Cantonese), the food is AWESOME, the city is pretty cool, my class is also pretty good so far and I got to watch acupuncture at a clinic.

Yep, more to come later. I might be going to Disneyland next weekend so yay for me! But damn, it’s going to be crowded. Hope it doesn’t rain. ^^;

Alrighty then, until my next post. Thanks for reading! Hope you’re all enjoying your summer so far! :D


6 thoughts on “Blog Status: Gosick Ep. 23 & 24, Spring Wrap-up, Summer Lineup, etc.

  1. Your posts wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t write like this x3
    Ahhh don’t worry I think most of the world thinks HK is pretty darn cool so we’re not going to complain. I’m more than a little bit jealous since that’s a city I wish I had opportunity to check out myself, and… even the heat should get a lot more enjoyable once it’s not summer… right— right? xD
    …and that shelf is just too mixed up

    and well, [C] simply didn’t explain much at all. So unless you’re already pretty familiar with economics/business works it’s not surprising to get really throw off. But! if you are familiar then in-between the references there’s the head-scratching and “wait this doesn’t work that way!”. I actually thought the ending was pretty conclusive though. The financial district is meant to work in ‘wondrous ways’, it feels xD

    • Why thank you for that comment. <3 I almost feel delightfully bohemian because of it though I'm sure I just butchered the term and shall be butchered by the real people for associating myself with it. *butchr'd* xDDD;;;

      It's a beautiful city. You'll definitely enjoy it here when you visit, whether for vacation or for school. :3 And I wouldn't know! The only time I ever came here when it wasn't summer was during the winter of my 17th birthday. And I had food poisoning right before I left the mainland for the island so I couldn't really go anywhere without making the sickness worse. :(

      That's the life of a hobby shop~

      I was a business major and took like a dozen courses on that and economics. Don't remember a thing. There goes all that tuition money spent. Poof! *wasted* /D; But yea, lots of things I were familiar with kept getting overlapped by the "Deals" and everybody's egos trying to assert that he or she is the one who's right. Which just made it more complicated because I can…understand their visionary ideals but "Money doesn't work that way! ASJDKFLS!!!" and stuff. @_@;;

      The financial district is actually a carnival where you get really high and really drunk, have hallucinations of monsters made out of money duke it out and you kinda wake up like Rip Van Winkle, thinking it was all just a dream. It’s like Inception~ LOLOLOLOL

  2. I am using my FB account to sign in because you totally need to find me on there and friend me, just so we can keep in touch better (when you return, most likely) than we have as of late! XD

    Anyway, I’m so glad to hear that you have been having a great time in HK so far and I hope you continue to have a good experience. Also, the dolphins and pandas were absolutely adorable. I’ve played with a dolphin before (when I was eight), but I’ve never seen a panda in person before. So cute though! X3

    Ah, and while I am a fan of HP, obviously, I prefer the books over the movies and think that the movies have really lost the whole heart and soul of the series and have become far too Hollywood. Still, I’ll be going to the midnight showing because this is my last hurrah for this fandom and I know I am going to cry because it will be the end of something that has been a part of my life for 13 years now (10 for the movie specifically). And, I think I’m ready now to put this fandom to rest outside of the occasional fanfiction and Pottermore (which I see more as a treat for long time fans, then as anything really “new,” it is more of JK Rowling’s last good-bye to the fandom than another “new Potter thing” or something of that nature). I also wouldn’t mind the occasional Potter related book (such as Hogwarts a History annotated by Hermione Granger or a short novella about young Dumbledore and Grindelwald (my inner fangirl wants that bad)).

    But, if those things come, that wouldn’t be the end of the world for me either, and I’m ready for any new book or series JK Rowling will come out with next.

    Also, I can relate to your feelings about HP fandom very well. It’s how I feel about Doctor Who. All my friends are telling me to watch it, and I watched the first episode and I liked it, but it’s just so *long*! I have to catch up on six seasons and I simply don’t have the time, though I am going to try to.

    Moving away from all of that though. My thoughts on the Spring Season are basically like this:

    My Top 3 (not in any particular order):

    Ano Hana- The “Oscar-bait” anime of the season, so to speak. I really liked this series, from the characters to the premise to pacing and writing. I didn’t think it ever got too melodramatic, until the final episode when it tip-toed the narmy melodrama line. But for the most part I thought it was well handled drama that made me cry basically every episode and really pulled at my heartstrings. I enjoyed it, though I can see why (and where) others would not like it all that much.

