SoMT Quarterfinals Results

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There have been four finalized ties among these competitors: Hinamori Amu, Kurumizawa “Kurumi” Ume, Morimi Saki, Mashiro Rima. As such, the last contestant to join in the Top 4 was determined by the total of her most recent votes. Meaning, votes that led to a tie before a rematch do not count.

SoMT Top 4

Current Ranking

5th place ~ Hinamori Amu
6th place ~ Mashiro Rima
7th place ~ Morimi Saki
8th place ~ Amano Ichigo


2 thoughts on “SoMT Quarterfinals Results

  1. Wow, tsukimi’s result surprises me a bit…
    But in general, still preference to the high-school aimed shoujo heroines ^^

  2. I’m pretty surprised by the top 4, but also quite happy. My favourite is still in the running and I’m glad the choices are not all the obvious picks. Can’t wait to see where this goes!

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