SoMT 2011 Final Results




Concluding Comments

Congratulations to Tsukimi, our 3rd winner in SoMT history! *standing ovation* ^^

And another hand for Misaki, who performed brilliantly as the runner-up! Woot!

But really, all, and I mean, ALLLLLLLLL the true applause should really go to you voters for following this every stage of the way up to this deciding point. And let me tell ya, only two days before closing, Tsukimi and Misaki were tied. So thank you, you awesome people, for being patient and so supportive of your girls. I freakin’ LOVE you! xDDDD

*sigh* Wow, another year over already. Hmm.
Anyways, it wasn’t too difficult managing SoMT but when you’re running one by yourself, it can be a little tough sometimes on the schedule. Nevertheless, it was fun though I was quite personally disappointed that my own picks didn’t make it pass stage 1 but eh, what can a host do besides host? Sulk in a corner, that’s what. XP

That aside, though I had enough submissions to run the contest again, we’ve experienced a drop in overall participation. I guess that’s mostly my fault since I wasn’t entirely active in promoting. In fact, that seems to go down every year which is depressing but I can only do so much with handling a blog and my life outside it.
So hopefully, things might look a little better come next year ’round. Yes, dears, there will an SoMT 2012 but before we get to that, I need to abuse my authority a bit. Indulge me.

I, Xiao, host of the Shoujo-only Moe Tournament and owner of ěk-sěn’trĭk, declare a new UNOFFICIAL rule pertaining to the top 8:

No competitor who has already appeared in the Top 8 two times in a row, regardless of what place she was in or if the years are consecutive, can qualify for a third time in her third (fourth, and so on) year of competition.

Meaning if you’ve been up there twice, you’re done. No more for you. Give the rest a chance. Shove off, plzthx.

I know this stems from a very selfish, unfair, absolutely wrong and breaking certain honorary agreements and rules I’ve made kind of reason but I am the almighty, obnoxious GOD of this blog and I can do whatever the damn I want so if you don’t like it, go eat an orange or something. :P

Ok, yea, that was rude to say, I’m sorry ’bout that part but not for rest. Yes, this is a popularity contest and I can’t help who people will vote for. So hear me out, the top 8 you see up there? Yea, I’ll keep that as the “official” results and the only one that can appear on the official SoMT page. I’m not going to let all the votes you put in for them go for nothing because though I can be a bitter person who can hold a grade-A grudge, I would never set aside doing my job properly just to make myself feel better.

…But I can still make myself better.

Therefore, the real Top 8 is this…

Shugo Chara!! competitors eliminated and the runner-ups of the Stage 2 Wildcard Round are bumped up. It’s not that I don’t love Amu and Rima. In fact, I still very much do and always will. It’s just that I’ve always thought we should get a different set of winners every year. For fairness and variety, that’s all. Now, since this is such a small tournament, it can’t be helped that there will be consistent support for popular series which is fine. I’m not telling you who you should vote for. I just gotta balance things out for myself (and whoever else feels the same way as I do…that or similar). So this rule will be in effect from now on for every tournament.

Again, the official top 8 is the one you see on the SoMT page but the actual results are the ones I will mention in concluding comments if there is a…”need” to readjust them.

Alright? No complaints? Hope so.

Ok then. I am very beat cuz I’m working on this in my hostel room in HK right now after half a day walking around a plaza trying to find something to buy. And I’m hungry and need to start working on another major post so I’ll end this real quick.

I thank everyone again for participating this year and hoped you enjoyed it as well as look forward to next year’s competition. Some of the already accepted series (new titles only) include:

Puella Magi Madoka★Magica
Houkago no Pleiades
Natsume Yuujin-chou San
Usagi Drop

And we have Kimi ni Todoke returning for its second season that finished airing this year along with some OAV/OADs of other titles. So have your nominees ready by February. It’ll be another interesting one, I’m sure. ;)


3 thoughts on “SoMT 2011 Final Results

  1. I do agree with that on the top-8 rule; it’s a pretty evidence saimoe problem that the same popular characters win again and again and again xD shove off and give the rest a chance lol.

    and Madoka is now shoujo? =o

    • Glad you agree. x)

      Madoka has no specific demographic (debated with myself about this for a while) as far as “officialness” goes so any anime that’s open to all audiences, not just one specific target audience, can qualify for SoMT. :)

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