    Steins;Gate- The sci-fi hit of the season. I liked this from the very onset and it seriously just keeps getting better with each new episode. I’m really excited to see where this goes and even with what happened to my favorite character…

    Tiger and Bunny- The unexpected blockbuster hit of the season….This probably does not surprise you! XDD I adore this series though, and not only because of the amazing bromance that the main characters have going on! The comedy in it is fantastic, the characters are all really great and lovable (seriously, Kotetsu is one of the best anime characters to have come out in a *long* time), the music is awesome, the concept is unique and I LOVE the art style. And really, I love to see more of these cross culture anime and cartoons (anime that are based off Western concepts or have Western looks to them and Western cartoons that have an anime feel to them or an anime look about them). The anthropologist in me finds it all to be very, very fascinating. The fandom for T&B is also just plain WONDERFUL! They come up with some hilarious crack as well as some thought provoking theories and observations. Plus, the majority of the fandom is mature and don’t bash the female character who less mature fans would see as “getting in the way” and instead embrace here and like her quite a lot.

    Plus…Pixiv exploded with gorgeous art for this series (BL or not)! *q* Most of my fanfiction writing is now going towards T&B and Pandora Hearts.

    But yeah, I’ll stop my fangirl ranting now! =P

    Other series that I have been keeping up with and enjoying this past season:

    [C]- I liked it. I’m not all that familiar with economics, so I wasn’t able to tell when they got stuff wrong or did something weird or odd. I mostly just liked the way it was done (as in, I liked the experimental look of it). Also, I heard that the company that made it was hit rather hard because of the earthquake, so I think they had to condense the plot and go with the NoitaminA time slot, so I cut them a bit of slack in that department. I also found the social commentary to be the highlight and to be good and thought provoking, though there were some pitfalls (mostly in the pacing, which then messed up other things such as plot points coming out of nowhere and a slight lack in characterization and growth). Though, my biggest complaint was that there hadn’t been enough Masasaki (he was my favorite)! : /

    Ao no Exorcist- I don’t know how long I’ll be with this series, though if it only runs for 24 or so episodes then I’ll check out the manga. It seems like a Shounen series I could like and actually follow. It’s also monthly and written by a female, so hopefully it won’t go on forever and ever and do rinse and repeat arcs. If it starts heading in that direction then it will be dropped like many other Shounen series (such as Bleach, I stopped reading that when Orihime got kidnapped, by then it was just boring and predictable). Ao no Exorcist has done a few things that I hadn’t been expecting and that has kept me interested for now. Plus, I actually like Rin as the main character and Shiemi is the type of female lead I like.

    Sekai Ichi Hatsu-koi- I watch it on and off (whenever I have the time). This is purely for my inner fangirl, though currently T&B is doing a far better job of pleasing it than Sekai Ichi is. Also, just like with Junjou, I’m liking the side pairings more than the main one… >.>; Still, it’s okay and I like the music. It’s not as good as Junjou though.

    I dropped quite a few, but I won’t really talk about any of them except for Hanasaku Iroha and Deadman Wonderland, since you dropped them too! xD Deadman Wonderland, I read a few chapters of the manga and liked it, but the anime adaptation was not good at all (though the opening and ending are really great as is the music in general). I’ve also heard that many fans of the manga found the anime to be poorly done, so I’ll probably just try and catch up on the manga and see if I like it.

    Hanasaku Iroha. When I first saw this series mentioned (on here, actually), I really wasn’t expecting much and wasn’t really planning on watching it. But then I saw the first episode and it blew my expectations away (not only in appearance). The second episode was also extremely well done and I had pretty had expectations. Then episode 3 came and all the other mediocre episodes along with it (and characters that were basically just cardboard cutouts and inconsistent ones at that) that I dropped it because the series went dropped and went below the lower expectation that I had for it when I went into the first episode. I will admit though that out of all the characters Tomoe was my favorite…Though that isn’t really saying much.

    I’ve been preparing for a con the past week or so and then this weekend I went to con, so I have to play some catch-up with the summer anime season, though there are quite a few series that I think I might enjoy/am looking forward to. We’ll see where that goes though. ; )

    My gigantic comment is now done!

