Gosick ~ Ep. 22 ~ Our St. Nick is different, her elves are monster rabbits.

Actually, I don’t know why they call it “Christmas” in Sauville since the official language is supposed to be French so it should be called “Noël” instead but…




Since there’s no mystery behind it this time, I’ll just skip straight to the fairytale…which I honestly think the author has thought up at the last minute to draw parallelism to Victorique and Kazuya’s situation.

I mean, “Monstre Charmant” was mentioned earlier on, I know but wow, you’d think we have some more of a foreshadowing about it or something. Unless you count the rabbits in the very first arc which I didn’t but now I’m just rambling so anyways…

Btw, is this part even in the novels cuz the titles don’t go further than “Night of the Masquerade” and I don’t know if that pertains to this arc or not. Just wonderin’.

So…well, Kazuya is hardly a bodyguard in a the form of a bunny but yea, he does do things for the benefit of Victorique (gets her treats, protects her, etc) who helps others by solving cases just because she is bored.

And of course, what really brings this fairytale close to home is how the rabbit was actually Monstre Charmant’s heart all along. Cuz prior to meeting Kazuya, Victorique didn’t know what love was and if Kazuya were to be killed, then Victorique would be devastatingly heartbroken and go emotionally dead like the poor little girl in the story.

And I have no doubt that the Marquis is taking advantage of the rumors running through Sauville along with the people’s superstitions of ghost stories and such to create this underground organization that looks like it will overthrow the government soon or something along those lines.

Roget and the King obviously don’t want any part of this war and would prefer to stay neutral but Albert? Yea, we’ve known his intentions all along which is why he sired Victorique the Gray Wolf aka “Monstre Charmant”.

What I don’t understand is how he intends to prove to the people that his daughter is the monster from the tale. I mean, he’s got his followers, sure, and she fits the description perfectly so I’m betting he’s going to use her fearsome intellect to draw the crowd his way. Hey, this is Sauville citizens we’re talking about here. They love this supernatural stuff.

Hmm, we’ll see then, eh? Two episodes left. Doesn’t look like it’ll be a happy one. :(

…Can we have like…an extra episode on the DVDs or something? T_T



Y’know, it’s really hard to go back into a happy mood since this episode felt like a death flag (not is a death flag cuz that would mean Kazuya and Victorique would have had a chance to stay together…which they don’t *about to bawl* ;___; ) but I will try. *sigh*

Heh, so yea, corsets, they hurt like hell. Even if you don’t pour a bowl full of macaroons down your throat everday. ^^;

Either way, no girl will take to a comment on “gaining weight” as a good one so again, Kazuya asked for it himself. What a rude lil’ rabbit. xD;

Victorique was singing~! And singing Victorique = happy Victorique~! <3

…Which makes the rest of the episode after the party all the more depressing and heart-wrenching to watch. Dx

Ok, ok, no thinking about that now.

This is sorta like a date, right? Kazuya escorting his Golden Fairy in an unconventional suit on X-mas. Oh whatever, it’s cute. xD;


I wanna pat and rub Victorique’s pretty head! *so jealous of these two nobodies* >x<

I dun care if he looks ridiculous in that costume, they’re still absolutely adorable together and I f*ckin’ LOVE them, bitches!

Well, as with every Christmas party, there is the traditional gift exchange.

Look at Victorique standing off to the side, trying not to appear too conspicuous. lol

And as hitsuzen will have it god, I swear everyone is CLAMP fag, Kazuya gets her most precious treasure, Cordelia’s ring.

Gotta hand it to Victorique for doing every little detail down to a T.

Kazuya is called the Reapear by his classmates. Besides that, he’s timid, modest and polite to a fault so he would naturally wait for everyone to pick their presents first before taking his.

And as most people would bick the biggest and fanciest box they can see, what’s left but the little, plain ones.

Also, Reaper. Black and white are colors that are often associated with death. So they would evoke something within him because of that association. Subconsciously perhaps? *shrugs*

Whatever it is, it was inevitable he’d chose that. :)

Kazuya: “I’ll take good care of it! I’m sure it’ll become a family heirloom!”

Victorique: “Hmph. That goes without saying.”

Kazuya: “Victorique, I’ve got a present for you, too!”

Victorique: *perks up* “That also goes without saying.”

Oh, Victorique… xD

And Kazuya is just too cute hopping away to get his present for Victorique. x3

So he gets a ring and she gets a pendant.

Y’know, if the author or producers are gracious enough to give me some sort of epilogue or whatever of the kind (happy, of course), I would like to see an older Kazuya and Victorique, both very much healthy and alive and unscathed after the war, to meet up again. Maybe on Christmas because it’s just special and Victorique’s birthday.

And oh, I dunno, I don’t want Kazuya to return the ring when she went through the trouble to give it to him but I’m hoping for another type of ring, y’know, y’know what I mean? *just rambling now* Hmmm… 83


I don’t care if you were sent by the smelly ol’ king! You’re not allowed to the party without an invitation!

Kazuya has to be dragged away in a giant stuffed animal costume while Victorique is patiently waiting for him in the cold.

Assholes. Did you only get coal for Christmas? >:(

Luigi is back!

Didn’t really miss him but he was useful.

And thank you, Avril, for delivering Kazuya’s present when he couldn’t.

It doesn’t make anything better. In fact, it just make things more uber sad…

Because dammit, what is up with the world and kidnapping one from the other ALL THE FRIGGIN’ TIME, HUH?!

Are you all sadists?! Do you like making kids cry?! ;___________;

Victorique is certainly more of a noble aristocrat than her father and probably all the officials and their respective institutions in the entire country. Willing to kill herself if it will prevent tragedies from happening.

But god no, don’t kill yourself, Victorique! You only turned like what? Eleven years old?! ;______________;

And then they bring in Kazuya, who is as naive as ever about how this whole “Grevil will handle it, he’s really a nice guy underneath” works.

*sigh*…KAZUYAAAAAAAAAAAA, I STILL LOVE YOU BUT YOU IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! You just had to fall into the becoming-the-hostage trap, didn’t you?! Dx

And we all know Victorique will do anything to protect Kazuya.

Oh god, I can’t take this anymore. Thank god I’ll be busy getting prepared for my trip next week cuz I cannot deal with this right now! T_T

I thought the end was a bit overdramatic, especially when the animation was hardly at its finest but hell, that’s not important. Kazuya’s trapped with no way of escape until Brian decides to drop in and Victorique is again puppet to her bastard father and they’re not together.

But what’s even more…more…GAH! VICTORIQUE CRIED OUT FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HER LIFE! And it hurt to hear it! It really, really hurts! VICTORIQUE!!!! KAZUYAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! *BAWLS* Dx



Next week looks like chaos.

I mean, blood on portraits, Albert threatening the king…fire. Lots and lots of fire.

Any plans for New Year’s is obviously not going to happen now. ;____;


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