    • Bless you for leaving me such a long comment, hun~! <333

      I'm sorry it took me a while to reply. And I figured it was you from the start cuz you're one of the few to write as much as I do. lol xDD

      Unfortunately, I'm one of those one in a hundred who is not a FB-enthusiast (I haven't signed on since sophmore year I think) but you can always contact me via email if ya want. I prefer gmail and my address is Or if you use anything else, I can try that, too. :)

      HK is pretty cool so far. My only complaints is the unbearable heat and humidity here. Plus, the air in the city is so dirty that it ruins my skin even more. But it's been fun so far.
      And argh! You must see a panda when/if you ever come to HK or China. Pandas are just so adorable~! x3

      Of course, the books are always better than the movies. But I owe it to the first one with its very persuasive trailer music and stuff (wth, I still often like trailers more than most of the actual movies anyway, lol) that got me into HP in the first place. Anyways, it was inevitable that film adaptations are just going to turn Hollywood but that's the way it goes. *shrugs*
      But do have fun at the midnight showing! It should be a reward for following this franchise so long. haha
      I wouldn't mind JKR putting out any new Potter material either but I have a feeling that she's done with the series for good now. At least she won't be getting back to it for a very long while. Read it in some article that she wants to focus on non-fantasy stuff or something.
      Oh, and this "a short novella about young Dumbledore and Grindelwald" makes me giggle. Kekekeke! xDDDD

      I'm afraid to try Doctor Who because of that! I'll be staying up all night watching it if I really find it that good.

      AnoHana really is that good (how can it not be if you have bunch of kids calling themselves "Super Peace Busters" they so tried to rip that off of Little Busters!) and worth it to watch till the end. I guess it’s just me not wanting to sit through all the emo without some comic relief breather every once in a while. At least, I never found one that was apparent enough while most of the time, everything was overwhelmed with regret for what happened to Menma. And the cynical side of me has to be held back when I feel they just keep moping about it a little too much. I’m like “Dead girl, just take the fireworks and ascend to heaven already!” Really mean, I know but it’s not like I don’t understand their circumstances. I’m just impatient. :/

      I feel like 24 episodes won’t be enough to do Steins;Gate justice for some reason so I hope they do it well. They’ve taken a lot of the harem aspect of the game out…is what the vibe of the anime keeps telling me and for that, I really appreciate it. But still, there’s so much I think they have to cover so I’m just a little afraid how it will end.

      lol, I’ve heard so many people talk about how awesome T&B is so yea, it really doesn’t surprise me. I think many unexpected blockbusters of the season are usually the oddballs anyway. Haha.
      Maybe if I have the time, I’ll consider watching it someday.

      As for [C], ah, I did not know that about the company so I guess I’ll have to take back my words and cut them so slack as well. The whole crisis and outlooks [C] presents is more than enough to satisfy me so yea, it’s really the pacing and the organization that needs a bit of fixing. Other than that, I like this idea of a separate dimension where your future takes form right next to you and all the arguments that come with it as you try not to lose to other Entres trying to survive. It’s complicated but has a nice WMG domain if anything else.
      And I want to see a line of rainbow Masasaki. That would be awesome.

      For the rest, I don’t have much to add to what you said. I’ve heard that when Ao no Exorcist’s first episode came out that people started calling it the new FMA or Soul Eater and wonder if that’s the same case now. Also read a lot of negative comments on Deadman Wonderland, too, so glad I didn’t continue with it even though I never read the manga. And I probably won’t since like I said, it’s just not to my tastes. *shrug*
      Hanasaku Iroha looks more to be a marathon-it anime than a weekly-followed one. I dunno, I just think for certain people who have a hard time keeping to a schedule or have to much to watch or whatever would appreciate it more if they can finish it all at once. Cuz if you watch it and then wait a week for the next episode, it just drags itself out of you and you end up dropping it even if you didn’t want to. *shrug*

      Have fun at your con! ^^ I hope yours is better than the one I went to last year, which was just messy and too crowded because it was two conventions merged into one. Oi… Which is why I don’t think I’ll be going again this year so yea, enjoy my forfeited portion of it, too. *has just burdened you with enjoying yourself cuz I can~* lol XDD;;;

  3. I’m pretty sure that Victorique’s hair didn’t change color due to stress. In fact, I believe she bleached/dyed it–it is silver, rather than grey for one and despite possible fear, I don’t think that would cause it to change.

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